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Among multiplicity of Joomla Video Gallery extensions Huge-IT Video Gallery can be loved by you more than ever. Video gallery can be the best part of your website. If you have a video content, why not to demonstrate them in their best way? Beautifully organized video gallery in a page will give a high status to your site and be pleased by it’s visitors. Our Video Gallery extension has been set to be used in demonstration of your videos on a page using 5 unrepeatable gallery views. The views of video gallery are different, some of them can show only videos, others - videos with textual description, so it’s up to you which video gallery view to use on your page. Videos can be added to the video gallery from two type of most popular video sources Vimeo and YouTube
What does video gallery also have?
Simple usage of video gallery. Once you install Video Gallery extension you will be pleased with it’s user friendly admin.
The ability to add unlimited number of video galleries with unlimited number of videos in each gallery
Write title and description to videos of video gallery, textual description and URL for each video, added in video gallery.
Widget Integration of video gallery. Besides pages and posts, you can also use video gallery as a widget. Turning on Video Gallery from your widget area, put video gallery on sidebar or wherever it looks good for you.
All these abilities of video gallery extension you can test using the Lite version of the Video Gallery extension made by Huge-IT.

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Five Views Options of Video Gallery
These types of video gallery are free, and you can use any of them to demonstrate your video gallery in 5 different ways.
Gallery/Content-Popup - Video Gallery. This view is called content popup, because it opens content in lightbox. The gallery view includes the Video with textual description title and “view more” button for external URL. All these information is placed in popup which opens on a click of the video thumbnail. You can slide to the next video from your gallery from popup options.
Content Slider - Video Gallery. Show your videos in a slider which slides your videos with textual description, title and “view more” button next to it. This gallery view will look great on the footer.
Lightbox - Video Gallery. Nicely arranged video thumbnails without any textual description, only title and video which opens in Lightbox as you click on it. “view more” button is on the title of the video, once the title is clicked you go in external page, which is given in URL field of the video. Clicking on video itself will open a large lightbox gallery with the video inside, you can slide through all video gallery videos inside the lightbox without closing it.
Slider - Video Gallery. Slider will slide all video gallery videos in a beautiful slider with many effects, no text only videos. Options for this gallery view are: width height of the slider, effect, speed of sliding speed of effect, hover stopping feature and positioning.
Thumbnails - Video Gallery. Videos in video gallery thumbnails view are organized beautifully in similar sized containers, with hover effect, hover a mouse brings the title of the video and ‘view video” button, clicking on the button will open a large lightbox gallery with the video, you can slide through all video gallery videos inside the lightbox without closing it.
2. Mobile responsiveness. Video Gallery extension is resizable for different devices, with different sizes.
**3. Infinity video links in a single video gallery. Create a video gallery and add as many videos to your gallery as you wish.
**4. Infinity number of Galleries in one page. As you created a number of video gallery, you can add as many video gallery shortcodes in your page, as you need.
**5. Youtube / Vimeo Videos. Video gallery can be used with two most popular video websites, link Youtube and Vimeo. simply copy the link and add it to the video gallery will bring the video in it.
**6. Free Lightbox Tool. Lightbox is one of the most important part of the video gallery extension. You can use Lightbox gallery with some of the video gallery view. Lightbox gallery makes usage of Video Gallery easier and more beautiful. Clicking on thumbnail of the video gallery item, open the video in large lightbox gallery to watch the video.
**7. Title & Description In Video Gallery. Important possibility to add title and description to each video in video gallery. Description can be seen not in all gallery views, but some of them has a place for it. Video gallery accomplished with title and description looks rich and no need to add text separately next to the video gallery.
**8. External URL Links on Video Gallery. Each video within video gallery can be accomplished with another URL Link. Using ‘view More” button you can direct your visitors from video gallery page to another page, may be more detailed page of the certain video.
**Insertion of video gallery into a page/article

Video Gallery uses a shortcode which you need to insert into the article. Each video gallery has its own unical shortcode. You can insert several shortcodes of video gallery into one page, and demonstrate multiple video galleries.
Don’t use the same view gallery shortcode in the same page!
For more information about Video gallery, feel free to ask our support on

Video Gallery User Manual

Part 1. Adding process of Huge-IT Video Gallery Extension

In order to install Video Gallery extension, go: Extensions > extensions manager > choose the gallery zip file > upload and install

1.1 Create Component

Menu > main menu> choose one of your menu items> select our extension as menu item type>choose catalog from the list of created video galleries

**1.2 Create Article with Video Gallery plugin **

Extensions > Plugins > find our Video Gallery extension > and activate the gallery
Now you can use it as article item

Part 2 Usage of Video Gallery Module

Module of this extension is made to facilitate the process of using the gallery plugin within page. You can: place the gallery in different positions within page, choose in which pages to display or not.

2.1 How to install module zip file

Extensions > Module Manager > Activate Huge-IT Video Gallery > Choose video gallery and Position within specific theme (on right panel) > Menu assignment > Choose where to display the gallery

Part 3. How to Insert Created Video Gallery

Menu > Main Menu > “page” > Select >choose our Video Gallery > Save

Part 4. Free version options of Video Gallery Extension

Components > Video Gallery > My First Gallery
On the admin page of the Video Gallery extension give you 5 ways to demonstrate the videos:
Content Slider.
Lightbox Gallery.
Slider. Slider view provides current options:
Width & height of the slider, effect, speed of sliding & speed of effect, hover stopping feature and positioning of the gallery.
Easy drag & drop function to change the order of gallery projects.
Add into article/page/template.

Video Gallery Lite

Posted on 21 March 2018
Les fonctionnalités sont nombreuses et la galerie est responsive.
Ease of use
Très facile d'utilisation.
Le support est très réactif.
La documentation est très complète.

Perfect extension

Posted on 20 March 2018
many many options.
Ease of use
Admin very primitive

Good extension

Posted on 14 March 2018
Easy create video gallery with vimeo and youtube videos.
Ease of use
No need documentations. Understanding


Posted on 05 March 2018
The best functionality for a video gallery extension
Ease of use
Very understanding
I used this to: For video portal
It looks OK. But it wouldn't allow me to change or add a video. And any useful option was disabled (can't save)
Ease of use
I used this to: Nothing - it's unusable unless you buy.

Great extension

Posted on 18 February 2018
Have many good functionality.
Ease of use
Easy for every user
Very fast
I used this to: The best video gallery extension
works on desktop, video are display in two column. when view on mobile, it is not responsive. i.e. can't see 2nd column
Ease of use
easy to add video and text. straight forward.
respond are fast but ask to provide ftp and admin access to user website; which are not necessary to troubleshoot such issue. no fix release
no info on troubleshooting on mobile. general screenshot and brief explanation of available functions.
I used this to: video gallery evaluation to identify the best video gallery available on joomla extensions directory.


Posted on 18 May 2017
I used this to: 1.1.3 multi site

Very dissatisfied

Posted on 07 March 2017
on line chat told me that I could display videos from my google drive. Didn't work
Ease of use
Apparently, this system won't allow me to give it a zero. Support was worthless. I even had to answer the same question multiple times
Couldn't find it
I used this to: I have a collection of video on my google drive. I would have used this to display those. Since it doesn't work, I am uninstalling the extension
Owner's reply: Hello Jay,
Thank you for your review. We are really sorry for the bad experience you have faced. During the conversation we kindly mentioned that Video Gallery extension does not provide the option to add videos from Google Drive, we informed you that you may add videos from YouTube and Vimeo only. We also suggested you another solution that is to add your videos YouTube/Vimeo then insert the link into Video Gallery extension. We eager to help you and make compensation somehow. In this case we are not sure of this rather negative and bad review. The documentation is available on our website on Video Gallery page. Here is the link to it -

We will be more than glad to assist you further.

I dont get any answer?

Posted on 28 July 2016
hello i install it but the support dont get any answer?????
Ease of use
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Video Gallery Lite

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Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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