StackTabs is a stunning, user-friendly, highly customizable accordion tool for Joomla 3.x.

Accordions are used as a way to communicate text-heavy information in a condensed, sliding format. By changing the way content is displayed, you can save valuable space while displaying a wide range of content.

StackTabs helps people explain processes and important information in a simple, yet beautiful format.

StackTabs Features

  • Drag & Drop: Rearrange tabs easily through drag & drop tab builders

  • Easy to Use: The tool is easy to use through an intuitive user interface.

  • High Performance: Built for speed and high functioning performance.

  • Responsive Design: The display automatically adapts to the screen size viewing it.

  • NO Coding Required: Customize the tool without
    any HTML or CSS knowledge.

  • Font Awesome Icons: Reinforce your message with hundreds of professional icons.

  • Priority Support: Questions? Get quick, responsive help in the Support Portal.

  • Lifetime Upgrades: Gain access to all future updates and upgrades available.

Why Use StackTabs?

StackTabs lets you display information such as text and images in a smooth tabbed layout. The tool can be used to help communicate steps, processes, features, value propositions or any kind of content to increase engagement.

Ease of Use - The StackTabs extension gives you complete control over colors, layout, position, content and more. Each element of the plugin comes with its own settings and can be customized without any HTML or CSS knowledge.

Beautiful Layout - Users can click through the tabs to see expanded information you want to communicate to visitors. You control every aspect of this expanded tab: background color, color of text, Font Awesome icon, icon color, tab number and more.

Mobile Ready - StackTabs is fully responsive. This means the tool will automatically resize based on the screen size viewing it. You also have the ability to display StackTabs in either Vertical or Horizontal layout.

The tabs are beautiful but just as important the support is outstanding.
Ease of use
This tool has been very helpful for me. Very easy to use. Love how much I can customize it.
These guys rock! Figured out the issue I was having (which had to do with my theme and not the plugin) and created a workaround for me.
Thorough documentation
Value for money
This is an awesome plugin!

Nice little tool for my site

Posted on 16 September 2015
This is a nice little tool for my site. The set up was easy and the administrative site is straightforward
Ease of use
Love how easy it is for users to use it on the frontend. It really helps communicate information in a distinct way.
Value for money
Perfect for what I was looking for.
This accordion tool is simple and straightforward, but that is its beauty. I'm not a programmer, but was able to ad it to my site.
Ease of use
very easy to use and customize.
Good support site and forum. I haven't submitted a ticket yet, but looks straightforward.
Great documentation. Very easy to follow the install process
Value for money
Excellent value.
Love it! It's been a wonderful addition to my site. several people have commented that it helps me stand out in a crowded marketplace.
Ease of use
It was amazingly easy to use. After installing, I was able to add tabs to my front page within minutes.
I have not used support yet, but found the support portal to be a good resource with helpful guides and tutorials.
Great documentation on the support portal.
Value for money
Definitely worth the money! I really appreciate that it is only a one-time fee (as opposed to a monthly or annual subscription fee to use)


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Last updated:
Aug 24 2015
Date added:
Aug 22 2015
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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