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TW Pinterest Sidebar displays a Pinterest widget on your websites to help bring your exciting Pinterest content on your website through a sidebar widget.

The TW Pinterest Sidebar is a simple and elegant way to showcase your Pinterest account without taking up too much space on your website. It keeps your website free of busy, visual noise. TW Pinterest Sidebar has a unique design. A Pinterest icon is displayed off to the side of your website as a clean and simple widget display. Once a website visitor hovers over the pinterest icon, the slider widget pops up to display your carefully curated pinterest feed.

Display your gorgeously collected Pinterest account in an unobtrusive way with the TW Pinterest Sidebar. Website guests will get a quick view of your pinterest feed and can easily see what you’ve pinned on Pinterest.

A Unique way to display your Pinterest feed

● Easy to use prebuilt Pinterest widget - At first glance, the TW Pinterest Sidebar is simply the pinterest icon displayed as a sidebar widget on your website. Perfect for those who want to keep their home page clean and uncluttered.
● Unique pop out display - Your website guest can choose to view your pinterest feed by hovering over the Pinterest icon. The TW Pinterest Sidebar pops out to display your pinterest feed.

Download the TW Pinterest Sidebar now to improve your website engagement:

● Increase product awareness by displaying your Pinterest pins with the help of the TW Pinterest Sidebar.
● Encourage user engagement and increase avenues for social interaction by letting your website visitors find, save, and share your pretty pins on Pinterest.
● Discover what your audience loves by encouraging them to visit your pinterest account and check out your pinterest collections of products and favourite pins.
● Increase your social media visibility by showcasing your Pinterest feed with the help of the an uncomplicated and straightforward TW Pinterest Sidebar.
● The lifespan of a Pinterest pin is 1 week compared to a tweet which only lasts 24 minutes or a facebook post which only lasts 90 minutes. You can boost your pinterest account traffic by displaying and increase your pinterest followers by displaying your Pinterest feed across platforms. With the TW Pinterest Sidebar, you can increase the traffic going to your pinterest account.

The key features of the TW Pinterest Sidebar

The TW Pinterest Sidebar features a simple Pinterest icon which is perfect for an uncluttered website display.
The TW Pinterest Sidebar lets you feature your lovely Pinterest feed but keeps your homepage clean and elegant. Website visitors would have the option to view your pinterest collection if they wish to check out your pinterest account at their discretion by hovering over the Pinterest icon.
Your pinterest feed pops up as a display which visitors can choose to visit and follow should they choose to do so. This leaves your website free of your pinterest activities.

TW Twitter Sidebar

TW Twitter Sidebar

By Phillip Nikola
Social Display
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TW Pinterest Sidebar

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