This Joomla Module displays a nice looking image slider in your site. You can use it for Front Page Slideshow or as an Image Gallery for your Joomla site. It can be customized heavily with the module parameters to match your needs. Multiple copy of the module can be loaded on the same page with different settings or styles without making any conflict.

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View the download page for detail description.

Well, i was looking for an galery/slider that could allow me to rotate images from thumbnails, and this works like a charm. I made some css changes in order to use with my template and is done.

This extension has lots of settings options, but not too much.

Thank you guys. Keep the good work

super practical component

Posted on 30 August 2013

A super practical component which gives a good look at a web page. I recommend this component to anyone

Very Nice Display!

Posted on 04 September 2012

This module is very easy to setup and gives you a nice output. I needed to add a custom background and the developer helped promptly. Good support!



Paid download | Social Media | Md. Afzal Hossain
49 reviews
Joomla Extension for showing your Facebook Albums into your Joomla website. You can show individual albums or a collection of albums as a gallery. You can also merge multiple albums into one. Images are not downloaded to your server. It's goes to viewers browser directly from Facebook's Server. As a result you save hosting space and bandwidth and your user gets fast page load. No more hosting your images on your own server. Use the servers of Facebook instead and show them in your site. Supported: Albums from Pages that you have administrative access to. Your personal albums For any other Pages/Profile (for example your clients) The owner or someone with admin access to the page will have to generate the access token NOT supported: 2. Facebook Groups (Facebook doesn't allow that) Features Go to: https://srizon.com/product/jfbalbum/#features
c m p


Paid download | Social Media | Md. Afzal Hossain
43 reviews
Update Version 8.3 Changes: 1. Automatic update system 2. Some JS code refactoring Version 8.2.1 Changes: disable lightbox feature was incomplete on the previous version (component part was not working). Fixed in this version Version 8.2 Changes: Increase the maxwidth of video player in 'Slider Box' layout for ultra wide themes. Ability to disable lightbox on different screen size (or completely). Slider disabled button will be now faded (previously hidden) Version 8.1 Changes: make installer work on all versions of 2.5 and 3.x series (had problem with earlier versions before) improved reliability of remote connectivity date option on vertical-description and grid description layout (both menu and module layouts) Option for Auto-play on slider pre/post text/html on menu items / modules Full screen on embedded video fix for Google Chrome Hi-Res thumb option (You can now choose from different thumb resolution - it will fallback to lower resolution if hi-res is not found) Overlay icon for slider option for adding your own api key Version 8.0: Version 8.0 is built with Google API Version 3 This joomla extension lists the thumbnails and titles (optional) of latest youtube videos and shows the videos on a Responsive Lightbox/Video Player. Supported Video Sources are: Youtube Channel/User's Upload Youtube Playlists It comes as both component and module. So you can display it on a module positions or assign it to a menu item as a full page component (pagination possible for menu). Important: Your php host must have cURL (or remoteurlfopen = on) (Install The Server Test Module from product's webpage to test the compatibility of your hosting server) This module only displays public videos from a youtube account (private videos are not supported). Check your youtube account/channel/Playlist on the trial site (go to the product's webpage to find the link) to be sure. Max 1000 videos per youtube channel/playlist (100 for User's Subscribed Videos) Features: Fully Responsive (Works great on any device) Youtube Source: Channels, Favorites, Playlists, Subscribed Videos Ability to set Sync Time (Time Interval after which it should Sync with youtube). Ability to Sync Immediately (Go to Joomla Admin->Component->JUserTube) Set the number of videos to show and number of videos to sync Show/Hide Overlay Video Play Icon (not possible with responsive slider layouts) Stylish lightbox to show the video. Ability to show Description (on 'thumb with description' layout). Description can be truncated as well. 4 layouts for Module and 2 layouts for Component view. Check the demo pages to view each layout Single Installer for all supported versions. It will detect the Joomla version and install necessary Plugin+Module+Component with just one click.
c m p
Srizon Tag

Srizon Tag

Paid download | Tags & Clouds | Md. Afzal Hossain
11 reviews
This Joomla Module displays customized Fully Responsive Tag-Cloud on your Joomla site. You can setup up-to 30 tags and their corresponding links (it will be linked to search results if link is not defined for a tag). You can also specify the size and color for each tag. You can select any web safe font from a drop-down (common for all tags in one module instance). There are more configuration options (speed, direction, opacity, outline, shape etc.). This is fully HTML5 based so no flash plugin required and also good for SEO. This module is based on TagCanvas script. Important Please make sure there's no javascript error in your site before installing this module. Any javascript error may interrupt the cloud rendering. This module does NOT generate tags automatically from your article text or meta tags. You need to define each tag manually in module parameter. What's new in V 2.4 Fully responsive now Ability to enable/disable mouse wheel zoom What's new in V 2.2 Joomla 3 support Ability to stretch the cloud horizontally or vertically. Previously it was square size What's new in V 2.0 Ability to add background image. IE9 Smoothness problem fixed. Single installer for both joomla 1.5 and 2.5 (Install the package directly it will auto detect the joomla version and install required files for that version)

Srizon Image Slider

Md. Afzal Hossain
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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