YaQuiz is a free open-source quiz extension for Joomla 4.

You can use it to create review quizzes, tests, exams, etc. on your Joomla 4 powered website with relative ease.

Key features include:
- Question Types
-- Multiple Choice
-- Short Answer (Text Response)
-- True False
-- HTML section (not a question but you can put whatever you want here)
- Question Feedback
- Save test scores and statistics
- Record & Review user grades on every attempt
- Set Limited # of Attempts
- Include HTML, Images, Code + more with any question using your selected WYSIWYG editor.
- Single or Multi Page Quiz Layout
- Issue PDF certificates to users who successfully complete quizzes, along with verification tool so teachers can verify certificates.
- Set timers for quizzes - you can limit how long users have to complete each quiz attempt

The problem with this exstention is that you can't define positions. In principle, it always appears on the Home Page in the middle!
Ease of use
You can't show a test Public without of Login in account of Joomla, so you need to make a demo Login for Public!
No Support, only if you pay a tips. Only if you comunicate true GitHub, I guess this is only way!
Really good documentation, explained everything in deatiles. This was really good made!
I used this to: I use it as a testing this quiz. I tried it on Joomla 4, Cassiopeia website. The problem is showing a test only on Home page, you can configuraite on the different page menu, but when you start a test is open on home page in betwwen the content of the page!
Owner's reply: Sorry you had issues! I'm glad you found the documentation thorough. Unfortunately, I can only offer limited support for a free extension on top of all my other duties. However, I did work tirelessly to resolve routing issues and possible module display problems. No one else is continuing to report this problem. I hope you found a solution and you're free to contact me via any of the methods listed on the site. Thanks for the honest review.
Auto ScrollSpy (Article Table of Contents/Anchor Generator)

Auto ScrollSpy (Article Table of Contents/Anchor Generator)

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Image Comparer

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Kevin's Guides
Last updated:
Oct 17 2023
9 months ago
Date added:
Apr 11 2023
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System


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