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VideoFlow makes sharing multimedia content between Facebook and Joomla a breeze. Take your Joomla content to Facebook and bring Facebook's social networking features to your Joomla site. VideoFlow can also work as a stand-alone multimedia component for Joomla without any integration with Facebook.

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- Fully-featured multimedia Joomla component
- Support for video, audio and photos
- Works on desktop, smart phone and tablets
- Front-end and back-end media add from third-party sites, including YouTube, DailyMotion, Yahoo, Vimeo and Facebook
- "Drag and drop" front-end and back-end media file upload
- FTP media file upload
- Automatic thumbnail extraction
- User channels
- Built in module positions
- Categories support
- JComments, Jom Comment and Facebook Comments integration
- Facebook connect support
- Facebook newsfeeds
- Lightbox support
- Media rating
- Built in search
- Video sitemap
- "Drag and drop" - ftp your files to your Joomla site and you are good to go.

- Fully featured Facebook application
- Can be added to other Facebook pages
- Support for video, audio, photos and text
- Add third-party media from within Facebook
- Facebook user channels
- Integrated module positions
- Facebook Comments integration
- Automatic Facebook newsfeeds
- In-built search
- Facebook app wall

VideoFlow List Module - Lists categories, latest, featured, popular, highest rated or random VideoFlow media. Can be published on Joomla site or Facebook application.

VideoFlow System Plugin allows you to embed VideoFlow content virtually anywhere on your site, including articles, modules and templates. At its simplest, it's a matter of dropping the tag where you want to embed the content. Media may be displayed in lightbox, as a link or inline player.

Most of the above features are free with the standard version. Pro version adds icing on the (already sweet) cake.


no link is working here, cannot open any page from fidsoft.com

Ease of use

not able to use

there is no alternative text thumbnails

not good for SEO


Posted on 13 July 2012

This is an excellent extension. While I know and tried many others before finding one that worked best for me, I was very happy to be able to find a commercial extension that actually was easy to use, easy to edit for display purposes, and when I needed help/support, instead of using there forum, I used email and received support within 24 hours. I've had a number of css problems on my site, and tracking down the culprit extension has been difficult. However, this developer whipped right in there and found the problem. It not only fixed the problem I had with Videoflow, but the problem I had with other components and extensions displaying correctly. I am very grateful for his help in this matter. Overall, this extension was well worth the money and I have no regrets with this purchase.


Posted on 05 May 2012

It's a good system but only got a Good rating from me because it's missing one very important thing... the ability to show "youtube user channels". Not everyone wants to upload or have the ability to do so but having a Youtube list of a channel is very important... Why use your server when Youtube is already doing the heavy lifting?

As soon as i saw this app on jommla extensions i downloaded it and i tried the free version then i realized that its the one that i have been looking for , plus the price really did help me a lot ,, i high recommend you to get this one , simply because the support is great ,i had some questions and they replied quick with the perfect answer that keep us as customers buy products like this , i am sure Fideri will help you aswell :) ;)

Super Awsome

Posted on 18 August 2011

i really thanks to you guys that makes this super awsome extensions

this is just what i'm looking for.

easy to sets the parameters

end yet give me the sollutions for adding videos on my site.

thanks you!!! :-D

Good but frustrating

Posted on 06 April 2011

Everything is perfect except:

1. not loading site template when i set to "Search Engine Friendly URLs"

2. Can't set Categories as default view

Owner's reply: Thank you for your feedback. The latest version now includes a category view. Concerning SEF URLs, they may, or may not work, depending on your SEF component and/or site configuration, especially mod_rewrite settings.


Posted on 03 March 2011

I neede a music player for our band's facebook page; this is brilliant!

Not only have we got a really nice looking music player for our songs on the site, it feeds directly into facebook, so I only have to do one upload.

Also, I'm getting stats back on the number of plays for each track.

Very pleased with this and worth the subscription.


Posted on 05 February 2011

I create many Joomla websites, and have tried out a stack of these extensions. What I particularly like about this one is that you can display featured videos, or videos from a certain category, within a module that can be placed in any module positions on your Joomla website. Some of these other video extensions have the modules connected to the main component, which is silly and inflexible. Well done guys.

Nice component

Posted on 22 December 2010

This component does what it tells for me: presenting video from youtube in a way that makes them a part of my website. Without things I don't use to begin with.

It's easy to add video's and they automaticly appear as I would like them to.

Only points of attention are the lightbox: video sound plays on if you close the window. And the text link: goes to embedded player. And you have to make the player quite small to avoid the component to walk out of the template.

Head Script

Head Script

Free | Coding & Scripts Integration | Fideri Kirungi
2 reviews
The Head Script system plugin performs one simple function: It loads external css and javascript files or inserts custom javascript or CSS code (e.g Google Analytics, Facebook Client Library, etc) in the head section of your Joomla pages. It eliminates the hassles of manually inserting such code directly into your templates or php files.


Fideri Kirungi
Last updated:
Dec 19 2014
Date added:
Dec 26 2008
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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