Languages, Multi-lingual Content, Automatic translations

It replaces Joomla multilingual capabilities with a different system that gives you much easier and the most useful way to manage your site translations at one single place.

Translate as easy as possible - a fresh, but mature translation manager for Joomla!

Translator features

  • Manage translations for any content in a single interface that shows an original and a translation at the same time
  • Only translate fields that need translation and automatically reuse those that don't (e.g. images or links)
  • Speed up translations by using Google translate (requires very cheap API key purchase)
  • Optionally translate and associate (translation with original) items directly from the native interface (inline translations for core extensions)
  • Supports all core extensions and large number of 3rd party extensions (using Joomfish content elements)

End user features

  • Instant switching between languages that takes you directly to the same page in a different language
  • When translation does not exist, either original item or a predefined message is shown. Optionally you can also chose to remove untranslated items from lists (list view, blog view, menus etc)

Web builder/administrator feature

  • Joomfish migrator - plugin for JupgradePro to migrate JoomFish translations from Joomla 1.5. to 2.5./3.x

Important differences beween LanterFish and core Joomla multilanguage

  • The biggest difference is the logic behind it - the way it works. While core Joomla multilanguage is a filtering system that requires separate item for each language and then filters content based on the language when presenting it, LanterFish is a translation system which is based on default language and its translations. While Joomla structures are totally independent, LanternFish basically uses 1 to 1 structure - by default it shows item in default language if there is no translation (there are other options available). This means that LanternFish can save you a lot of time and work as you only need to translate what is translatable and there is also no need to care about creation of separate menus and categories for each language as required by Joomla.
  • You can use same alias for content, menus, categories that are in different language. Comes very handy when title/name is not translatable,e.g. when it is persons name or city etc (in Joomla you would need to have aliases like pariseng, parisfra, paris_esp etc)

We offer 14 days money back policy - if you are not satisfied we will refund your purchase, so it is really safe to try!

LanternFish is a fork of Joomfish 2.5. that was substantially bugfixed and re-written to work with Joomla 3 (including 3.9).


J 3.9.x Support

Fix menu translation creation link

J 3.8.1 Support
Implement Joomla updater notification (notification only)

J 3.7. support and styling fixes

Add hreflang tags and fix problem with quotes in text

Joomla 3.5 compatibility

Allow same aliases for content, category or menu when languages are different.

Mutiple bugfixes. Also new versions of jUpgradePro migration plugin and joomla 3 compatible jUpragadePro-bugfixed version are available.

New in 1.3.7
Joomla 3.4. compatibility

New in 1.3.6
Huge speed improvements on sites with large number of languages, reduces database queries by 1/3

New in 1.3.5
Add support for jform fields
Add template style field to menus

New in 1.3.4
Added an option to remove untranslated menus

New in 1.3.3
Much improved "Remove untranslated items from lists" function

New in 1.3.2
Added an option to remove untranslated items from lists

New in 1.3.1
missing translations plugin


Posted on 25 December 2015
It works well - like Joomfish did and so useful if that is what you are used to and need to move up from.
Ease of use
Installing - you need to make sure you have read all the instructions carefully but the support is good and helpful if you find you need it.
Prompt and very helpful.
There is some documentation but it could be better. Once you are used to this app it is easy to use.
Value for money
It works and the support is very good so worth paying for if this functionality is what you need.
I used this to: A two language site - have been using it for about 2 years now - any problems have always been fixed in double quick time by the author.


Posted on 24 November 2015
Excellent, much better than core Joomla
Ease of use
Easier to use and understand than Joomla multilingual, e.g. you get original and translation on single screen, field by field, which makes i
Great support, when I found a bug, Klas fixed it in 2 days!
Good and well-written
Value for money
Very good - my support experience tells it all.
This is clunky, difficult to setup, and does not work well if you have differing site structures for different languages.
Ease of use
It took professional joomla developers more than 2 weeks to figure out this was not going to work for our website.
They refused to refund a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit after the product did not meet the needs. A 2 week refund policy is not sufficient.
A demo version would have been a wonderful idea. Documentation left much to be desired.
Value for money
Would never purchase anything from Klas Berlic or joogpot again.
I used this to: This was unusable for us & we were refused a refund. Beware.
Owner's reply: We offer 14 days money back policy. This user first contacted us after one month and their single support request was extortion to give them a refund or they threatened they will post such reviews.


Posted on 09 August 2015
Really worth it for site that requires translations, works as advertised
Ease of use
Not the easiest due to complexity, but still much easier that native Joomla
Excellent, when I had a problem they fixed it in 3 days
Sufficient, but could be better
Value for money
Woth it, will save you a lot of time
I used this to: All my multilingual sites
Very good
Ease of use
Can be a little tricky, but hey, it's a migration :)
Great - just great!
Well documented and really good and well-written How-To:s
Value for money
Real good value
I used this to: I used the low migration plugin to migrate a Joomla 1.5 site to Joomla 3 (and the native language support). I had some troubles with the migration (which was due to the database to my 1.5 site was partially corrupted). The support was cruel helpful and solved all my questions.

good and stable component

Posted on 23 September 2014
after using this extension since some month I can say that it's a stable component.

You can translate not only articles and menus but also modules.

On translating articles lanternfish creates them as normal articles with the new language.

This direct way of translation makes lanternfish more stable on later editing of article properties as other offered components I tried before.

On creating a multilingual site it's timesaving compared with the standard multilangual feature of Joomla if you want to handle the translations simmilar.

But if you need full flexibility in design for each language choose the Joomla core feature.
If you've ever needed to manage a large Joomla site with a lot of multi-lingual content, you'll recognize the importance of a structured system for managing the translated content. Other multi-language facilities don't provide the structure of Joomfish but development on the project was recently halted.

Lanternfish takes up the challenge of supporting Joomfish and provides some essential fixes like editing articles from the front-end in languages other than the default. After banging my head against the wall thinking it was me that had created the problem, Lanternfish had already magically fixed the problem.

Lanternfish provides essential functionality and support for anyone continuing to use Joomfish. Sure it costs a bit but if you're running a multi-lingual production site, it's a small price to pay for a system that works.

finally a real solution!

Posted on 18 October 2013
I tried all extensions about multilingual content searching the simplicity of old Joomfish for Joomla 1.5.

Each extension tested has bugs, deficiencies, excessive complexity, or lack of really frontend edition.

And finally Lantern Fish does exactly what I want without the slightest problem!

This extension combines the improvements of joomla 2.5 and 3.X with simplicity of Joomfish.

Congratulations to the developers!

The LanternFish

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Feb 22 2019
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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