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Yview is now part of yTools, an integrated toolsuite for content display and performance that includes SEF, extended TOCs, enhanced pagination, metadata, video, and administration enhancements. See for details.

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yView itself is a thumbnail generator, responsive lightbox, responsive Youtube player, and metadata generator. Please see the Website for complete user documentation.

  • Creates optimal, progressive JPEG thumbnails that pass Google PageSpeed and Yslow compression tests (if Imagick is available on the server, or uses GD2 if not).
  • Puts images and Youtube inline or in a custom lightbox. The lightbox script is <4KB (<1KB compressed) and neither requires nor interfere with any other JavaScript libraries.The lightbox includes a custom hover cursor, semitransparent backdrop, loading animation, full image zoom animation on load, caption, and responsive layout that adjusts size if the image is larger than the viewport. The JavaScript code and images are stored in the media directory, as per Joomla 3.4's recommendations for best Google search results
  • To further improve page load time, the Youtube player displays a locally-cached thumbnail image of the Youtube video on load, then creates a Flash/HTML5 video player dynamically on play. The video player uses Youtube's newest APIs, released in 2015, for optimal performance and functionality.
  • Adds image microdata, page thumbnail, and OpenGraph metadata that is accepted by Google search, Bing search, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter (separately for image and blog pages, so it can be configured to work with any other metagenerators you have).
  • Optionally removes the P tags put around IMG tags by Joomla's WYSIWIG editors.
  • Creates tags and attributes that pass all W3C tests.

Version History

v1.8 (11/21//2015) includes Youtube thumbnails in blog metadata, and adds support for Google's requirement that image metadata be specified for each blog article in featured pages and blog listings.

Please see the website for older release notes.



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Puts a fast, responsive YouTube player into articles, simply by putting a youtube's address in curly brackets. The plugin requires HTML5. It adds a very small javascript file (about 1KB) and a small picture to your content pages containing a youtube video. It does not use Mootools or jquery, so it won't cause any conflicts with other javascript on your site. To enable, simply turn on the plugin in the plugin manager. The video will size itself to fit its container.

Yview Thumbnails

Last updated:
Apr 03 2016
Date added:
Mar 25 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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