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Responsive menus are intelligent menu systems that can adapt themselves according to the environment they are run on. Most menu systems available for joomla fail miserably on mobile platforms. This is a real problem especially when you have drop-down menus. They work on mouse hover, when tablets and mobiles dont even have a mouse cursor. No mouse hover means non-working menu on such environments. For you it could mean losing a large number of customers.

Here comes our menu system to help you fix this situation.

Responsive Menu for Joomla
Do you have a joomla site, but are having navigational issues on mobiles? Does your menu not work pretty (or at all) on iPads, Tablets?

Responsive Menu can help you solve this problem. Now you can use Joomla with drop down Menus on Mobiles and tablets

Browser Support

Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Opera and Opera Mobile
Internet Explorer 8 and 9
Android 2.3 Stock Browser
Intelligent platform detection
Responsive menu adapts wisely depending on the platform it is used on. It works on Desktops, tablets, and any of your chosen smartphones (with javascript support). Ofcourse this may not help on non-javascript browsers, but thats not web for anyway.

Super-Easy backend customisation
You dont have to be a programmer to customise the look of the menu to suit your webpage. It provides easy setup of colors right from the backend. Even if you are a programmer, the code is nice and easy to maintain.

Optimised javascript built with jQuery
most preferred javascript library, and we use CDN locations which are cached on most devices.

Must have extension

Posted on 05 February 2019
Has everything you can expect from a good menu module.
Ease of use
Very simple and intuitive to use. Every setting can be found in the module settings and are very clear.
Only needed support once and I was helped quickly and clearly. Great support
N/A This module is so clear for me that no documentation is needed.
Value for money
Absolutly worth the investment
I used this to: I have build a lot of websites already. Always make custom templates and Responsive Menu is my preferred solution for the menu's. I used it on every website so far.
Does everything that I need.
Ease of use
Simple set up.
Value for money
Great value!
I used this to: Had a few initial setup problems but that was due to my misunderstanding of the Joomla menu system.
After contacting support, Cecil was on the job and soon had it up & running!
Now if you could only get that level of support from Microsoft, Adobe ..............!!
Well recommen
Owner's reply: Thank you for your wonderful review Nick. It's good to hear from our customers and know they are happy with our product.
Congratulation for this easy to handle and clean menue. I had a few problems after installing the menue (jquery), but the support is excellent. Between a few hours (hey, it was in the middle of the night) the problem was solved.

I tried also other menues on my site but always I had problems with the responsive menue. Now this is past.

Many thanks for your great extension.
Having struggled to find a menu that works across all mobiles and platforms, I came across this by chance. It worked out of the box and was worth every penny.Simple to configure, but very very effective - has saved me hours of time!!
This is a great extension for my site. I had an issue with the menu which was actually an issue with my template and not the extension itself but the support was amazing and fast and they helped me solve my problem within minutes!

Totally worth the money I paid and I will be purchasing it for many more websites to come!
This makes my homemade websites look professional and on trend without having to learn a new template. Support is fast and helpful
It's a very good extension for my web site, but especially the support is very efficient. I asked a question by chat and I had immediatly my answer.
It works. It's simple.

You can't do much better than that.

The built in responsive menu in the Gantry framework is completely inadequate and causes more problems that it solves. This makes for a perfect replacement.
There are many menu modules out there, and I ended up buying and using this module, based on the reviews here, and everything I read was true! The module itself is very well designed, looks great, and has a very easy backend configuration. It looks so much more professional, and is easy to make changes to. Then, I had a conflict between the module, and the menu's on my template…I emailed the developer, and within a few hours I had a reply, and within 24 hours, he had made the changes himself for me on the backend of my site, and left it working perfectly! Went way above and beyond…very satisfied customer…I will use any other extensions he developed based on this experience!
Owner's reply: Thank you very much for the wonderful review.
The extension works perfectly and it's very easy to set. Furthermore i've asked to the support a customized css for my web site and I've received the code in few hours.

What can I say?... Just a very big thank you to mr. Gupta and an invition to who need a very well made menu to use this extension!!!
Owner's reply: Thank you as well :)
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Responsive Menu

Cecil Gupta
Last updated:
Aug 08 2020
1 year ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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