Download Twitter Slider Widget to connect your website visitors with your Twitter account. This multi Twitter module easily displays the latest tweets and Twitter activity. Even better, Twitter Slider Widget comes with a simple installation process. After downloading our Twitter sidebar, just add your Twitter user account name for instant access to your Twitter account. Once the Twitter Slider Widget installation process is completed, a Twitter sidebar will be placed on your web page, displaying up to the minute Twitter activity including tweets and Twitter news updates. Choose Twitter Slider Widget today for all of your website, Twitter, and social media needs.

Choose Our Sidebar Twitter Widget Now

Twitter Slider Widget comes with a full range of customizable options to choose from. Twitter Slider Widget provides the option to choose from a dark or light Twitter Widget theme, in addition to the option to load or remove jqueries.

Furthermore, downloading our Twitter sidebar for your website comes with a full range of benefits to website administrators, designers, users, and Twitter followers, including:

  • The ability to display Twitter tweets from a single or multiple Twitter accounts. Our multiuser and single Twitter account options provide simple solutions for maintaining and displaying Twitter communications.
  • Micro blog with easy and gain new Twitter followers with this free Twitter widget. Twitter is a micro blogging platform that allows the entire world to see your Twitter communications and activities. By downloading Twitter Slider Widget your website visitors will gain immediate access to your Twitter account and tweets, without having to leave your website or webpage.
  • Use Twitter Slider Widget to network and gain Twitter followers. This Twitter sidebar module can be used to alert website visitors and Twitter followers about job opportunities, and job searches, just by viewing a tweet from your Twitter account.
  • Twitter Slider Widget provides an easy way to display Twitter news updates. Use Twitter Slider Widget as a newsfeed for your website. All Twitter account activities can be easily displayed from this simple Twitter widget.
  • Unite your Twitter followers and website visitors. This Twitter sidebar allows your website visitors to not only connect with your Twitter account, Twitter Slider Widget also allows website visitors to view your Twitter followers. By doing so, your Twitter followers and website visitors become connected and you can use this Twitter widget to arrange meetings, conferences and other communications with Twitter followers and website visitors.
  • Twitter Slider Widget comes with easy to use search options that allow you to use Twitter to locate information about world news and entertainment. Use this Twitter sidebar to access and distribute relevant information.
  • Display your Twitter favorites for your website visitors to see. With just one simple click all of your Twitter favorites can be displayed via this Twitter widget slider.
  • Twitter Slider Widget is an exceptional Twitter joomla extension that is compatible with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari.
Twitter slider widget is exactly what I searched for. It looks incredible and has couple of helpful varieties.
Ease of use
Easy setup and works smoothly.
Awesome! I had issues with the extension in the format I utilized. Support helped me and portrayed a working arragement.
Easy to find what you are looking for.
I used this to: To display recent Twitter tweets and other activities on the website directly.
I needed a twitter widget that functioned in a modern fashion - something sleek. One of the best twitter widgets i've used.
Ease of use
I've found this twitter widget to be one of the easier ones on the JED. There are clunky twitter widgets out there, but this one isn't one!
The twitter widget was easy to use, so no support needed.
Documentation for setting up the twitter widget was easy to follow. Last twitter widget I downloaded on Wordpress could use these docs lol
I used this to: As you can see, I'm a web designer and use all sorts of social widgets on this site and wordpress. I prefer to use Twitter widgets, or Facebook widgets as sliders. The easy mod look is appealing. Nice work on this twitter widget and thanks for making it free!!

Doesn't work / No Support

Posted on 01 August 2014
It appears pretty simple and a well designed widget.

Unfortunately the installation is the only thing that worked. Can't get slider to appear. Tried to use their support area but that doesn't work either.

So you're on your own to get this working. Hopefully you can because it looks nice in theory.
The extension is great but I faced some problems to make it work properly.

I installed it on Joomla 3.1 and had to define manually the DS constant:


Then I had to specify manually in the code the top css style since there is not a parameter in settings with name "twitter_top" and the plugin is not visible.


Posted on 22 October 2013
Good Extension with effective features..Excellent work done by Developer.


Posted on 21 October 2013
The world just got even smaller with this gadget, Im able to get all news updates anytime all the time. And I love that I can conference tweet. Awesome!

Very nice extension

Posted on 03 October 2013
This is a very nice extension. Very User Friendly. Many thanks to developer.
This is a great extension. it is very "Easy to Use". I have an extension before for Twitter but it is not users friendly but this one is the best. It can be used in all popular web browser. Thanks to developer and keep up the good work.

Amazing Widget

Posted on 12 September 2013
This Twitter Slide Widget is amazing! it has everything you need in one. If you are a Twitter fanatic this is the best component for you. You can tweet with friends as usual, getting the latest news, entertainment and you can even look for a job while using this module/component. One great thing as well is that you can use it to any web browser like safari, IE, chrome, fire fox.
Facebook Like Box Widget

Facebook Like Box Widget

By Vladimir Korush
Social Display
It is natural that you need to manage your Facebook pages to extend your online business. It is also important that you have to maintain your Facebook fans and pages. In order to maintain your Facebook fans and concerns, we have made joomla module to extend helping hand for you. You can easily maintain Facebook fan pages on your joomla website using by our Facebook Like Box Widget Module. It is...

Twitter Slider Widget

Vladimir Korush
Last updated:
Jul 27 2017
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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