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A Smart, Light and Powerful Popup Contact Module for Joomla. Easy to configure. Customize email html templates with syntaxes. Honeypot technique and banned bad words list to block spam bot.

-- Popup or Simple View
You could show the contact form normally in the module. You could also Popup (using jQuery load) the contact form by clicking button in the module. Moreover, you could insert the Popup contact form in any articles, modules, categories... or article template, search template, anywhere.

-- Light but enough and powerful
Four fields include: Name, Email, Subject, Message textarea. You could change their label name free. Validate email address.

-- Max Characters Limited
This could help to block spam.

-- Customize Email Html Templates
Easy to customize receiving email templates. I've already include two templates, you could copy and revise them.

Available syntaxes:

-- Customize Receiving and Copy Email Subject and From Title
-- Enable or Disable Copy Email to Submitter
You can control if need to copy email to submitter

** -- To Block Spam Bot**
I take 3 ways to block spam bot:

1) I use Honeypot technique. I use random ID for field hidden field, thus it is difficult for spam pot to search the hidden field.
2) Max characters limited for every field, you could set the max characters.
3) Blacklist file to ban bad words. Of course, you could enter more words. If the spam bot enters banned word, the form couldn't be submitted.

Smart Popup Contact

Last updated:
Jul 16 2021
2 years ago
Date added:
Jun 21 2021
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System