** New in version 10: Support for PHP 7, new forecast module, fix to observation display

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Zap Weather is a Joomla application that displays weather for U.S.A. cities and territories using data provided by the National Weather Service. Forecasts, current conditions and weather alerts are supported. Many display options are available, including single and multiple day forecasts and a choice of either 3, 12 or 24 hour forecast display. Zap Weather is also compatible with the JED extension Zap Calendar, allowing the display of weather forecast information within a calendar.

Zap Weather is absolutely free to use and DOES NOT have any advertising or links to commercial sites that other weather products require. The weather data Zap Weather uses is provided free of charge by the U.S. government.

I loved installing and using this! Easy to use and set it up in minutes on a J1.5.

Unfortunately, I upgraded all of my sites to 2.5 and now I am missing this!! Please, please develop for J2.5!

Owner's reply: Thanks for your patience, tech girl. A Joomla 2.5 release is now available for Z Weather.

Good product and simple too

Posted on 20 December 2011

I am well amazed with this product. I would recommend this product to all with happiness

i try to contact the developer and ask in the forum and NO SUPPORT RECEIVED, at the end i need to remove the extension because not work as advertised

Owner's reply: I'm sorry you did not get a timely response to your issue. The web site forum is actively monitored and the application is supported. There was also a patch to Z Weather released recently.

Do you have somewher the german translation? That would be great.

This is a great component.

Today I spent an hour to find how to resolve "Current Conditions" issue (for those who has an older version) without removing old and installing new version.

Great component...

Posted on 24 July 2009

I was searching for a module that can display weather report for a specific city. Through this component I got the data I needed. It s really cool... But I want to display it on the top portion [ There i have placed a module] of my site for all the pages... ie as a module. I dont know how to show it in a module. Can anyone please help me..

Thanks in advance...

This is one of the better weather modules/componants available for Joomla. Installation is quick, easy, however, you MUST follow the directions precisely - anyone just slapping this into their site WILL have issues doing so.

Weather forecasts are derived directly from the National Weather Service, and are updated "on the fly"...

This is definately a great mod/com for US sites wishing to put weather on their websites.


Posted on 18 January 2009

Works fine! Just follow the instructions -


1. install com - set up menu item

2. install mod

3. chron - not getting it to work with a godaddy/shared account.

The time displayed is in GMT - not sure how to change it to local time (same comments on zcontent forume)

Tried to install with the legacy plugin and it was a not go. Crashed my site with a big fat error message. 10 minutes i will never get back.

I would try another component unless using 1.0

I have a few Joomla sites with Z Weather running for some time now and I must say this is a First-Class little tool.

Installation is flawless, as is the overall function of the component and module. They both are nicely customizable and provide a clean, professional look. With the Cron job grabbing the weather data in the background, the visitor gets no delay in the page load. SWEET!

Oh, and the support! I had an issue that ended up being my host's fault, but my buddy at Z Content stuck with me the whole way and went the extra mile to help.

Install this on your site to prove to yourself how good it is, and then send them a donation. That's what I did!

Zap Calendar Lite

Zap Calendar Lite

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Take back control of your Joomla! website. Zap Audit finds hacked files buried in the thousands of files and folders in your Joomla! file system as well as check for best practices. Zap Audit finds hacked files in your Joomla! site in seven ways: Unauthorized Files - Zap Audit looks for files that have been added to a Joomla! or Zap Audit folder but not in the original installation. CRC Check - Zap Audit performs a CRC checksum comparison between the files in the Joomla! and Zap Audit distributions and the corresponding file in the file system. If the checksums are unequal, this means the file was modified since its installation, a common technique used by hackers. Suspect Files - For 3rd party add-ons and other files not in the Joomla! or Zap Audit distribution, a suspect file check is made to determine if the file is exhibiting a hacked file signature. PHP Files In Media Folders - Media folders are for media, so lets keep it that way! PHP files found in media folders are flagged. PHP Files In The Temporary Folder - 3rd party add-on installations may leave behind PHP files, fertile ground for hacked files to hide in. Files And Folders With The Wrong Permission - All files and folders are checked against the recommended Joomla! file and folder permissions. PHP Files Added Or Modified Within The Past 3 Days - If a file was added or modified recently it will appear in this list. Valid Joomla! log and cache files are removed from the list to reduce false positive results on valid Joomla! files. In addition to the file checks, Zap Audit analyzes the site for Joomla! and database best practices. Zap Audit generates a professional audit report of your site suitable for printing or e-mailing. With the audit report, finding hard to find hacked files is easy and only takes minutes, not hours using manual methods. This allows delaying or even eliminating the need to rebuild a hacked Joomla! site from scratch. Site down? No problem. Zap Audit can analyze an off-line site by running a file audit from a working Joomla! site using a zip file of the files from the infected site. Joomla! 2.5 sites can be audited in the same manner by running Zap Audit on a Joomla! 3 site using a zip file of the Joomla! 2.5 site files. This is not a service. All analyses are performed locally. There are no restrictions to the number of websites were Zap Audit is installed. The free "lite" version performs the same tests as the standard version in summary mode. The standard version provides a detailed analysis audit report. The Pro version adds proactive monitoring of one or multiple sites by sending an e-mail alert when it detects a new audit finding.
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Zap Calendar

Zap Calendar

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Zap Calendar is an advanced, native Joomla calendar featuring AJAX, RSS and full iCalendar support. There are dozens of add-ons available for Zap Calendar, making it a full-featured calendaring system for Joomla websites. Extensive iCalendar Support - Zap Calendar was written from the ground up to fully support the iCalendar standard (iCalendar is the standard format for transferring calendar events between applications). Zap Calendar provides full import, export and synchronization of calendar events to and from external sources (including deleted events). Using a calendar program such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Google Calendar and devices like the iPod or iPad, downloading or uploading a single event or an entire calendar with 1,000's of events can be done easily with Zap Calendar. iCalendar repeating events are also fully supported. Using the iCal subscribe plugin (available in Zap Calendar Pro), you can synchronize events created on remote calendars with Zap Calendar, allowing automatic updating of your calendar when an event changes in a remote calendar. Module and Plugin Addons – Zap Calendar can be extended using Zap Calendar modules plugins. With over 2 dozen to choose from , these addons provide additional functionality to the calendar, including searching, weather, mapping, captcha, RSVP, moon phases, commenting and social networking support. Third Party Application Support – Zap Calendar provides support for several popular Joomla extensions, including Community Builder, JomSocial, sh404SEF and Zap Weather. Zap Calendar also includes a plugin for Google Maps for displaying events on a map. AJAX Support – Zap Calendar supports AJAX, which allows users to browse the calendar by event, day, week, month or year without ever refreshing the screen page. AJAX is supported for both Zap Calendar component pages and modules. Social Networking Support – Zap Calendar users can post events to popular social network sites like Facebook and Twitter using the "share your event" option. Events can include a Facebook "like" button. Users can comment and RSVP to events using the provided plugins. Zap Calendar provides support for Community Builder and JomSocial. Event Management – Multiple categories per event, repeating events, linking events to articles, front-end add/edit/delete events, location/venue support (new!), quick event creation mode, import events from a CSV file, iCalendar file or URL. Calendar Management - Multiple calendars per site, multiple calendars per page (via modules), personal calendars, spanning events and categories across multiple calendars, flat and tree-based category layouts, theme support, display/hide event categories on a calendar.
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Sign Me Up!

Sign Me Up!

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"Sign Me Up!" allows people to easily sign-up for items for an upcoming event. Who is bringing the dessert? Will we have plates? "Sign Me Up" answers these questions with this Zap Calendar Add-on. A "Sign Me Up" package includes this add-on with either the Basic, Standard, or Pro versions of Zap Calendar. E-Mail Notification - Users are sent a thank-you e-mail when they sign-up for an item. The event owner is also notified by e-mail. Public and Registered Users Welcome - Sign Me Up! can be configured to accept all sign-ups or only sign-ups from registered users. Reminder E-Mail - A reminder e-mail can be sent to each user prior to the event to summarize their signed-up items. These features are available to the owner of the event: Create Sign-up Items - Specify the title and quantity you need for your event and perhaps a short description. You can also limit the # of items a person can sign-up. Sign-up Invites - Owners can invite friends to sign-up for an event. Friend lists can be created so invites can be sent to the same group of friends for other events. Custom field - Owners can utilize a custom field to request additional info or create a select list (i.e., shirt size selection of small, medium, large and extra large selection is possible) Sign-up Export - Export your sign-ups to a CSV or Excel file Manage Sign-ups - Update or cancel sign-ups created by other people Re-order Sign-up Items - Drag and drop sign-up items to re-order them on the event page. These features are available to the website administrator: Customizable E-mail templates - Add header and footer images to e-mails, or customize the e-mail templates using Zap Calendar's built-in form editor. Allow Public Sign-ups - The site administrator can enable or disable sign-ups by non-registered users. Sign-up Verification - The site administrator can require public sign-ups to be verified by e-mail before the sign-up is accepted. Sign-up Invites - Allow or disallow event owners from using the friend invite list.
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Z Weather

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