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The JMapMyLDAP extensions enables integration of an LDAP directory with Joomla! 2.5 and above. It includes documentation and support for OpenLDAP as well as commercial solutions such as Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory.

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Current features include:
> LDAP Group Mapping to Joomla Groups
> LDAP profile plugin to sync extra fields to and from LDAP
> Password plug-in to save passwords to LDAP
> User creation and deletion to and from LDAP
> Administration component for debugging and setting up plugins
> Logging for debugging and audit tracking through SHLog
> Single Sign On (SSO) with HTTP
> Tested with Active Directory, eDirectory and OpenLDAP
> Free, non-commercial, open source and licensed under the GNU GPL
> Current requirement is Joomla! 2.5+ or Platform 12.1+


Posted on 10 July 2015

These extensions are an absolute life safer.

Ease of use

Documentation is spot on.


Documentation sufficient but see that Shaun is very good at offering support.

I used this to: AD Integration and Group Memberships

Too good to be free

Posted on 06 September 2014

This extension contains everything you need to integrate Joomla with LDAP (in my case OpenLDAP). It has many features, great documentation, and works. Some knowledge of LDAP is necessary but the fact that this free tool handles such a complex sub-layer so well is impressive. Well done.

We are using this extension on a corporate intranet site (Windows Server, IIS, MySQL, Active Directory). Installation was very easy and configuration is not difficult either.

We were having an issue with Single Sign-On and the developer (Shaun) helped us immensely with the troubleshooting and discovered that the issue was actually with a totally unrelated extension. Fantastic support!

There is well written code and poorly written code and believe me this is well written code.

But code can only get you so far, especially integration code, because there are so many elements outside of this component to get wrong.

We were let down an outside contractor who promised to install and configure JMAPMYLDAP for a customer of mine.

At the point of the project being cancelled Shaun stepped in and got it working. He was responsive and professional at all times. I was easily the best support I've received since I formed my company 5 years ago!

BTW, the problem was with the certificate and nothing to do with the component.

I cannot rate this component and the support highly enough.

Really happy that Shaun decided to carry the torch that Sam Moffat originally lit. I used Sam's versions for years on Joomla 1.5. I skipped several Joomla versions but recently got on board with Joomla 3. I haven't tried the version1 release, but skipped right to version2 which is currently in RC1. I'm only giving it 4 start because it isn't fully released yet, and I'd love to see it simplified further (the setup and config is do-able, but not good for rookies). The documentation is really good, and Shaun's support has been fantastic! Can't wait for the fully released version. Heading to his site now to make a donation.

it's working well for me.

Posted on 23 December 2013

I installed joomla 3.2, and this new version works well for me to connect to our AD.

Great extension

Posted on 09 December 2013

It does what it says and it works well.

highly recommended.

Good integration

Posted on 09 February 2013

This dots the i and crosses the t.

With this you can not only easily find the right integration to your directory, but also give users characeristics with joomla groupmemberships by using the LDAP membership. When you administrate users through the LDAP, you can control their access in Joomla this way! Excellent.

On my first attempt, it didn't work. After writting the author - who was very commited on helping me - I realized the problem was the lack of the php5-ldap module. After installing it, JMapMyLDAP worked imediatally! I'm using it for auth againt my Active Directory server, with excelent results. Thanks for this module!

Perfect !

Posted on 02 April 2012

Very good support, advanced tools and documentation online.

Much more advanced integration from native joomla! ldap plugin.

JMapMyLDAP Tools

Shaun Maunder
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Jan 19 2015
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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