Unifaun Transport Management for Virtuemart


A VirtueMart plugin for Unifaun (and PostNord)

This plugin for VirtueMart 3 enables your VirtueMart store to have an active integration with Unifaun Online (and PostNord Online). This means all orders automatically goes directly to Unifaun services and system so you very quickly can ship the product. You can use a normal printer with special sticky paper and print out shipment labels in seconds. This really makes it easy to take care of the shipment process for you webshop.

This plugin is a Joomla plugin that is compatible with Joomla 3.x and VirtueMart 3.x.


What is Unifaun and how can it help you?
As a shipper you usually have a lot of transport related information to handle. It is information such as contacts to carriers, different addresses, customer accounts, and follow up on shipments and much more. With Unifaun’s TM-systems you can fast, easy and efficiently handle everything concerning your shipments, all in one systems.

What is TM?
TM stands for Transport Management and a TM-system is thus a transport management system. In its most simple form it is an information hub between you and the carrier. You fill in your transport information and book your shipment whereas the carrier replies with status updates and other information regarding the shipment. It is not more complicated than that.

Why is this good for me?
If you’ve never used a TM-system you will quickly discover just how much value the service provides. Through a TM-system you will gain control, overview and efficiency regarding your transports. When logged in to the service and book your shipments, print freight documents, follow up on shipment statuses, analyze statistics etc. There are over 100 carriers connected to our service and new ones are continuously connected. In other words, you can use Unifaun’s TM-system to handle all of your shipments, regardless of which carriers your use.

When using our TM-systems, the following functionality is always included:

Book shipment
A TM-system is in it’s core a service to book shipments. In Unifaun’s TM-systems you can easily and safely book your shipments with +100 connected carriers.

Address book
In Unifaun’s TM-systems you have always got access to an address book where you can save your consignee addresses as well as your consignor addresses. The address book ensures that you do not have to type in your addresses every time you book a shipment.

Templates let you adapt your booking page so that your recurring information is pre-set. You can create as many templates as you like and can in that way have ready-made templates for different types of shipments. As an example, many of our users have chosen to have their consignor address, account number and transport service pre-set.

Unifauns TM-systems always send correct EDI to your carrier. EDI is short for Electronic Data Interchange and is the industry standard for how information is sent to and from carriers. Correct EDI ensures that your carrier gets all necessary information regarding your shipments in a correct and safe way.

Freight documents
You can easily pint all of your necessary freight documents from Unifaun’s TM-systems. And don’t worry if you lose a document or have forgotten to refill the printer with paper, you are allowed to print the documents as many times as you like.

Follow up and History
There are many possibilities for follow up in Unifaun’s TM-systems: Statistics, status reports, KPI’s etc. All for you to be able to get the follow up that you require. More advanced follow up tools may be available as additionals but standardized follow up is always available for you. In addition to the status follow up, Unifaun’s TM-systems also grants you access to historical shipments which means that you can follow up on your previous shipments.

Support is free of charge when you use Unifaun’s TM-systems. Our customer service is well known for their competence and you reach them by phone or e-mail on workdays between 8AM-5PM CET

Cloud service
Unifaun’s TM-systems are cloud services (or Software as a service, SaaS) which means that you don’t have to download or install anything on your computer. You can access the service from any computer and the TM-system requires no space on your computer. The fact that our TM-systems are cloud services also means that you never have to update the service, this is something we do on a regular basis and you automatically gain access to the latest updates and functionalities.

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Unifaun Transport Management for Virtuemart

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