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Webmaster site verification is an extremely simple yet effective plugin that allows all webmaster’s to quickly and easily verify their online site(s) with online verification sites such as Google Webmaster Tools and Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools.

Verifying your site is easier than before since you no longer need to edit your template files or change DNS entries on your domain. We have made the plugin so that you do not need to add the Google's or anyone elses Meta names, just simply add your ID and publish the plugin and this plugin will do the rest.

What’s more is that this plugin will work with many sites that are not listed since we have added a Custom field which will pretty much allow you to add any custom name and value to the meta within your header.

Meta Names Supported

  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Yandex Webmaster Tools
  • Norton Safeweb
  • WOT
  • AVG ThreatLabs
  • Pinterest
  • Majestic SEO
  • Flippa
  • Global Sign
  • Bitly
  • AdmitAD
  • Ero Advertising
  • InMobi
  • PlugRush

Supported Joomla CMS Versions

This is a free plugin that supports Joomla versions 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0, 3.6 and higher.

License Agreement

Webmaster Site Verification for Joomla is licensed under the GPL license so you are able to modify and copy within the terms of the GPL License.

Technical Support

Should you encounter any problems with this plug-in then please visit our online documentation and if that doesn’t help then please feel free to ask on our comments on the associated pages and we will get back to you and answer your questions as soon as possible.

Contribute or Fork this Project

If you would like to contribute or fork this project then find it on GitHub, please note all questions regarding commits should be asked on our support page.

Trabaja muy bien hasta ahora. Excelente
Ease of use
Es sencillo de utilizar.
No lo he probado aun, pero no ha sido necesario.
I used this to: Joomla 3.8x
It verified my site with Google immediately.
Ease of use
I installed the package file, published it, dropped in the Google verification code and was done--3 minutes max. Thank you SO much for this!
I used this to: verifying my site with Google/YouTube so I can link back from videos. I wish I had found it when I was verifying my account on Pinterest, this would have saved me an hour of time.
Got all the big guy verification code + some custom one
Ease of use
Really easy — The real work is to get the code from the various client, after, just a copy paste business.
Got a forum and you get help relatively fast
Good Documentation - Clear
I used this to: All my sites - This is my Verify plugin of choice

Great and simple!

Posted on 03 September 2014
Much better than having to browse through a FTP client and paste google code. Easy to use!
Easy to install, saves time and works like a charm. Thank you!

Really Simple and Effective

Posted on 31 December 2013
Works extremely effectively. If you need help setting it up, just go to the documentation section, and follow their step-by-step guide.

As other users have stated, remember to do the following two things:

1. Clear cache after installation.

2. Submit only your Webmaster ID, not the surrounding code ( etc).

Easy as pie!

Posted on 23 May 2013
Does exactly what it says it will!

Just remember to clear the cache after enabling.

Excellent verification plugin

Posted on 04 October 2012
Easy to configure, and works like a charm. Thanks for the plugin!

As a user, remember to only paste the tag's ID code, and not the entire verification tag. This also applies to the tags under Advanced options.

Webmaster Site Verification

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Oct 15 2016
4 years ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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