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Social Facebook Widget is used to Display Facebook Page Like Box on your website.

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The Social Facebook Widget Page plugin lets you easily embed and promote any Facebook Page on your website. Just like on Facebook, your visitors can like and share the Facebook Page without leaving your site.

With our new advanced Social Facebook Widget you'll able to display "Facebook Page Timeline", "Facebook Page Friends", "Facebook Page Events" and direct message to "Facebook Page Owners".

Facebook has disseminated rapidly throughout the world, and many Facebook users are highly addicted to this interface.

Social Facebook Widget is relatively easy to use. Simply click and save some options from module manager, give the Facebook module an adequate position will display the Facebook page box immediately.

The Social Facebook Widget is available for all kinds of users. You can use our module on your personal and commercial projects.

When you are using our Facebook module, you can always be extra sure that you are using the most recent release of the Facebook widget on your website. Facebook keeps putting change on their Facebook plugin to attract more users and make more friendly.

OLD "Facebook Page Like Box". What happened to that?

Facebook have stopped supporting the older release of Facebook like a box. The new Facebook page display "Social Facebook Widget" is called Facebook Page Plugin. The new Facebook plugin is same like Facebook like box and features are same too.

Why Use Our Facebook Page Plugin?

Advance Facebook Customization Features.
Able to like Facebook page directly from the Facebook Module.
Can Display Facebook Page Streams, Facebook Page Friends, Facebook Page, Events, Facebook Messaging.
Can show up Facebook Call-to-action button.
Can share Facebook Page post directly from the website.
Able to interact more with Facebook from the website.
Facebook Integration with website.
Can enable direct Facebook messaging feature using the Facebook page plugin.

Social Facebook Widget comes with amazing customization options:

  • Facebook Page Name: The URL of the Facebook Page.
    Like this{FacebookPAGEUSERNAME}/
    Your Facebook Username is facebook, facebookdevelopers

  • Facebook Tabs: Tabs to render, i.e. Facebook page timeline, Facebook page events, Facebook page messages.

  • Facebook Page Width: The pixel width of the plugin. Min. is 180 & Max. is 500

  • Facebook Page Height: The pixel height of the plugin. Min. is 70

  • Show Faces of Facebook Friends: Show Facebook profile photos when your friends on Facebook like this

  • Hide Cover Photo: Hide cover photo in the header of the Facebook page

  • Show Small Header: Use the small header instead

  • Hide the custom call to action button: Hide the custom call to action button (if available). Facebook page have new feature, facebook page owner can put a call to action, but on the top where Facebook cover is placed.

  • Adapt Container Width: Try to fit in the container width of any Facebook page.

Many people ask will this work for Facebook Groups and Facebook Events too?

No, This Facebook Sidebar module is only for Facebook Pages. Facebook page plugin don't support Facebook Groups.

Install and enjoy our Facebook page plugin and display seamlessly "Facebook Page Streams, Facebook Page Friends, Facebook Page Events, Facebook Messaging" on your website.

Changelog (Social Facebook Widget)

V1.0 - Initial Facebook Likebox
V2.0 - Facebook Likebox Updated to Facebook Page Plugin
V2.1 - Facebook languages support.


Does exactly what it says, and some things it doesn't mention. Places an ad on your page, which is not documented or shown in their demo.

Ease of use

Very easy to set up.


Documentation is sparse. Doesn't mention anything about placing an ad on your site.

I used this to: Testing for a non-profit. Likely will not use due to the fact that it places an ad on the site.


Does everything you'd expect. A lot of features and possibilities, the most complete integration that I have run over.

Ease of use

It's easy to use for all the included features.


I have not needed yet.


The documentation is very detailed and clear.

I used this to: To show details Facebook timeline and others activities directly on my site.

Social Facebook Widget

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Last updated:
Feb 02 2018
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Dec 30 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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