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The wgPicasa extension is a very simple and powerful component to show your albums installed at Google Picasa Web Gallery (Google PLUS). No costs for hosting and easy in use. It is installed with the very popular "Light-box Slide Gallery.

For Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3x.
We have a FREE version and there are Pro version.

* Easy to install and use
* Choose your own thumbnail size
* Config maximum pictures per page
* Config how many picture in a row
* Multiple web albums on one site
* Very fast light-box tool to show pictures
* Automatically updated when changing picasa
* Reduce costs for hosting!
* more..

07-10-2014 >> There is a new version available, for Joomla 3.0

Well I used this extension for a Social Integration Sports School on my country and it was really, really hard to find out and extension that work as advertised #IfYouKnowWhatImean, this one is Simple, useful, and parameter friendly. After looking through 5 other extensions non-commercial and commercials, I found out that this is the best way to start with… a functional and easy to install Extension that actually works!

Thank you very Much for this work.

No fuss

Posted on 23 June 2012
I tried wgPicasa (non-commercial version) for 1.5 and was up and running in 15 minutes with a minimum of fuss. You just have to find your Picasa account ID and that is all. The options are enough for my needs. Exactly what I was looking for. There are no links or “made my” or anything else visible on the website. Very good.

Does what it says!

Posted on 07 December 2011
This is a very simple component. Install in 2 minutes, typ youre picasa ID en your ready!

I love the simple way to show your pictures. Maybe I buy the PRO, just to try if i like the extra's...but for now this is great!
wgPicasaPRO Pros:

*Installs well, and is fairly easy to use

*FAQ cover all the usual issues, and so they were solved.

*Unlike other Picasa options, it works as stated.

*Level of difficulty - low to medium - you have to have some attention to detail to get the component and the Picassa settings to match up - well covered in the FAQ documentation.

I am an experienced Joomla user, so when it did not work first time I went searching for the answers and therefore found the FAQ

- it can be tricky!

I did not need to use support, because the FAQ

Thank you wgJoomla for wgPicasaPRO - from a very happy customer.


This is no longer Non-Commercial

Posted on 21 September 2011
This extension is said to be Non-Commercial for 1.6 version, however when you go to the site to download it, you have to pay. The version for 1.5 is non commercial and has its own Joomla extension line item. This one however cost 5 Euros. I'm not against buying extensions. I am against false advertising to draw readers.
Owner's reply: Also the joomla 1.6 version is freel of costs and has always been free??
You can not limit the number of characters in photo caption, so you could end up with a very ugly gallery regardless of CSS, only other option is to completely disable caption which leaves you with photos and no description.
I would highly recommend using this extension to show off your photos from Picasa! It's very easy to use and setup. The support is also very good if you run into a problem!

Keep up the good work!!!


Posted on 20 December 2010
Excellent! it works perfectly in my site.

Thank you very much :)
This extension does what it says it does, clean and simple. I had a couple of questions during configuration and I received very quick responses through their forum. It is so great to get quick support, especially from a free extension.

This is a great little extension.

Great work...

Posted on 23 August 2010
This is very good. it would be great to have features to be able to display... Album Description, Photo caption and even comments if possible...

but nonetheless, this is great to have!


Wilbert & Gerald Schaapman
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Dec 23 2014
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Jan 18 2010
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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