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A module allow you to display article or image local with :
- wall masonry
- flexslider
- galleria

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A module allow you to display article or image local with :
- wall masonry
- flexslider
- galleria

Works like a charm

Posted on 13 August 2014

I am using this extension together with one of the developers templates and mainly to display K2 articles - which it does great! Since it is so configurable it can be used to display articles in a fashion way or to use it to display static content which is part of layout/design.

I was missing some features and contacted the developer. Within short time the functionality I missed was implemented for me. Exellent support!

I have I have only set up two sites before so not much Joomla Experience is needed to make this work.


Posted on 08 July 2014

The extension seems excellent, but can not find any tutorial of how to implement it, my level is novice and I really like to be able to deploy to a site that I'm improving.

Thank you.

Nice Module

Posted on 21 March 2014

Great module, the instructions were a little lacking but the support was available and helpful...

The extension works perfectly on my website. There was some little changes that I needed and the developer did all for me. The support is very good and fast.

Just a little thing that I can recomend to developer is to add more functions to wall view, like shows the author, the rates (stars), maybe the possibility to share on social media, a readmore button...

At the end, I think, the cost is too low in comparison with benefits, so, don´t be afraid to buying the Pro version.

The extension at first glance was GREAT - highly configurable and had me very excited to use. BUT... Besides the linkback to author, the title/links in the output do not use Joomla's core SEF creating DUPLICATE CONTENT!

I would of easily given this module 5 stars but unfortunately now I can't even use it. :(

Owner's reply: Hi

I have updated SEO option for Article Soure

Great extension!!

Posted on 20 November 2013

It worked like a charm for me! great way to display your Joomla articles in a fun way.

Some flaws

Posted on 18 October 2013

It has been probably the first plugin of this time on JED. I was enthusiastic at first, but after months, I can say that they lost their advantage and are now overtaken by similar more performant plugins. Development and updates seems blocked now. Also the support is not answering anymore through the forum even if I asked about the problems below, while they were answering months ago.

There are at least 3 problems that were not solved in the last months: links are directing to non-sef urls;

more than 2 columns layout is not working;

Images are shrank, but not resized, making the page bigger than it should be. If these problems would be solved, I could give a 5 stars, but that's not the point now.

Not very useful...

Posted on 02 September 2013

I honestly don't see what this extension is supposed to have as added value.

I installed it and tried all the options, and each and every one of them is ugly, and not one of them is like the screenshot above or like Pinterest...

Also worth saying: includes a backlink that cannot be removed.

Owner's reply: Have you tried asking us for help ?
Do you know how to use it ?
Are there any javascript errors on your site or conflict javascript library ?

I downloaded and installed this, and it' s beautiful. Great job!! an sorry for my English!

one word: COOL !!

Posted on 24 February 2013

A very useful and nice looking extention. Lifts my site up to a fancy level:-) Easy to use extension.

I could not figure out how to get it to look exactly like the demo, and submitted a question to Neo. Got help immediately and i cannot say how much i apprecate such kind of service and help when you need some guiding. Thank you so much for your helpfullness and a great extension!

ST Comment

ST Comment

Free | Social Comments | neo
0 reviews
This plugin allow you to add disqus comment at the bottom of article of joomla. Note: it base on event onContentAfterDisplay , so your template is required to support this event.
ST Support

ST Support

Paid download | Help Desk | neo
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Let your team works and communicates with your customers with this Joomla help desk system component. Feature Create category for help desk, set category for group user only. Limit support by group user in help desk Set moderator for category in help desk Set moderator work on ticket in help desk Admin/moderator can comment for other moderator, customer can not see the comments in help desk. Filter tickets by status, assignment, over due date with help desk dashboard. Custom auto alert emails Support Gavatar for user Admin can edit reply of ticket Check latest edit/reply of ticket, so admin can work more efficient with this help desk Check how long ticket is processed in help desk dashboard Auto close tickets if customer do not reply after set time. Let me know if you have suggestions for our help desk.
ST Pay

ST Pay

Paid download | Paid Downloads | neo
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The ST Paypal is a payment system build on paypal and Joomla. This paypal system allows you to distribute file for free or paid download depends on the plans. The customer will buy the plan they want then ST Papal can create for them an account with user group of plan. With this usergroup, they only access to your site content, files with permission you selected. Setup your paypal store First you need a paypal account. Install ST Paypal component Go to ST Paypal and upload your file you want to sell. Create plan with different prices and for different user group in ST Paypal Select plan for each files or restrict content Insert shortcode of ST Paypal in your article or module to sell it for your customer. Feature of ST Paypal Sell file or restrict content with ST Paypal Create paid download system with ST Paypal Create subscribe system with ST Paypal. Create user with group depend on price of plan in ST Paypal Set the limit time for plan in ST Paypal Limit share account download in ST Paypal, prevent customers share for other. Test mode for Paypal Sandbox Paypal IPN message logging. Edit message alert for customer. Do not required create account to buy on your site. ST Paypal will auto create account for customer. The Customer area for users, so they can manage the files they can download and the plan they bought, download invoice pdf. Admin can easy add/edit transaction in ST Paypal Support Coupon Code with ST Paypal Support PDF invoice with ST Paypal ST Paypal create user depend on price and group, so you can easy to create support system. Let check our ST Support component for Joomla Custom buy now paypal button. ST Papal provides buy now button with shortcode, so you can put the buttons everywhere. Report/filler transaction of paypal for admin. Support all paypal currency codes. Support Paypal country codes. Usage with ST Paypal Create paid download system with ST Paypal Create simple store to sell downloadable and provide support with ST Paypal and ST Support Create membership site with ST Paypal Create site to sell restrict content with ST Paypal Create site to provide support depend on user group with ST Paypal Suggestion for ST Paypal If you have any suggestion to improve our product, please let me know.
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ST Content Showcase

Last updated:
Jun 23 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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