SJ Fancy Photo Gallery is a straightforward way to make a photo gallery. This photo gallery offers you many ways to show your photo collection in a nice and exclusive manner. It takes a matter of minutes to set up a gallery but those who are looking for a powerful gallery solution will not be disappointed: dynamic sub-folder navigation, integrated fancybox2, automatic thumbnails are just a few from the options.

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-Dynamic gallery folder
-Dynamic subfolders and image-file reading
-Dynamic subfolders navigation
-Integrated Jquery Fancybox 2
-Automatic creation of thumbnails
-Customizable thumbnail sizes with constrain proportion option from back end -> must delete generated thumbnails before creating another set(you can do this from back-end by selecting what folder you want delete)
-Various gallery customization
-Titles, or descriptions for every photo of your albums.
-Adjustable font size
-Custom colors for descriptions
-Auto trigger photo's description/titles from a description.txt file
-Customizable thumbnail-photo margin color
-Customizable thumbnail-photo border margins

-full jQuery noConflict integrated;
-enable/disable the navigation bar (home, back and folder icons;)
-disable fancybox2 navigation buttons;

-create image folders and subfolders from back-end
-upload images from back-end

- new image uploader with resize options directly from backend
- descriptions from back-end for each photo
- 40% faster thumbnails generation and gallery loading
- automated thumbnail folder creation
- enable/disable navigation bar improvement
- rounded corners
- more color options
- enable/disable jQuery
- minor bugs

-delete pictures one by one
-descriptions from back end auto updates
-hmtl tags support in description

-now support " into description
-space between name into folders names and photos
-now can have numbers in front of folders
-short description option added for thumbs

These guys at Superjoom really knows how to give a perfect customer support.

Even after the gallery was running I had some extra ideas and changes for the look, and they changed it the day after! I can only recommend this product.

Cool galery

Posted on 30 June 2012

I am using this gallery on 3 sites, developed by me and i think that this module is awsome. Easy to setup and plenty of options to fit my customers needs. Got a small issue with the template / module compatibility but was quickly fixed by the admins. Thank you, good job developers.

SJ HTML5 Audio Player

SJ HTML5 Audio Player

Paid download | Multimedia Players | SuperJoom
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HTML5 based audio player that support, mp3 and ogg file formats. In the playlist can be added up to 60items with song name, cover, artist name, album and duration options for each of them. Various color options are also available in order to fit any design. Now you can use the player for background playlist to play when some acces the page v1.0 -Audio player color -Autoplay options -Title font wheight -Title color -Track playing color -Artist color -Color of your tracklist -Controls color bar color v1.1 -twenty songs support -adjustable width -enable/disable jQuery -some bugs repaired v1.2 -adjust playlist songs to be shown -font size title in playlist -minor bugs repaired v1.3 60 songs option Buy link song Price for each song Songs currency's Enable disable buy link Background photo Autoplay options Show/hide tracklist Title font wheight Title color Enable/disable title Enable/disable mute button Enable/disable volume bar Enable/disable timmer Enable/disable timmer Enable/disable artist Width of the top of the player Controls bar width Progress songs width Margin left for control bar Margin top for control bar Margin top for playlist Enable/disable jQuery v1.4 Disable price Font-size buy text Option to change the buy ex: Download v1.5 Arranger Composer Publisher Description Code improvments v1.6 Show Less funtion added Code improvments v1.7 Added responsive template support v1.8 Some eroors repaired in javascript New back-end interface Title playlist color v1.9 Added option to only show play/pause and previous/next songs v1.9.1 No more statik folder can add songs with link's related
SJ Simple HTML5 Video Player

SJ Simple HTML5 Video Player

Paid download | Multimedia Players | SuperJoom
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SJ Simple HTML5 Video Player is a custom html5 video player easy to setup. Supports .webm and .mp4 video formats. You can have your local stored videos with subtitles, watermark, reosolution buttons. Our player can play your videos on smartphones using Android and iOS, also have the posibility to use multiple players on the same page. Now has the ability to use youtube with resolution and vimeo movies to link to your webpage. Also the player is compatible with adaptive and responsive templates. We have tried to find a solution for users to have less work in order to set-up there videos. HTML5 Simple now comes with and option for html5 videos to have into a playlist. Inovative and smooth html5 videos play. v1.0 Multiple instances option Video File Autoplay Loop Subttile button Sutitle Folder Subtitle language Poster Folder Video player width Video player height Video player border v2.0 New video player look Youtube and Vimeo support added Responsive and adaptive templates compatibility v2.1 Video player stretch-width Video player max width Big button width Big button height Select watermark image Watermark left Watermark top Watermark width Watermark height v2.2 Multiple instances option changed to Class Suffix Video resolution options Youtube mode now enables the video resolution function Improved scripts for better compatibility v2.3 Plylist now added for video Some other options for playlist
JS Responsive HTML5Audio

JS Responsive HTML5Audio

Paid download | Multimedia Players | SuperJoom
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JS Responsive HTML5 Audio Player it is a player based on html5 audio ,customized with javascricpt to be responsive and to work with iOS, Android adn Windows phones. Our HTML5 audio player it is made to be easy to configurate with our newest add song button and other futures. The new feature will allow you to use the search button from the bottom of the player in order to look for your desired songs in the playlist. Also you will be able to categorize your songs. This player will allow you to use with multiple instances feature in order to have more on the same pages. each with individual settings. v1.0 class suffix - option to use it for multiple instances Player width - option to set-up the width of the player (do not use px or % only the value) Player wrapper - height in order to calculate the total height into articles(do not use px or % only the value) Songs display - option to adjust how many songs to be shown in one playlist untill the scroll button to appear Set-up items - will allow you to set-up descriptions songs and images for each song in playlist. v1.1 Enable autoplay Show search Show twitter button Show description Show title Show rewind Show shuffle button Enable shuffle v1.2 Lots of css customizations added
SJ HTML5 Video

SJ HTML5 Video

Paid download | Multimedia Players | SuperJoom
1 review
SJ HTML5 Video Player is an html5 based video player with playlist , fully customizable and easy to setup. Supports .webm and .mp4 video formats. You can have your playlist in the right of your player, choose your playlist colors,width,height and many other features. Now our player can help you display your desired videos in a nice and fancy way on your website and is fully compatible with smartphones. The only video player formats supported by iOS device is .mp4 which cand be played with our player. Our player have an 20 videos options support.Also our player if the customer demands can be modified to support a lot more videos. This new version 2.0 comes with the future to let the customer link local,youtube or vimeos videos directly to there webpage. Categorize your videos in order to have users choose from different categories. Also comes with the tweeter option to promote your videos. v1.0 Show/hide video Video title Video select Video thumb Video preview Video description Video Player width Video Player height Player border color Playlist width Thumbnails width Thumbnails height Thumbnails holder height Thumb text words limitation Title color Title color hover Thumbnails font size Title color hover v2.0 Youtube and vimeo support Category for each video Search button if you want to find desired video Mixed playlist can have in the same playlist local, youtube and vimeo videos Tweeter option to promote your video Logo option to promote yout brand An very nice customizable look 2.1 Responsive support New options to show or hide buttons from the player. v2.2 Added black buttons for better color theme changes Disable search button for the module Disable logo


Paid download | Slideshow | SuperJoom
1 review
The GGJ Slideshow v2 come with a new and improved engine, visualisations and option. Smoother any with more option.The slideshow comes with 3 skins. Also you have options to control the speeding of the photos, there description can be placed anywhere and also customized.The modules is made to be responsive and work all new smartphones or devices. Features: - V1.1.0 - 1.Infinite images 2.Dynamic gallery folder 3.Control Autoplay 4.Control slide and fade duration 5.Customizable sizes 6.Write deescription for you potos 7.Change description color 8.Multiple instances suport 9.Navigation bar on/off option 10.Control description text alignment 11.Rounded corners 12.Many borders style Some bug's fixed v 1.2 only for joomla 2.5 13.Create images folder options 14.Upload images from back-end option 15.Minor bugs fixed. v2.0 Different module then the v1.x Class suffix Controls for slidehsow or banners Individual photos setup Individual text setup for each photo Responsive future for mobile devices and tablets v2.1 Now can usee it for 10 pictures or banners

SJ FancyPhotoGallery

Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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