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“Uplo“ module offer a flexible, powerful and yet simple way to upload, users documents, images etc. which can to support legal, translators offices and many others business, where is demanded a substantial volume of users documents or other big data for submitting. “Uplo“ module implemented using both the classic Ajax technology, and for heavy duty use cutting edge technology the “Webworkers“. Offer a flexible & rich back end, which allow hi level of customization to cover almost anybody demands.

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This release is an major release, where added many new features and as an indicative of changes take place is the code size which is more than doubled.
From previous “Uplo“ module version, as an plain, straightforward, robust solution, keeps almost all.

A major new feature is introducing of conception of Virtual folders / Sections to solve many of problems that arises in practice. Many users ask for some sort of classification and standardization of uploads at the source (when going to upload) and also for some kind further, or state ready, integration with various business plans - separate and heavy tasks. What about to unify them in one complete solution, keeping the module approach for implementation simplicity.

A most successful, complete solution seems to provide innovative conception of Virtual folders / Sections with many other, from side effect, benefits.

An other conception is the Virtual simultaneous switching, as successful complement to conception of Virtual folders / Sections system, where users can simultaneously upload documents into multiple virtual folders / sections in the same “Uplo“ module. Which solve many problems of classification and standardization of uploads at the source.

Recognizing the fact, that costumers uploaded documents are the most valuable assets of any kind business, was implemented multi layer security structure.
Especially for registered users, special care was taken about of security of uploads at the infrastructure level.

These innovative solutions presenting “Uplo“ module as a complete application where with minimal effort can to integrate with any business plan.

“Uplo“ module comes with 3 predefined styles: Default template - a classic upload panel suitable as central page theme. Minimal template - a minimalist design for more discrete use. Styled template - get an different look of “Uplo“ module.


  • Send user uploads directly to a mail address, defined from back-end, as for the images in original or thumbs.
  • Re-size upload images on the fly, before uploading, on desired size, defined from back-end.
  • Defining separately upload and final destination paths. To implement, if needed, further processing and sanitizing you need.
  • Filtering uploads by size, type and max files number per upload.
  • Allow uploading, if requested, only to registered users.
  • CSS, HTML5 and pure JavaScript.
  • Uses drag and drop area, or files select button. For more styling can to eliminate the select button and use drag and drop area.
  • Easy CSS styling at your own desire. Already 3 templates included.
  • No additional JavaScript library needed.
  • For heavy duty use, uses cutting edge technology the “Webworkers“.
  • Improved uploads manipulation speed, since the disk operations are minimized to absolutely necessary.
  • Ability to operate of created Virtual folders / Sections system, separately of “Uplo“ module, presence.
  • Natural way to include old data, previously collected users uploads to Virtual folders / Sections system.
  • Watermark features are covered in detail, with separate tab to provide testing functionality of the final watermark results. Also, provide functionality to adopt the old, previously collected users uploads.
  • Additional security layer, if needed, to coding file names. And / or to put the uploaded documents behind the site root.
  • Use of a script as one single point for all communications with the uploaded documents from all modules and for all Virtual folders / Sections. That way you are free from mess of various paths, permissions etc.. Also contribute, decisively, to uploads security (by allowing to turn folders permissions to 0700).
Ease of use
non understandable jungle of unreadable misspelled english, and loads of this kind of completely incoherent text in the backend.unpractical
Value for money
No value for the money. Worst purchase we made in years . This should not be costing money as it appears to be someones experiment
I used this to: Was not helpful to us.
Owner's reply: Dear Martin, Uplo extension is accompanied by documentation and exclusive demo page.

You obviously read the misspelled documentation and ran the demo page where you don't found functionality you wanted (some extra fields to add extra questions – as you set), which, of course, is not listed anywhere in documentation or in demo page, simply, because does not exist.

However, despite of misspelled documentation and missed functionality, you bought it.

So, why you bought it, I'll don't guess, – with such problems as you reported in your review – which looks somewhat as revenge review – mainly because I respond to your letter immediately and in detail, pointing the same facts as I do here.

So, fact is that you bought it, and now request functionality that not exists in original Uplo extension.

So, seeking how to solve that issue in productive way and always in good faith and in spirit of positive mindset and productive outcome, allow me, to make an exclusive offer to you, to solve in best way that issue:

I'll create feature you want or any other functionality you want, with styling we agreed, at low rate of 300euro per day (7 hours), exclusively for you to got the functionality you dreamed.

So, if you are ok, I'll be happy to do that for you.

Best Regards, Dmitry Vadis.
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Aug 11 2016
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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