TS3 Web Viewer Module which makes it possible to display one or more teamspeak servers at once.

Visitors of a website are able to see what channels exist, who is connected to them and how long (the) serves are active.


We really want you to enjoy this mod as much as we do!
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excellent module

Posted on 10 December 2020
easy way function
Easy to setup (just make sure you give the ServerQuery account the correct rights)
Ease of use
+ Very easy to install and use!
+ Generates valid code it's work
extreme fast answer and within 30 minutes quick support but Mod is plagued with errors
I used this to: This extension is perfect.

Thanks for that module, imho there are some aspects that have to improved though.

Great Simple TS Viewer

Posted on 22 April 2012
Exactly what I needed.

The Module is very simple, and easy to use, and has a lot of features.

What isn't simple is setting it up through your Teamspeak Host, Especially if you are not hosting it yourself.

Make sure to enable queries etc. on Teamspeak!
The Teamspeak 3 Web Viewer module is a very decent one. In the next few lines i'd like to point out the positive and negative aspects.

+ Very easy to install and use!

+ No annoying style information, that is overwriting your template. Just the very same spacing as the teamspeak client uses. Thanks very very much for not screwing my template!

+ Generates valid code

- and that is a big minus! You can't set up template overrides for that module. The default.php just loads all the stuff from the core files. Let me use template overrides guys :S

- The "use talk icon" does not work. It's always displayed also if i deactivate that option.

- lack in options: I'd like some option to enable a "join server" button for example.

Overall in my opinion it's the best module out there for 1.6+ displaying a teamspeak server.

Thanks for that module, imho there are some aspects that have to improved though.


Waste of effort

Posted on 03 March 2012
Needed assistance and was told to Google my error. Mod is plagued with errors, assistance very poor. Waste of time and effort
I suppose I could have used some generic script in a Custom HTML module, but I'm not sure how that would work. I am new to installing a TS3 server so I had to add things like 'ServerQuery' to my vocabulary.

Based on my experience with open source software in general, setup for this module is about par for the course. I probably could have setup quicker asking for support that seems readily available, but I learn more from thinking things through myself, and by using this extension, I learned more about TS3 admin, so I am pretty happy and appreciative here.

Can't get it to work

Posted on 01 November 2011
I can't seem to get this to work no matter what I tried. I thought it was just the host but I have all of the correct data provided so I resorted to seeing if I could get it on a localhost to work.

Opened all the proper ports on my PC and checked very setting to verify they were correct and still could not get this module to work properly. Checked permissions on the /tmp for proper 777 rights. Changed the server settings numerous times and the plug in just does not work. I've spent 10 hours working on this on and off. I've given up.
Owner's reply: Dear weezernod,

We're sorry that you had such trouble getting our mod to work.
But, in this 10 hours, have you ever thought of contacting us?
Probably this would have spared you a lot of time and us a bad rating. ;-)

We'd still like to help you with your problem so please feel free
to visit our support forum at

Please open a new thread with the text you've written here and add the following information:
Server-IP, QueryPort, UDP Port, ServerID, Joomla Version and content from "query_ip_whitelist.txt"

We're sure there is a solution to your problem and we'd
appreciate it if you would give this mod a second chance.

This extension is perfect.

Easy to setup (just make sure you give the ServerQuery account the correct rights)

Looks really great, I wanted to have the TeamSpeak Server name in the module which connects to the TeamSpeak Server when pressed.

Sent an email to support and had a extreme fast answer and within 30 minutes I received an instruction how to create the link.

Teamspeak 3 Web Viewer

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Last updated:
Nov 19 2014
6 years ago
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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