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In the free Core :

New : Property type language strings and configuration options.
New : Subscriptions plugin. Monetise hosts who list on your Jomres site.
New : REST API endpoints (API Feature) plugins can be downloaded for free.

  • For hotels, villas and apartments
  • 45 shortcodes
  • 30 plugins
  • Stripe payments
  • Free subscription functionality
  • Free REST API endpoint plugins

Mature, intelligent, secure and powerful. Since 18th of March, 2005 and continuously for 18 years Jomres has been Joomla’s premier online booking engine.

From basic features like secure frontend property management through to powerful developer tools such as it’s built-in REST API and Webhooks functionality, there’s something here for everybody. Whether you looking for a booking engine for a single property site, or a complete portal, Jomres is where it’s at.

🤗 Vanilla Quickstarts, no subscription required. Jomres and Joomla 4, ready to go.

🤗 Stripe payment gateway (each property has it's own settings)
🤗 For both hotels and villas

🤗 100% responsive
🤗 100% Open Source
🤗 Commission free!
🤗 Multi-vendor (property managers)
🤗 Multi-property
🤗 Multi-currency
🤗 Multi-language Jomres Core comes with 37 languages : Arabic, Argentinian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Croat, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English - British, English - Canadian, English - US, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Swedish, Swiss, Thai, Turkish & Ukrainian

🤗 Unlimited property managers
🤗 Unlimited properties
🤗 Unlimited bookings
🤗 Unlimited guests

🤗 Full featured REST API where managers can manage their API keys and tokens.
🤗 Property approval feature for administrators
🤗 Translation functionality where translations of language files, property names, property descriptions, property features, property types, and property amenities can be translated into any language and saved to the database, meaning that translations are not lost when you upgrade Jomres.
🤗 Dashboard for property managers
🤗 Media centre for image uploading
🤗 Calendars
🤗 Email templates
🤗 Detailed invoicing
🤗 Guest dashboard
🤗 All PII is securely encrypted
🤗 35 free plugins available through the Jomres plugin manager, including REST API plugins, messaging system, and Search Form Elements
🤗 40+ shortcodes
🤗 Review functionality
🤗 Fully automatic exchange rate conversion
🤗 Recaptcha
🤗 Property features
🤗 Property types
🤗 For hotels, you can upload images and descriptions for individual rooms. Configure the booking form to allow guests to either book specific rooms, or allow them to select quantities of room types.
🤗 Detailed tariff editing modes

Site hacked?

Posted on 01 May 2024
This is not a review, this is meant to be help and support. If you click "support" or "contact" on their website, then you get a warning
Ease of use
This is not a review, this is meant to be help and support. A click "support" or "contact" directs you to a TELEGRAM link.
This is not a review, this is meant to be help and support. This is not a review, this is meant to be help and support.
This is not a review, this is meant to be help and support. This is not a review, this is meant to be help and support.
I used this to: Since all reviews are checked before posting: I do not expect this review to be published. But maybe you guys of "joomla [dot] org" have an opportunity to contact the developers. This "review" is intenteded to HELP.
Jomres is a superior system. It is very adaptable and can be quickly adapted to special requirements. It does not matter if it is to be used
Ease of use
Jomres covers almost all rentals. So it is possible to create yourself a great website after a short training and reading the documentation.
The developer is personally available and very fast in responding to your questions. If you strugle, he won´t let you down. This is awsome!!
You will get an installation guide, a site Manager guide and a sit Designer and developers guide. With this you have all you need.
I used this to: We use it as an apartment rental. The features are huge and to be honest we probably only use 65-70% of what is possible with it. We can easily recommend Vince as a developer and his component Jomres to everyone here. We use it for more than 8 years now and still love it !!!
A very good functionality which is developed for every need. You are able to run it on any business website.
Ease of use
If you start learning how to use it then you will get the best out of it on a very easy way.
If you need help anytime then you will find very fast help. Vince is getting back very fast and helpint with any solution.
I used this to: a Joomla Website where some clients are renting their properties to other clients.


Posted on 19 June 2022
I'm still investigating, but there is a serious effort. Thank you. For offering such a system for free.
Ease of use
I will write a review as I review it. My review is not finished yet. An elaborate system has been prepared. I think users will solve it with
I will write a review as I review it. My review is not finished yet. An elaborate system has been prepared. I think users will solve it with
I will write a review as I review it. My review is not finished yet. An elaborate system has been prepared. I think users will solve it with
I used this to: I will write a review as I review it. My review is not finished yet. An elaborate system has been prepared. I think users will solve it with some practice.


Posted on 22 March 2022
You can do whatever you want. So many functions that the only real limit is your imagination
Ease of use
Compared to its functionality, it's relatively easy to use. Have in mind that it's not a simple extension, but an extremely complicated one!
Vince is a great guy, providing great support. Always there and willing to help in no time.
Great and valuable. I think that the developer did spend more time in writing the documentation than in building the extension!
I used this to: I use this for a touristic portal. Not ready yet, since there is a lot of work to be done.

Big app

Posted on 11 October 2021
To many functions, all what you need as tools and more
light application good score
Ease of use
Need some effort at start, once in great application to use
too many options , control on every aspect
Great Great fast.............
They are clear and precise.........
Good & clear , some video tutorial , just need some Update for the new functionality to avoid harassing support
I used this to: Web site for renting and synchronisation with other reservation calender on line

Jomres evaluation

Posted on 07 February 2021
It does what is says. I'm a noob without coding knowledge and I manage.
Ease of use
If you can read, you can manage this piece of software. A bit daunting for a newbie. Using the quickstart is very easy.
Thus far I have no complaints. Within a day the dev contacted me.
Together with the video tutorials and docs you can learn how to manage and modify jomres.
I used this to: I use this for a regional accommodation and tourism platform. Spend some time on a test server to hone your skills.


Posted on 08 December 2020
This is the worst apps I ever had a bad experience with since I started using Joomla for decades now.
Ease of use
Too complex, many apps like 100 instead of having one code that assemble all as a package.
Very poor, unable to answer questions straight forward. NO video tutorials.
Lack of users guide, I compared this software with other in the joomla market. I found lot of support, documentation, videos.
I used this to: Travel Agent Web Site. I was unable to use it due to the complexity of the software and lack of support. So I lost my investment i was never refunded.
Owner's reply: This is an odd one. I had a user by this name but the last time they contacted me was 27 June 2017!
Covers almost everything a portal should. Management of reservations, calendar, online booking with update of availability, channel manager
Ease of use
For the end user it is very easy to use. The backend is also good structured and easy to manage
An excelent support team with accurate help all the time. We made the best experiences.
The documentation is clear and easy to understand. You do not have to be a programer.
I used this to: Renting accommodations, cars and selling excursions to international guests.


Posted on 07 October 2020
Everything needed for a booking platform and more.
Flexible, responsive, powerful and feature rich
great software i am very happy with it
Ease of use
Working perfectly out of the box.
It was very easy to install with the quick-start installer.
100% recommended. Very satisfied.
Excellent and prompt support. Vince responded within a few minutes.
The documentation is complete and crystal clear with videos, manuals, etc.
I used this to: As a online booking platform for hotel, villas, apartments and rooms.
Clacks overhead

Clacks overhead

By Vince Wooll
Core Enhancements
This plugin adds X-Clacks-Overhead: GNU Terry Pratchett to the headers of your Joomla website. See for more information. A lot of what travelled on the Grand Trunk was called the Overhead. It was instructions to towers, reports, messages about messages, even chatter between operators, although this was strictly forbidden these...


Vince Wooll
Last updated:
Jul 13 2023
1 year ago
Date added:
Mar 05 2006
GPLv2 or later
Free download
c m p
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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