TopCloud is an alternate front end for the Joomla search component. There are several categories which match the output for Joomla search.

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The TopCloud module is customizable in both appearance and content. A range of graphic background and surrounds is integral to the module.

The colours of the links which make up the content of the cloud are also customizable.

Landing page is selectable.

Clouds may be numerically reduced for large clouds.

Support for characters outside the site localisation - useful for multilingual content.

A choice of fonts and text sizes/weights are available.

Localization is available for English, Russian, French and German languages.
This module is not flash based.
No need to register.

nothing special

Posted on 17 November 2016
It has all the functionality you need but style is awful
Ease of use
it's easy to set up

Great Module

Posted on 13 January 2014
This is easy to set up and understand, displays very well, very customizable and also if you have any questions or queries about it you can email the developer and get a quick details response to help you with your issues. Very good all around and definitely top of the clouds for Joomla 3.x
This is an easy to install and easy to set up module!

Working perfectly with my template.

I would especially like to mention the feature "Adding an item multiple times will increase its font-size in the cloud." Very good!

Two reasons I do not give you full score:

apparently it does not count the keywords automatically and it adds a lot of crap words (like "contact", Names and ROOT (where did it get that from??)

It does not use "&" for terms like "Spa & Wellness", displaying such terms as "spa wellness" as 2 strings.

Did not use the styling, cause it looked perfect from out of the Box!

Very nice

Posted on 25 September 2013
Makes adding a tag cloud straightforward. Styles well, too. Thanks.
I tried many others but this one worked perfect!! I just had a problem with Farsi characters and I got a great support in just a few hours!! Great module with a great support, thanks Bob!

Amazing Service & Product

Posted on 21 August 2013
Just what I needed and superb service! Thank you!

Perfect extension

Posted on 07 August 2013
it is perfect and it is free..and support is better than the commercial ones..

I asked a question to the developer and in a few hours he sent me a very detailed explanation..thank you..
Great extension with lots of possibilities to customize. But as I had a specific wish I contacted Bob, the developper. In spite of this extension being for free he showed himself extremely helpful with making this extenion exactely to fullfill my needs. Excellent five star service for a five star extension.

Thank you Bob !

Posted on 10 June 2013
Yeah ! At last !!!

This is THE extention !

it's easy, no bug, and... there is a french version !!! Oh Yeah !! :)
TopCloud is an extension which is extremely easy to install and configure. The configuration options are very good "out of the box" as it is and suits for most users as such.

I wanted to be able to use phrases as "single keywords" in the cloud in such a manner that phrase would appear as a single link in cloud instead of being multiple separate words. I also wanted this extension to hide keywords which are not used on public articles as long as user has not logged in (or doesn't have privileges to see those articles).

I contacted the owner of the extension and I got feedback very fast. After changing few emails the owner had included extended functionality to fulfill my needs for the extension in new version of the extension (branch? no knowledge will the functionality be in public version of the extension). After the modifications were added the extensions was exactly what I wanted from it.

The customer support was very swift and professional, and went beyond my expectations. I recommend this extension to anyone.
Very configurable indeed, unfortunately a few tag modules I tested just showed nothing, this was one of them. Others worked fine on my site so my choice was made by which module worked out-of-the-box. I chose the simple tags or the old zaragoza cloud module in the end and not this one.
Owner's reply: As you say this is a configurable product.
It puzzles me that you would value items which gave you no choices. Why would you want something that only represents someone elses priorities.

Having said that the configuration options are fairly straight forward. As you youself say very configurable.
A very nice module to display tags from site content.

Very simple to install.

GREAT support if you encounter any difficulties!

Support for me is key when selecting an extension.


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Bob Galway
Last updated:
Mar 22 2017
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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