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Soccer Bet is a professional sports betting system for Joomla! designed for the both free betting with points and real money betting, It can be used for Soccer or other sports predictions games (Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, Football, Coock fighting etc..).

The component supports the following betting formats : 1x2 (Home,Draw,Away), Double chance (1X, 12, X2), 1x2 Handicap (1H, XH, 2H), Under/Over and Exact Scores, this betting format can be defined for each category. Also two betting types are supported : Pre-Game betting and In-Game betting :

Pre-Game betting : Users can place a bet on games prior to game’s start date and time, The bets are automatically blocked after the start of the game.
In-Game betting : Live betting on selected matches allows punters to put their money on the thrilling excitement game after the game has started.

The component supports decimal odds which are most popular in the world, They reflect the possible winnings (payout) on a successful bet in decimal form (Formula : stake x odd = possible winnings), for example If you put $100 on 1.50 odd, possible winnings would be $150. It’s important to bear in mind that possible winnings is stake plus profit, These odds are the best for parlay betting (accumulators), since the payout is the product of the odds for each outcome wagered on.

Users can place bets on games as long as they have points, if they have no points they can't bet, and when user bets points are reduced "Instantly" from his account depending on the stake (bet amount) he choose while placing his bet.

Bet ticket shows to the user total odds and possible winnings before placing his bet, Two types are available : Single bet and Accumulated bets.

Users can get points by making deposit (adding funds), The administrator can give away bonus points to specific users in the backend, The component works perfectly with VirtueMart component, It can be integrated also with any other payment system.

We offer a professionnal betting software which delivers the safest security measures, Soccer Bet Component employ the safest security ways when storing and processing data, The code is written securely with height quality of programming which protect betting data from all attacks.

Soccer Bet Software is designed for all your devices including mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and computers. Take charge of your betting system no matter where you are, and what you're doing!

Features :

★ Responsive design : Users can place their bets from mobile, tablet, small desktop or regular screen
★ The admin can Import Championships,Teams and Games from CSV file
★ Display categories either together or separately as you want.
★ Bettors can pick games from different leagues/tournaments
★ Time Zone Configuration : You can set your time zone by selecting your location.
★ Responsive : It can be used on all platforms (phone, tablets, small desktop etc..).
★ Written securely with height quality of programming which protect betting data from all attacks.
★ Flexible parameters settings offers an easy way to configure your sports betting system
★ Users can view statistical history of all members sorted by their ranking and showing their scores in the competition from 1 to however many members chose to play.
★ Users can view personal bet history in the competition (match result, bet, bet time, bet status "Bet win" or "Bet lost" and scores).
★ Users can view bet history of all other users sorted by their scores in the competition
★ The administrator have a choice to display or not the bet history of all other users
★ Many date format options
★ Time left option
★ Reset scores feature
★ Manage unlimited sports games
★ Manage unlimited members
★ The component can be used for free betting (without the option of paying)
★ Language files to translate the component to other languages
★ Color, and Background color settings using nice color picker tool
★ Compatible with Joomla! SEO URL rewriting
★ W3C compliant code validation
★ MVC structure follow
★ No link to the developer
★ No extra coding required

He is a great individual to work with. He was eager to meet all my requests as I wanted to and communication with him was crisp.
Ease of use
Very quick and professional service and really ease of use.
Nice job man!
Value for money
Where other developers where more concerned about how much I will pay them, he took job enthusiastically and did it without much of the fuss

Great extension

Posted on 20 September 2015
The extension does what the developer says. It has a lot of features and user standings system. The developer continuously adds new features
Ease of use
Very easy to use. Learnt to use it from the first day. Multiple configuration options.
Great and prompt support. The developer can do custom programming as well, for an agreed fee of course.
There is documentation on the extensions site. For any details the developer offers much support.
Value for money
Yes. There is no similar joomla extension in the market as far as I know.
I used this to: 10 days, but these are more than enough as you can learn the extension from the first day.

Great extension

Posted on 02 June 2014
The extension works really fine, I really like the support that the creators give to the user.


Posted on 17 May 2014
I am working on a project about soccer betting and up to now, this component has done very well its parts of work. Good and prompt assistance also from Hamid.
iF you are looking to run a soccer pool or any sport pool and dont want to spend lots of times configuring, then this is the right extension. We wanted something simple and powerful and we got it. Most importantly we needed some changes done, such as adding categories, it took the developer a day to do it for us, great response time and great support. Truly impressed.
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Soccer Bet

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Feb 11 2022
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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