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This Joomla extension displays Vimeo videos in your joomla website.

Joomla Vimeo Component v2.0 (UPDATED 2015. March)

The extension uses Vimeo Advanced API to retrieve videos from different sources.

Component’s default price includes 1 hour FREE support



  • Works out of the box (tested with 20+ templates)
  • List hidden videos with Vimeo Plus account NEW!
  • Vimeo videos can be imported from any public
    • user
    • channel
    • group
    • album NEW!
  • Play video on single page (“in overlay” will be available in next version)
  • Customizable listing parameters
  • Decent templating can be achieved only by editing components CSS file
  • Default component template uses active Joomla template settings
  • Default component template is designed to work fully responsive (see demo video)
  • Language independent (Customize prefixes and titles at menu parameters)

Customizable parameters

  • Source
    • User (me/)
    • Channel
    • Group
    • Album NEW!
  • Videos per page
  • Sorting videos NEW!
  • Play videos in [single page] (/[modal overlay] later in next version)
  • Show/hide video thumbnails
  • Set videos thumbnail size [small][medium][large]
  • Show/hide title
  • Show/hide description
  • Show/hide length
  • Length prefix [text]
  • Show/hide date
  • Date format [PHP date() style]
  • Show/hide author
  • Wrap video details in DIV [Y/N]
  • Show single video page title [Menu title - Video title]/[Video title]
  • Show single video page description [Y/N]
  • Show single video page description prefix [text]
  • Show single video page author [Y/N]
  • Show single video page author prefix [text]
  • Show single video page date [Y/N]
  • Show single video page date prefix [text]
  • Show single video page length [Y/N]
  • Show single video page length prefix [text]
  • Player should be centered [Y/N]
  • Player should be fluid or what? [fluid]/[fixed]
  • Player width (px)
  • Player height (px)
  • Player color (hex)
  • Player autoplay [Y/N]
  • Player loop [Y/N]
  • Show/hide video title in player
  • Show/hide video owner name in player
  • Show/hide video owner icon in player

Installation guide

Vimeo Component 3.0 Requirements:
Vimeo account
PHP 5.6+ w/ cURL enabled
Joomla! 2.5 or 3.0

there is a bit of an issue with API keys but Gabor says he is rewriting to be compatible with new vimeo API.
Ease of use
easy to setup
developer is really helpful
there is not much needed as far as documentation.
Value for money
it's good program for $20
I used this to: chruch vimeo videos.

easy and simple

Posted on 06 May 2014
I'm a total noob to joomla, but zsitro helped me to setup this vimeo component for me. Support response time was within a day. I highly recommend the component.

Thanks zsitro!

Vimeo Listing

Gabor Zsoter
Last updated:
Jan 04 2017
3 years ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
c p

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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