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TZ Livid is a simple responsive Joomla extension. It displays image and youtube video of TZ Portfolio in a fullscreen lightbox.

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Required extension: TZ Portfolio

TZ Portfolio TZ Portfolio

TZ Portfolio

By TemPlaza
All you need for a Portfolio here. TZ Portfolio+ is an open source advanced portfolio extension for Joomla! It provides a perfect solution for your portfolio project. More than a portfolio when you extend your portfolio with huge Addon system. With our templates you have many choice for design your project. Furthermore, It's a SAAS, that's mean you can install addons/templates with 1-Click. Warmup...
TZ News Pro TZ News Pro

TZ News Pro

By TemPlaza
Articles Display
TZ New Pro is a module which supports TZ Portfolio Component. In addition, this module also supports Joomla Content to display all contents of article in one or more categories. That’s why users can arrange to show articles with ascending or descending according to created date, title, and ordering....
TZ Multipurpose TZ Multipurpose

TZ Multipurpose

By TemPlaza
As a Joomla lover and a Joomla-based website designer, we are sure that you would be interested in creating a perfectly beautiful website with many purposes. Welcome you to our TZ Multi-Purpose. With the hope to help users have an opportunity to design a multi-purpose website, TZ Multi-Purpose is released. TZ Multi-Purpose is a Joomla extension and available for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3. Coming t...
TZ Guard TZ Guard

TZ Guard

By TemPlaza
Site Security
This is a simple plugin which will help you to security your site. The administrator will be protected by a security code. Furthermore you can define a blacklist IP to refuse connection from spam ip and block the BOT system to access your site....
TZ Guestbook TZ Guestbook

TZ Guestbook

By TemPlaza
Guest Book
TZ Guestbook is a simple guest book with responsive style. TZ Guestbook adapts to the device on which it’s displayed. Let us imagine a wall of time where we store memories over the years. Don't waste your time anymore, let's try TZ Guestbook today! Features: Responsive Design Multiple Guestbook Ajax submit form Loading page with Infinite Scroll Moderation Approved Email notification Captcha i...
TZ Pinboard TZ Pinboard

TZ Pinboard

By TemPlaza
Classified Ads
You are looking for an Advertising Joomla Extension for Joomla? You are a fan of Pinterest and you are interested in the features of this website? Now, we're proud to introduce to you TZ Pinboard. This package is a Joomla Extension taking after the features of Pinterest. TZ Pinboard inherits almost every features of Pinterest such as Add pin, Upload pin, Board Manerger, Like, Follow,Comment,etc)...
TZ Plus Gallery Pro TZ Plus Gallery Pro
Paid download

TZ Plus Gallery Pro

By TemPlaza
TZ Plus Gallery is a Joomla Extension that displays all your albums from social source Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Google+ on your site. You can post your photos every where, every time from your mobile device to Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Google+. It will auto added on your website. Features: Responsive Design Easy to integration with Joomla Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram support D...
TZ Search TZ Search

TZ Search

By TemPlaza
Site Search
TZ Search is a simple Joomla module which inherits all current functions of mod_search, in addition, we develop filter dropdown feature. Features: Inherits all current functions of mod_search Search for All words, Any words, Exact Phrase Order by Newest First, Oldest First, Most Popular, Alphabetical, Category Search with Joomla search plugin....
TZ Google Map TZ Google Map

TZ Google Map

By TemPlaza
Maps & Locations
TZ Google Maps is a simple module which supports a lot of feature for Google Map as display list address, input location image, configure map color, configure height, zoom and drag....

TZ Livid

Last updated:
Dec 24 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System