UPLM: Universal Product Listing Manager, The perfect joomla product catalog component.

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If you need to display your products on your Joomla! site, without having to put them on sale, The Universal Product Listing Manager component is for you. This component allows you to manage all your products and list them to your site without having to use a complex shopping cart system like Virtuemart, HikaShop, RedShop ....

Universal Product Listing Manager allows you to manage your products and classify them into categories and subcategories with great simplicity and very pleasant presentation styles .
Universal Product Listing Manager includes the following features:

A category manager allows you to add / edit / delete product categories on the site. You will be able to create nested categories with the ability to define the access level of each.
A product manager will allow you to add / modify / delete product. You will be able to define the description of each product, adding a photo gallery with a main picture, price, features ....
A templating system that lets you change the layout and design of your products.
Multiple views are available which allows you to display your products in lists, blog, home page or table.

New features
Attributes group and attributes manager
Manufacturers manager
Stock statuses manager
Product views Statistic
and most importantly, the new system reviews. Your visitors can add comments
All these new features are there to provide you a better flexibility to manage your product catalog

And more ..

Universal AjaxChat

Universal AjaxChat

Paid download | Chat | Daoua Lotfi
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Universal AjaxChat is a Joomla1.5/joomla2.5 and Joomla3 Chat component. This component has been developed to be fast, efficient and secure fully compatible with every joomla authentication systems such as Community Builder, joomsocial, EasySocial ... Universal AjaxChat is perfect for community sites, radio sites, online TV sites, and sites of companies where they need a powerful chat tools secure, fast, easy to use and to be customized by non-developers Key features: * Easy Installation * Multiple Chat rooms * Private messaging between members * Invitation System * Ability to ban users * List of online users with user menu * Managing Emoticons / Smilies * An easy way to add custom emoticons from administration * BBCode * The clickable links * Splitting long texts to preserve the appearance of the cat * Fight against the Flood * Possibility to delete messages inside the chat * Simple interface with ability to add custom commands for admins * Ability to enable / disable the invitation of users * Possibility of access for non-members * Multilingual 22 languages (auto-detecting the browser configuration) * Several styles * Chat window to fit browser window with included styles * Customizing Easy layout with style sheets (CSS) and template system * Compliant (XHTML 1.0 strict) * Accepts any input text, including code and special characters * Saving bandwidth * Compatible with all existing authentication systems: Joomla, Community Builder, Jomsocial, Joomunity .... * A highly secure, developed to prevent code injection, SQL injection, Cross-site scripting (XSS), flights and other attacks Sessions * Tested successfully with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Konqueror - designed to work with all modern browsers Requirements: Server side: * PHP> = 5 * MySQL> = 4 Client side: * Enable JavaScript * Cookies enabled For Changelog and more informations Please visit our blog site
c m


Paid download | Polls | Daoua Lotfi
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ElectionPro, the online electoral management system for Joomla! 3 CMS. ElectionPro3 is intended for the organization of elections in small scale (a few thousand voters). It can be used to manage online election in associations administrative offices, academic delegate’s elections, or any other similar institution. The basic concepts are the same as in a traditional election electronic voting. All information necessary for elections organization are recorded via the component administration, this interface is accessible only accessible by the organizer of the elections. ElectionPro features: 1. With ElectionPro you can manage elections on individual candidates or lists. 2. Record information’s about candidates or lists. 3. Assign candidates to the lists, set the date and time of opening and closing of the votes. 4. Collect information on voters (each voter is identified by a user name, e-mail address and password). 5. An import tool of voters list from a csv file is available with the possibility to automatically generate passwords. The voter will receive a password by e-mail. 6. Each voter can vote from the front part of the site once after identification. 7. Showing results Elections percentage for each list or for each candidate


Daoua Lotfi
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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