Cufón is a JavaScript based font replacement technique so you can use non-web based fonts on your website. This plugin integrates Cufón fonts in your Joomla 1.5 or 1.6-1.7-2.5-3.x website.

The plugin allows you to add up to 6 different fonts/CSS selector sets to your site and any number of different CSS selectors for each font.

Use normal CSS to change the attributes of your Cufón font selectors.

Cufón is faster than sIFR and FLIR, two other font replacement techniques.

Detailed information about Cufón can be found on the Cufón website:

NOTE: the download link above links to the Joomla 1.6-1.7-2.5-3.x version, to download the Joomla! 1.5 version go here:

Joomla! 1.6-1.7-2.5-3.0 Version:
• Version 2.3.2 - fixed strict standard errors
• Version 2.3.1 - changed error handling for Joomla! 3.0 compatible
• Version 2.3.0 - Joomla! 3.0 compatible
• Version 2.2.0 Beta - Feature additions:hoverable tags, text shadow and linear gradient, fixed problems with local host, window servers & non-root Joomla installations
• Version 2.1.0Beta - Joomla! 1.6 Update functionality added, updated Cufón Javascript file to 1.09i, added 2 more font selector files
• Version 2.0.0Beta - Initial 1.6 version

Joomla! 1.5 Version Change Log:
• Version 1.5.0 - Feature additions:hoverable tags, text shadow and linear gradient, fixed problems with local host, window servers & non-root Joomla installations
• Version 1.4.0 upgraded to version 1.09i of Cufon Javscript file, add option to force Mootools to be loaded before the plugin, added 2 more font files for a total of 8 fonts
• Version 1.3.0 adds a Spanish language file, removed large font file so the plugin will install on smaller memory hosting accounts.
• Version 1.2.0 adds 2 more font/selector sets.

Absolutely awesome extension, simple to use with many options for font replacement. But best of all it has a plugin setting to allow you set "Display font while loading" to No, this prevents unstyled content loading causing the notorious "white flash on page load" which occurs with most cufon font replacers! Well done and thanks for an awesome extension!
This simple and simple to use plugin does the trick. Very nice work.


Posted on 05 June 2013
I use this on several websites and its excellent with all fonts. Works with mobile devices etc.

almost the best

Posted on 14 November 2012
I've been testing many font replacement systems and this one gives the best looking fonts in any size... only one minus is that it's hard to make it work with CK Menu
this is perfect for multiple template websites and quick template updates. did take me a little to workout how to use it but that was my own fault for not putting in the correct name of the cufon font i was using. stupid me :P

to the developer, i recommend having some better documentation on where to put the font file and not to include the file extension when typing in its name into the plugin. however, the system warnings do help make up for that and im very impressed with how you have done that. but it would be nice to know before i click save.

for future developments, maybe try adding a file upload for the use of adding new fonts. this would make things even quicker :)

IE Issues

Posted on 15 February 2012
Seems like a nice extension. It would be helpful to get more of an explanation on how to solve the Internet Explorer issue. Can't use it because of that.

Great plugin

Posted on 21 July 2011
Easy to install, and use. Just requires to go to the cufon page (linked in the plugin panel) and convert the font, and there you go, custom font embedded in your site. Thanks!


Posted on 21 April 2011
I'm developer and usualy I don't like using extensions if I don't have to. I'm using Cufon with Joomla for a "long" time, hardcoding it in templates. I gave a try on this plugin and it works great! I'm using this from now on.
This plugin is so simple to use -- thank you!! I wanted to use Calibri font on my website -- sounds simple enough, but evidently not being a developer and having Flash Editor and/or knowing html or css seemed to be an issue. I can follow instructions, though, and that was enough for this plugin. No special programs or knowledge are required, and the instructions for use are comprehensive and straightforward. Tweaking the plugin is as easy as filling out a form, and then refresh and voila! my site is in Calibri. Well done and many thanks!


Posted on 30 March 2011
Thanks SO MUCH to the developer, this plugin is a gem! My Joomla sites will no longer have boring text boxes :P
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KC Cufón Font Replacement

2.3.2-2.5-3.x & 1.5.0-1.5
Laurelle Keashly
Last updated:
Jun 18 2015
8 years ago
Date added:
Jan 23 2010
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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