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Do you want to execute/create SQL queries and make the results visible in your Joomla? hehe... So easy that you don't believe it.

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Write the query and the extension does the rest! You'll get a nice report with an Excel export button too.

Why this extension and no other?
- Responsive design that works in all screens (see live demos).
- Manage your own SQL queries and make the results visible in seconds.
- No hard configuration that makes you crazy, just create queries and view a very nice and useful reports.
- You can hide/show title, excel export button, pagination, sort, etc.
- Multiple reports in the same page with no conflict at all (others do!)
- It works on any version
- Special tags available to use inside queries to allow queries like ...
SELECT * FROM #__users WHERE id={loggeduserid}
- Component and module

There are some suggestions about possible use:
- List of users
- Last users comments in your web
- Make visible information about your own tables
- Get administrative reports to your clients in a menu
- ... anything you want!

Our philosophy is clear... Responsive, simple, useful and good looking in all our extensions.

Visit us on www.jockham.com to see live demos!

NEW in v1.2
Added tags {loggeduserid},{loggedusername} and {loggeduseremail} to use inside queries


I was expecting a report generator rather than a simple table lister. So it does a simple job ok.

Ease of use

For what it does yes it is easy.


After paying my 20 Bucks I wrote I think two emails. Neither was responded to. So poor I think!


Good enough

Value for money

Questionable as I was expecting a configurable reporter rather than a lister and I was expecting an answer to my mail.

I used this to: I am no longer using this.
Owner's reply: Dear Paul, sorry for the inconvenience and the late response.
Please send us a new email with your problem and the email you used to subscribe to the extension.
We'll be enchanted to help you.
Regards, and apologies again.


Does what is says

Ease of use

Easy to use, simple option in both component and module


Great support, quick response with update after upgrading to Joomla 3.4

Value for money

Reasonable price for what my website needed

I used this to: Calculating points and displaying results for a local fishing club match team

Fantastic Extension

Posted on 02 October 2014

Was looking for an extension to simply write complex queries and have the results returned in a nice stylistic fashion without any cck intervention or hooking modules up to different tables, just plain simple sql statements and this does it perfectly.

Yes!!.. Finally i found the extension i need. With this extension i can show my database report everywhere module position. Simple and easy to use.



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2 reviews
Create exams in seconds with very nice presentation to your users. See our live demos before you buy another!. No complex configuration that makes you crazy with a lot of parameters. No conflict at all with others extensions (others do!) Create your exams so fast with our special ajax system. All in the same page!. Select text and box color, choose one of the 8 effects, number of possible attempts and the percentage to pass the exam. Get the result immediately after an attempt that show if user pass or fail the exam and if he has another try. Responsive design that works in all screens. Our philosofy is clear... Responsive, simple, useful and good looking in all our extensions. Visit us on www.jockham.com to see live demos!
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SQL Reports

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Apr 11 2018
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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