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This software provides United States Postal Service (USPS®) shipping rate integration with Virtuemart shopping cart based on the weight of the products in a customer's cart. If USPS Flat Rate shipping is enabled products will be packaged using length, width, and height of products in the cart when providing Flat Rate shipping rates.


  • 5/25/2021 UPDATE Supports USPS API UPDATES FOR JUNE 24, 2021 - HTTPS Required
  • The USPS Shipping plugin v6.11 supports USPS Domestic API v4 and USPS International API v2 using cURL.
  • Works in Joomla! 3.x with Virtuemart 3.x
  • NEW! Integration with Joomla! Update System for quick software updates.
  • Smart Flat Rate Box & Envelope option This feature checks that the dimensions of all products fit into the flat rate box or envelope. If the products do not fit the flat rate box or envelope option will not be available. This option will only work if dimensions (width, length, height) are added to the products. Also the flat rate shipping methods must be ordered from smallest to largest to exclude larger sized flat rate containers if they already fit into a smaller container. The packing process uses the Largest Area First Fit algorithm to determine if the products will fit into the flat rate container.
  • Multiple shipment boxes are supported by breaking the maximum shipment box weight on USPS's maximum box weight. Therefore the plugin supports cart weights greater than 70lbs. Individual product weights can not exceed 70lbs.
  • Inclusion and restriction rules to limit shipping methods by Virtuemart product categories.
  • 32 US Domestic shipping options and 20 International options.
  • Automatically update shipping cost for the selected USPS shipping method when the cart is modified.
  • Supports Virtuemart's ability to auto select the shipping method during checkout if only one shipping service is available.
  • Ability to limit specific USPS shipping options based on country, zipcode ranges, order amount, product categories or shopper groups. These options allow Free Shipping capability for certain orders.
  • Add percentage or flat dollar handling fee for each USPS shipping method. For example, USPS Priority Mail could have a 5% handling fee while USPS Priority Mail Express could have a 7% handling fee. The percentage handling fee can be based on the shipping method cost or the total cart cost.
  • The use of Virtuemart tax rules for USPS shipping methods.
  • Shipping costs based on product/cart weight and USPS Flat Rate shipping methods also support packing by dimensions when products include length, width and height.
  • Ability to use a proxy server when initiating the web service call to USPS (some hosting environments require the use of a proxy server).

One-time payment to use on all your websites for ever. Subscription provides support and updates for 1 year.

Works perfect every time.
Ease of use
So easy a designer could use it ;)
None needed, like I said it's easy to setup and it works.
Very well documented.
Value for money
Excellent value. One of the cheapest Virtuemart shipping plugins.
I used this to: I have used this on many websites I built and many versions over the years. That's why when I saw a bad review I felt it was necessary to let people know this is a great plugin and a very fair price.
I hated this module. It did not work. It was hard to program.
Ease of use
The directions did not make sense. The directions were not well written.
The support was worthless. I emailed them several times. it took days to get back with them, and when they did I still accomplished not h
I have all the documentation in the email. I ask for my money back because I could not get the program to work. The support was not there.
Value for money
I paid a lot of money for something that didn't work. Then I ask for a return and didn't get it. To expensive for something you can't use.
I used this to: My website.
Owner's reply: Brenda,
We just read your review of our USPS plugin and are hoping to resolve any issue you are encountering. We looked in our records for your purchase and can not find one. We also could not find any email correspondence from you. Furthermore we have not had a request for a refund of our products in over 2 years. Please contact us at with your order number and the issue you are experiencing.
Regards, Park Beach Systems.
This plugin is awesome for handling USPS shipping on a Virtuemart site.
Ease of use
Super easy to configure and use.
Incredible support. I had a feature request to have it display Commerical rates as well as retail rates and the developer added it.
Documentation is spot on.
Value for money
Well worth the money and cheaper than the USPS plugin direct from VM.
I used this to: A Joomla 3.3.6/VM 3.0.2 e-commerce site of my own.
Thank you Chuck for answering all of my pre-sales questions.

I am using this extension in conjunction with Rupostel's One Page Check Out and it integrates perfectly. It works great and I especially appreciate the prompt update for the recently released USPS changes.
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USPS Shipping for Virtuemart

Park Beach Systems, Inc
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May 25 2021
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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