Did you try our free extension TrackTime and you enjoyed it? Why don't you try the pro version, too?

It has some useful features:

★ Extension repository
How many extensions do you have on your computer?
Did you really remember which project is using what and when you have to update?
Save them all on your site and get notifications everytime you have to update something!

★ Single use download link
Why upload your extension to your customer site, when you have an extension repository on your own (see above)?
Just create a disposable link and install that extension using Joomla built-in "Install from URL" feature!

★ Frontend customer access
Grant access to your customers and let them follow your activities.
No more "What did you do today?" calls!

★ Invoices
Tired of manually creating your invoices?
It would be awesome if you can issue invoices starting from the activity you have just saved.
Well, here it is!
By the way, we have deloped invoice plugins, so if you need any custom computation required by your country, let us know!

★ Agenda
What about a nice and fancy calendar to track down your appointments? Editing events is so simple: just drag them around!
By the way, you can add events for payments and incomes, so you'll never forget to call the customer for invoice payment.

★ Correspondence
What about creating your own letterhead and save your own correspondence? Instead of creating a new estimate everytime, you can simply edit a saved one..
Well, now you can!
Using the template system, you can define some templates for your outgoing documents.

★ Reports
Do you want to send all the access information regarding a project?
Do you want to send a summary of the activity done on a project?
Simply click on the button, the report will come out!
Every report is handled using templates: just create your custom HTML and inject the tokens, TrackTime will do the rest.

★ Remote log (experimental)
Simply install the Remote Track plugin on the customer site, set it up and then it will do the rest!
Everytime you logoff, Remote Track will submit the time spent on with your customer, for an easy and fast tracking

★ Frontend acces
You asked for it, we added it.
Now your co-workers can submit their activities from frontend, too

I first tried the free version to try on my testserver, because my brand-new website I made was with Joomla 3.1.5. I was suprised what this component did, Just what I was looking for. Only problem was that I had rebuild my website to 2.5 instead of 3.1.5. Well, it was worth the extra work to rebuild my website, because my first client who uses it loves it! So its not only convenient for me, but it also reduces the phonecalls from clients who want a update of their project. I can realy advice this component to every one that wants to run a transparant bussiness.
I bought this extension when it was brand new and was unsure how I liked it. But now after many updates and direct contact with Davide the developer I am confident that this is an excellent extension that will only get better. The developer is very responsive and helpful which makes any extension better.

It has access credential management that allows me to send my client a pdf. It tracks the time I spend on client sites with a plugin and has many features I haven't even used yet. My team can login and see their tasks and my managers can see all the tasks. So far it is exactly what I needed.

It is geared towards Europe right now or at least countries with a VAT al bit now but I'm sure an update for that is in the works.

For the most part you can be up and running right out of the box so to speak but the extension is very powerful so there is a bit of a learning curve but I am glad I put in the time. Now instead of searching my Gmail I have everything in one spot inside my Joomla! site.

I am really happy with the extensions manager though I have just started using it. No more fielding questions from team members about which extension to use where and for what. Awesome!

Thanks Davide great work! Keep the features coming.

Terry Arthur


The eclectic Easel

Very Useful

Posted on 08 January 2013
Very Useful component. It's a time saver for me. Had some problems. Developer quick response solve my problem.

I recommend this to everyone who is working with customers and developing many Joomla sites.
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TrackTime PRO

Davide Tampellini
Last updated:
Sep 18 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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