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The extension allows you to create links to applications, categories, elements and Tags of a component ZOO with JCE AdvLink plugin. Full Support Zoo 2.x,Zoo 3.x!
Support JCE 1.x., 2.x. and Joomla 2.5.x-3.x

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Feature list

  • Category tree without limitation, the nesting and the number of categories;
  • A link is inserted into the correct Itemid
  • Full support for Zoo 1.0 Zoo 2.x Zoo 3.x
  • The creation of links to Zoo: Directories, Applications Categories Elements Tags In version 2.6.0 (update on 06.03.2017)
  • Add support JCE 2.6.x and higher
  • Add installer via Standard Joomla Installer

In version 2.1.1 (update on 28.04.2014)
- Fix bugs

In version 2.1.0 (update on 01.08.2013)
- Fix bugs
- Support Joomla 3.x
- Clean code

In version 2.0.9 (update on 02.07.2012)
- Fix bug with Itemid.
- Add icons

In version 2.0.8
- Fix bugs with created Itemid.

In version 0.7
- Support JCE 2.0
- Joomla 1.6-1.7

In version 0.6 is done:
- Full Support Zoo 2.4

In version 0.4 is done:
- Fixed error when inserting Itemid
- Ability to create links to tags

The reviews for this extension nearly put me off purchasing. However, the extension works perfectly for me and I can't see any way that it needs improvement.

The site I installed this on is Joomla 3.3.6, latest version of Zoo, latest version of JCE.

Extracted the download as per the instructions and installed the file via the JCE "Install Add-ons" screen and it was ready to go.

I'm certain the bad reviews on this page are either for old versions or the users didn't follow the installation instructions the developer has added to the product page.

Good job. 5 stars from me.

It is impossible to install this extension.

Our versions of JCE & ZOO are up to date, and we tried installing multiple versions of this extension, but none of them work.

We have tried contacting Progmist, but we don't get any response from the support. We emailed them from multiple emailadresses but never get a response.

I purchased this and was impressed at the concept, however it has a fatal bug that any zoo item set to front page but not within a category does not show in the list.

Had emailed several times without a response, tried leaving a message on their site and tried contacting the developer by skype. This bug still has not been fixed in the latest version and the lack of support is really annoying after purchasing this plugin.

My advice is to avoid, without all items appearing in the list regardless of status it is useless for my site.

Good support!

Posted on 02 August 2012

I agree with some reviewers that the installation is a bit confusing. Unlike most Joomla extensions, this one must be unzipped. But! I had problems with re-installing JCE (who don't?) and developer was very helpful to fix that. Afterwards the installation was a peace of cake and it works out fine. So? Great extension!


Posted on 29 November 2011

Super cheap, super easy install (extract, pick your version and install to JCE).

Works perfectly.

You've made my life easier, thank you!

I would have rated this a 5 star but, after purchasing, the downloaded ZIP file confused me so, I'll explain how to REALLY install this ZOO addon for JCE.

After purchasing, you'll download a ZIP file called Don't try and install that into JCE, it won't work. You need to unzip this file. My suggestion to the dev was to simply rename it to which makes more sense.

Once unzipped, you will have 2 ZIP files. They are jce_advlink_zoo_0.6_j15, and jce_advlink_zoo_0.7_j16. Now, most people who have been around Joomla for a while would assume the _j16 would be for Joomla 1.6; nope!

The is actually for JCE 1.5 installs and is for JCE 2.x installs (regardless of Joomla version).

I suggested renaming them to and which makes more sense. I would have never had to visit the forums for help if they were named something like this.

To the dev, good job and GREAT pricing but, please rename your ZIP files.

Great !!!

Posted on 31 October 2010

It works as claimed.

I needed to link 2 different catalogues together and that what it does. Download app linked to products app.

The product works as claimed. It is now very easy to create links to Zoo items via the JCE editor. I'm fairly new with Joomla and just installed Yootheme's Zoo CCK. After installing Zoo and playing around with it, I discovered that I could not (or couldn't find out how to) create a simple "link" when creating an item/article in Zoo via JCE. This extension creates a Zoo folder containing your created Zoo categories and items within JCE to select from.

The only problem I had, most likely due to my lack of experience with Joomla, was that I was trying to upload and install the extension via the Joomla installer and getting error messages. I emailed the developer and received a quick response that I should install the extension via the JCE installer - not the Joomla installer.

There is a video tutorial on the developer's website that probably explains this, however, I could not get the video to play. I suggested to the developer that they include some documentation with the extension. Thus, a 4 star rating instead of 5.

Well worth the 2 buck price!

- sarcasticDick

Working with Zoo 2.0

Posted on 16 September 2010

Just started working with it, so if there are any bugs or issues, I haven't yet encountered them.

What I can say is that this is a godsend for me. The ability to easily link to any Zoo category or item is crucial.

Owner's reply: Thank you!
If you have any problems with the plugin. write in support of the address: We need you to answer and solve your problems.

Does not support the ZOO 2.0 that is already two months available, and most users of this version passes.

Owner's reply: in the near future will necessarily support the Zoo 2.0

Zoo Links for Advanced Link

Last updated:
Mar 06 2017
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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