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The U Default Picture plugin is filling empty images fields with a fail-back image straight in the database at onContentBeforeSave event:
- If the article's category have a defined image the that image image is used as fail-back image in article's images fields.
- If the article's category does not have a fail-back image, a global, site-wide image is used as fallback image in article's images fields.
And the fail-safe images fields settings from above can be combined or used separately, for Intro Image and Full Article Image, according with the quite self explanatory plugin settings.

You know what is happening when missing images brake your templates layout. The modules that build your homepage are not having a fail-back image and you end up with broken blocks.
Joomla! repository have a few plugins that fill empty article's images with fail-back images. But those are set up at onContentBeforeDisplay event. If the module is set to not call this event then those plugins are not instantiated becoming useless.

add default or fallback images for articles . if a article has no intro / full image, a default image is used.
Ease of use
install, enable plugin. define image and way of process. thats all there is
no need for support. it works out of the box. interface is clear, logical. so i dont expact any support needed
i have not check if documentation is available. but not needed. it does what it should do, easy as that
I used this to: sites with several users creating content. the often forget to add intro images. makes the frontend not nice. this way blog views multi colom always looks the same, same height , titles in line etc.
some feature request mailed to the developer to extend the features.

U Default Picture

Mircea Rusu
Last updated:
Nov 16 2022
4 months ago
Date added:
Nov 15 2022
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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