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TableBooking is a native component for Joomla created to provide a easy method which allows anyone to make a guaranteed table booking at their choice of restaurant within a few steps.

Now your customers can avoid long delays for table booking as our component can instantly book a restaurant table without any hurdle. You also benefit by reducing email and telephone bookings.

TableBooking Features:

  • Reservation Made Easy - a simple booking form with only absolutely necessary fields and two steps to follow is the secret of TableBooking. Our component makes it easy for visitors to reserve a table within a few minutes.

  • Ease of Use in Booking Management - integrated booking calendar, front-end management, visual table layout to easier management

  • Email Notification about Reservation Request - The builtin notification option allows you to configure an email that is automatically sent to you and/or to the client when a new reservation request is done.

This module have all function for restaurants or locals who need table booking function. Full feature and easy convertion of language needed
Ease of use
Easy install and easy configure. Deductive configuration.
Best support. Asked develope some extra info and recived more help then i hoped. Verry fast and well explained.
Documentation well maded for this module, all step explained , also youtube video with step by step installation and configuration
Value for money
For all features, utility, fast support and updates is not alot of money and worth anny time to pay such of good modules
I used this to: I use this module for my restaurant after some other payed booking module and is the best for me

Great Support - 10 Stars

Posted on 13 July 2014
My problem was solved quickly and even on a Sunday. One of the best Extentions which I use.

10 Stars!
I needed a booking module for my website, and have looked at so many without success. TableBooking was the first one that was simple and easy to use.

I am not a web designer and yet I was able to install and customise TableBooking to fit my needs.

Many people expect an extension to be a perfect fit for their website without any adjustments or changes at all. This is totally unreasonable. They are the type to expect everything for free with no regard to the skill of the designer.

TableBooking is as close to ideal as you can get, and I am very impressed with it. I especially impressed by the attention and humility show by Ionut in helping me with some extra tweaks that would not (and should not) be covered by the purchase cost. Awesome service and response.

To any who moan that an extension is not immediately 'perfect' for their own site, I say this; get someone to design it for you and pay them the going rate for their work. They deserve it. Ionut certainly deserves it for this great extension and even better support.

Well done.

PS. Ignore the two poor reviews here, they are obviously not business people.
I purchased the component and found that it did not display correctly with the template I was using. A ticket was submitted, Ionut spotted what the problem was and requested FTP details then sorted the problem out without any hesitation.

His support is excellent and I wish him well with the component, which is actually much better than the description - everything a simple booking system should do and more.

Poor support

Posted on 11 July 2012
I purchased this component, and i just need it for simple booking table for a restaurant. i had a problem with selecting table by customer and i ask the customer service to how to disable it, and they said its impossible!!!

in the settings of component there is a option to do not allow client to choose a table, but actually its skip asking in first step, but in second step will asking client to select table again, and when i asked for that reason and refund, they replay "we don't refund since our product works prefect" instead apology and trying to help their customer.
Owner's reply: Hello aminraid,

First of all here you should write your opinion about our product, not your impression about our support. I don't see in your review anything related with our product features.

Second of all if anyone will read all the others reviews will see that our support is anything else than "poor". We offer the best support for any of our products.

There is a small mistake in your judgement and this is that you think that support = customization. You wanted to customize our product to fit your requirements and we had explain to you that this thing is not possible with a simple click, it will be necessary more work to do this.

If for a simple negative response you will rate a product with 1 star and the support as being poor this should say everything about your judgement.

I hope JED team will soon take actions against these kind of "reviews".

Ionut Lupu

Schedule for Booking

Posted on 26 June 2012
Dear Sir or Madam,

I downloaded the component a few months ago and it is working really good. I have no complaints about it because it is really helpfull and easy to work out.

However, as it is made for restaurants and similar business, I would highly recommend and ask for an update. What I really miss is the following update. I am a spanish native speaker so I will try to explain it as good as I can.

If I were a customer I would not be allowed to book a table at 6:00 pm for example. But if I want to make this happend I cannot cut the schedule between lunch and dinner time so times goes on between 1:30 pm to 23:30 pm without "closing times", so we have to send an email to the customer describing the opening times which should be included in the booking component.

It does not help us with our daily tasks and we would be highly pleased if you could make this happend.

Once more, many thanks for your support. I tried to explain it as clear as possible. If you have any doubt related with my explanation please do not hesitate to answer and ask for a more clearly description.

Many thanks. Your support has always been useful.

Best regards!
As we move to using Joomla 2.5 (and higher) this is currently the ONLY solution for table booking, for use on restaurant websites. This review will be based on **Version 2.0** of the extension.


- Multiple restaurants (at different locations) supported.

- Multiple areas (within a restaurant) supported.

- Automatic notification emails to Restaurant and Guest.

- Back-end calendar: Admin can see all bookings at a glance (in addition to "list view").

- Very simple 2-step availability front-end search engine: Guests can book a table or a number of tables (for larger parties) intuitively and quickly.

- Export to CSV file function: Allows a restaurant to have a print out of bookings ready for reference on Guest's arrival.


- Can't (currently) specify Admin notification email address (except with code hacks).

- Does not (currently) support Joomla's "component heading" i.e. no page title displayed with menu item chosen for component.

- Does not (currently) use own CSS for "date picker" i.e. conflicts with template CSS (unless with custom CSS changes).

- Admin notification email contains confirm/cancel booking links as sent to Guest which may not be needed i.e. should optionally contain those links leaving power to confirm/cancel with Guests.

- No export to PDF bookings report (with filters) option (yet).

All-in-all highly recommended because the developer is receptive to new ideas and feedback surrounding the future of this extension. It's very near-perfect at the moment. Please note that all the Cons presented above are "minor" issues from my testing. I look forward to the next version. Lastly, Beesto support is professional via their top-notch helpdesk.


Posted on 25 October 2011
After purchasing a couple of months ago there were a couple of required additions in order to make this a practical extension for a restaurant to use. For example it would send a booking confirmation to the customer by email but not to the restaurant therefore leaving the restaurant to have to keeping logging in to the component all day to find out if there were any bookings.

After checking this out with Beesto they advised there was an update coming within the month and so I put it on the back burner. Sure enough, a month went by and an update came so I installed and used without any problem.

Only on testing did I see that it did now send the booking information to the restaurant by email which was great but minus the customer name and any comments the customer may have made at booking stage. So you still have to log in to the component to see the booking details.

There are very few table booking options available for Joomla 1.7 and this has the potential to be a really good one. If only they would take on board the customer feedback and not ignore support tickets which go unanswered for days. I'm sure they'd sell more too!
Owner's reply: Hello,

Your rating and review is completely fake and it doesn't show nothing but your own frustration. You wanted a custom product and we are offering TableBooking not "OrangeCube Booking Solution". We are completely open to any suggestions but we cannot offer solutions for each client, we are trying to satisfy the needs of the majority.

Your statements are often contradictory, for example you are suggestind that we are not listening to customer suggestions "If only they would take on board the customer feedback", but in the same time you agree that "After checking this out with Beesto they advised there was an update coming within the month and so I put it on the back burner. Sure enough, a month went by and an update came so I installed and used without any problem."

You stated that "ignore support tickets which go unanswered for days", this is complete untrue. If you are opening a ticket at 21.00 ( 9 PM ) you cannot expect that someone will instantly answer to you. We are trying to help our customers in the best way possible but we cannot answer in a minute. You have received an answer in a few hours and not days how we were falsely accused. Our support is one of the best, the previous review is a proof for my affimations.

"So you still have to log in to the component to see the booking details. " - we thought that when you are using a component it's normal that you are also accessing that component.

I think the point of a review should be to help other persons and explain exactly what from we are offering is working and what is not fully working.

Anyway, thank you for your suggestions, like we also wrote to you in the ticket, we will probably implement some in one future version.

Service on a Sunday

Posted on 02 October 2011
This is excellent service. I had a little glitch with our 1.7 template and tried it on another 1.7 site with a different host where it worked, so I thought the problem is with our host and/or template.

They checked it out in the meantime and came back with an update file and said they reckon the problem is with them.

I tried the update and it works!

All this on a Sunday afternoon.
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