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With this Joomla! testimonials component your site or web shop visitors can leave their valuable feedback about your service or products.

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The Testimonials extension allows assigning relevant testimonials to any landing page of your website and menu item, making a separate testimonials page or adding testimonials and reviews to article content pages by mans of tagging system.

A tree structure comments system allows you and your website visitors to comment testimonials, reply to the comments and other users’ replies, and manage comments and replies.

Testimonials extension is fully responsive.

It is possible to add images and photos inside the reviews.

You can set up timeouts for testimonials rotations and they will be paged through one by one creating a nice animated effect or the testimonials inside the slider can be rotated automatically or by hovering the mouse (by finger touch on a mobile device).

A number of available features makes Testimonials component highly customizable, powerful and easy to use and manage Joomla! component:


  • Testimonials can be managed both Front & Back End. If you add users to the component's managers they can edit and approve testimonials from the front-end UI;

  • Show/hide testimonial’s author name and avatar, show/hide testimonials title;

  • Add several testimonials custom fields and use multiple-criteria rating system;

  • Place, show/hide “Read more” & “Add new” links;

  • Pagination: set a number of testimonials per page;

  • Template Override Possibilities are supported. It means you can change the way testimonials look at the Front End without modifying CSS.

  • Built-in CAPTCHA, Joomla CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA protect your website from SPAM;


The templates can be viewed on JoomPlace demo site. There is also a template manager to help you modify the templates.


  • You decide by yourself whether it will be just registered users who leave the messages or not;

  • Allow users to upload photos from their computers to enhance profiles;

  • Place pop-up tips to testimonials fields;

  • Set-up auto-approve;

  • Email notifications when testimonials are added or modified;

  • THE COMPONENT CAN BE USED AS TESTIMONIALS ADDON FOR VIRTUEMARTenabling you to place testimonials on VirtueMart based e-commerce site.

The component supports Joomla! 3.0 Advanced Control Levels.


  • The content plugin allows you to insert several testimonials right into your content pages. You can choose the layout type, testimonial’s category or tag and the number of testimonials you want to display in the article.

  • Editor-XTD plugins allows adding Rating custom field.

See Testimonials Live Demo for Joomla! 3.0 on our demo site

Various layouts, full support of Joomla override system, support of categories and tags, captcha,- well, everything I need - they have.
Ease of use
For me it was as simple as it gets with this extension.
Well, actually I've not tried to contact them.
"Best support is when you don't need to bother".
Sample data that come with extension helped me to figure out this extension in, actually, 4 clicks.
Value for money
120%: it saved my time, filled my needs and expectations, and will bring me customers votes I believe.
I used this to: My eCommerce site to increase customers trust.
Заметный (обращающий на себя внимание +) компонент
Ease of use
Удобный и понятный в использовании
Оказали огромную помощь в установке
Установка прошла компонента в один клик
Value for money
Продукт отличный и за небольшие деньги
I used this to: ????????? ???? ????????? ?? ????? ?????
Ease of use
At first glance, it seems to be straight-forward, but even minor customization is often hidden away or undoable. Obvious features missing,
In over 10 years of using Joomla & 3rd party extensions, I have yet to encounter such lackluster support. Expect over a week for a reply.
Outdated and minimal at best. Documentation still refers to Joomla 2.5. I've been told they are now working on documentation for 3 series.
Value for money
If it can't do what it says on the box, and you need it to do what it says on the box, it's a big waste.
I used this to: Testimonials. But not for long.
Ease of use
Latest version is buggy
I used this to: I did not use this. I tried using it for my new website to replace Ninjamonials which is no longer being developed. I originally bought it because of the ability to add public comments to the front end. The latest version they took this away. I have deleted it.

Great support !!

Posted on 21 May 2015
Various template to choose and also to customise. We can add all fields that we need.
All you need for the testimonials !
Ease of use
Very simple and clear to use.
Support are polite and fast. They found a solution for our issue very quickly.
No needs ! Again very simple to use ...
Value for money
Very good offer.
I used this to: We use this extension to manage the testimonials for our company website.
All you need for the testimonials, you have various template to choose and customise and you can add all fields that you need.
Ease of use
Very simple to use and come with sample data.
I used support for various components, this one is the best. They are fast, polite and competent. They had a solution for all my question.
Component self explained with sample data.
Value for money
It is a very good offer what all you have.
I used this to: I use the component and module to manage the testimonials for our holiday homes website. It is very useful because I can categorize the testimonials so I have pages with the testimonials of the single house and a page with the testimonials of all houses.
After using this extension for a number of years I have been happy with it, especially the support. With any extension there are always bugs, issues, conflicts. The key is an organization that works to fix issues not pass on the blame to your template or other extensions. I have found JoomPlace to be very willing to help with every issue I have had. For that reason alone I would highly recommend them.
Best Testimonial component by far! All the others fall short in features and functionality. JoomPlace has top notch support too.
I have been using this component for years. There have been occasional problems with the software which have always been dealt with by the developers. I do recommend this software to others and am glad that I purchased it.
Happy with the component and support. Easy to install and setup. Has become my "go to" testimonials extension.
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