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Get the sliders of the highest 3 social networks.

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Facebook, Twitter and Google+

There is nothing actually more to say.

Facebook slider will come with an option to show your stream or the faces of the facebook users who liked your page.

on the twitter slider you will see the latest tweets.

on the google+ slider it will show your google+ wall.

Uygun tabs Uygun tabs

Uygun tabs

By Yusuf Uygun
Article Elements
Is it hard to open a nice tab inside Joomla 3 Or Joomla 2.5 ? Uyguntabs will make that easier for you. within a minute you can have a nice looking tab inside your article. With a simple syntax you can easily add a tab to your content. This will make the visibility of your page better and it is easier for reading. Now Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 Compatible Fixed the cookie: Now you have an option...
Share it social media Share it social media

Share it social media

By Yusuf Uygun
Social Display
Adding Social Platform's to your website was never easy as before. By using a really simple syntax you will have 3 buttons published on your website. Twitter, Facebook and Google's +1 buttons are ready to use. It can be configured for languages, and some extra handy configurations can be done. V2.0: Fixed the warning: "FB.getLoginStatus() called before calling FB.init()."...
Uygun tabs Mod Uygun tabs Mod

Uygun tabs Mod

By Yusuf Uygun
Articles Display
Always wanted a module what can show your articles of the desired category ? You don't have to wait longer because the Uyguntabs Module is ready to be installed. With this module you can load a category of articles at any position of your Joomla! template. Also with an extra feature that you can order the articles and decide how many articles can be shown inside the module. If you have articles wh...
JB Facebook Like Popup JB Facebook Like Popup
Paid download

JB Facebook Like Popup

By Yusuf Uygun
Social Content Locks
JB Facebook Like Popup will lock the whole page and will only show the page. JB Facebook Like Popup can be used to generate more likes for your facebook page. Features: Countdown length: the timer when popup should automatically close. Delay Timer: The time when the popup should load. Opacity of the background. Closeable....
JB Article Seo Checklist JB Article Seo Checklist
Paid download

JB Article Seo Checklist

By Yusuf Uygun
SEO & Metadata
Always wanted that your website articles were SEO optimized ? Use JB Article Seo Checklist and Get Your Articles On Search Engines ! JB Article Seo Checklist is easy to use, doesn't require any coding or settings. Install the plugin and enable it. After you've done those things enter your articles and you JB Article Seo Checklist will tell you what you have to improve in your content. JB Article...
Login Notifier Login Notifier

Login Notifier

By Yusuf Uygun
Site Security
Login Notifier will send a mail whenever someone logs in to the Joomla Backend and/or Frontend. There is actually nothing more to say....
Responsive Portfolio Wall Responsive Portfolio Wall
Paid download

Responsive Portfolio Wall

By Yusuf Uygun
Always wanted a nice looking Responsive Portfolio Wall This is your chance to have a great Wall module. With Responsive Portfolio Wall module you can have show pictures (max 12 per module) with a great 3D hover effect, a prettyphoto lightbox and link them to articles or websites. This way you can use this module for all purposes, if you need a clients wall or a partners wall, it doesn't matter. Re...

Social jQuery Slider

Yusuf Uygun
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System