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swMenuFree 10 Released. Instantly create a drop-down or pop-out menu system for your Joomla website using a pure css3 menu system.

  • Simple mouse driven interface allows infinite styling of all aspects of the menu module without touching the keyboard or knowing CSS

  • True type font integration for top and sub menu items using google fonts

  • Corner styling. Independent corner styles for each corner of the complete menu, top menu, and sub menus.

  • Advanced menu source features for the menu include the ability to automatically create whole menu structures from content(content only menu), Or too automatically append content items as menu items to existing categories(hybrid Menu). This unique system of menu and content integration allows you to custom make a menu system that automatically updates itself as content is added. Virtuemart integation is also supported.

  • Create and export an external style sheet and edit it manually for unlimited styling capabilities.

  • Active menu feature will automatically keep the top menu item highlighted for the part of the site being viewed.

  • Live preview to see changes as they are made, as well as a complete preview to show entire menu module.

  • Integrated update/repair facility makes it easy to upgarde to future versions of swMenuFree without losing any settings.

  • Currently has 12 included translations for the admin component.

swMenuFree offers choice of several menu systems. I used Superfish, modern, responsive, CSS menu. Works great on Joomla 3.6 & mobile devices
Ease of use
swMenu free control panel is very easy to use, with complete control of look, size, font, colors, background images, borders, & custom CSS.
Sometimes Author gives amazing support. Answered email & some forum posts. But this is free. Do not expect paid support levels. Use forums.
Very good documentation in Summary and Wiki.
I used this to: Joomla 3.6 with Gantry 5 template. swMenuFree allows one menu per website. I needed 2 menus per site on several sites. I bought $30 upgrade to swMenuPro.

nice menu

Posted on 12 May 2016
Super easy to customise menu, you think it, it has it. Pity it's not mobile friendly - doesn't resize on small screen.
Ease of use
all the settings are there, with a very convenient preview. Well done!
didn't use it, searched the forum for help
component is it's pretty self explanatory, so didn't need to look for documentation
I used this to: Was going to use it for website, but it lacked the mobile responsiveness,
Would use it for ALL my websites if it had a working responsiveness.
Avoid if you need front-end editing - SWMenu generates a JavaScript error that stops the page saving.
Ease of use
Very easy and flexible. Shame about the unresolved bug.
Non existent. I spent an evening tracing and documenting the bug, and received no reply after 4 weeks. Forum posts are also unanswered.
I used this to: Used OK on a site until I needed to grant front-end editing to other uses. Due to unresolved bug, now migrating to another extension. Avoid SWMenu Free if you may find yourself in a similar situation. If you're confident you'll be the only editor, you'll find it a good choice.
This is the most customizable menu creator made for Joomla websites. It is sad that some past reviews have claimed it does not work.
Ease of use
This is very easy to use and works well on Joomla 3.4 and Android Devices!
I have used this on more than one dozen sites with no problems.
Not really needed.
I used this to: Every Joomla website I build where I need complete control over the appearance of the menu. .
It does not run in Joola 3.4
Ease of use
Easy to use.
Nothing. The provider doesn't have support ticket system and never check the forum.
I used this to: My business website. Not anymore.
Allowed to create drop-down menus of any style, 3 different effect types, choosing colors, borders, corners, transparency. Android-friendly.
Ease of use
Easy and friendly. Just installed and found anything in configuration, even the arrows for multi-level menus can be fine-tuned.
I used this to: Commercial site that contained non-dynamic menu with 4 levels and 50 menu points.
I've used swmenufree on my customer's web site, and it's a very attractive product. easy to set up, nice presentation etc BUT my site menus won't work on Android devices (at least on the two I have tried). I've posted the issue on the message board, and e-mailed the developer twice, but had no response. If it worked on my Android devices, I would give it five stars.

Very easy to customize !!

Posted on 24 November 2013
I have been looking long time for good easy menus. This component is great and extremely adaptable to any site !!! Thanks !!!


Posted on 12 August 2013
its the menu extension that i need for my every joomla site, thank you so much for the wonderful extension!

Just Awesome

Posted on 15 July 2013
Seriously easy to set up and use. Installed and config'd in Joomla 3.1 without any problems.

Great extension, amazing that it's free. Many thanks to the devs.


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Sep 17 2018
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Mar 05 2006
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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