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Incapsula Website Security and Performance component allows you to manage your website security, performance and content delivery from your Joomla Admin. The service includes, improved website performance and more…

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Incapsula Website Security and Performance component includes:

Website Security – Instant Virtual Patching:
Incapsula's unique bot detection technology protects Joomla websites from intruding comment spammers, fake registrations, site scrapers and other threats. Leveraging a unique crowd-sourcing
security model and an extensive real-time knowledge base of website attack patterns, new vulnerabilities are quickly detected and are released to mitigate these threats.

Website Performance – Global CDN & Optimizer:
Incapsula's global CDN improves website performance by caching and optimizing its content and delivering it directly from the Internet’s backbone. On average, websites using Incapsula are 40% faster and consume 50% less bandwidth.

Advanced Analytics - Performance and Threats Statistics:
Incapsula's dashboard includes live stats for all website traffic, including human visitors, bots, performance statistics and detailed threat reports.

Could not create an account.
Wrote a Mail and sent a msg but no answer since last week.
Disappointing, the description was very promising.
Ease of use
Could not test this xt
Wrote a Mail and sent a msg but no answer since last week.
Documentation exists and seems good
I used this to: Unfortunately impossible to test the free version without account. An alternative would be to try with a paid account, but as there has been no sign of support, i doubt that the xt is developed any more


Posted on 25 February 2013
Very good this extension, my site is secure, fast, service is very fast.

I am very satisfied and would recommend this protection

Wil Upgrade

Posted on 19 February 2013
This extension and service stop some Russian Bots cold from leaving text advertisements. Once I go in full production will upgrade to commercial version.
I really love the component! Helps to protect against Joomla vulnerabilities – it’s does what they call "virtual patching" – meaning they recognize vulnerabilities as they get published, and they create security rules to prevent anyone from exploiting these vulnerabilities. Regarding acceleration I’m still waiting to see how much will it improve my website performance...
After installing INCAPSULA plugin my website is so much faster to load from various international locations that it feels almost like a magic trick.


Posted on 21 November 2012
The CDN features are really cool – you can see how many requests and bandwidth were saved…nice! And it also stopped all the span I was getting daily at my blog. Recommended!

Incapsula component

Posted on 21 November 2012
Iv'e actually never used Incapsula before, but the component looked like a good opportunity to try out the service. The sign up is fairly eash, however it does require DNS changes (took me a few minutes). But once setup was done, I was really surprised with the service the component provides: you get a free CDN (my website is accelerated by about 50%! and the dashboard shows you all the threats and unwelcomed visitored that Incapsula blocked, as spammer, hackers, etc. I was also quite amazed to find out that 60% of my website traffic are actyally bots! Well done Incapsula!

Amazing tool

Posted on 15 November 2012

+ Free anti spambot service.

+ Super easy to setup.

+ Very effective.

+ No challenge / CAPTCHA pages.

+ Nice integration with Joomla.

+ Free global CDN.


- It requires a DNS change. (But very easy to do)

"Incapsula" solved every spam issue for each of my site without additional costs. There is no need for annoying CAPTCHA's or challenges. It just works and the Incapsula service handles everything automatically.

You will also get very nice statistics of your visitors and blocked spambots.

For the security minded, you are able to activate a

Web Application Firewall with a click of a button. Now this part is in a paid service but it works like a charm. And it is truly the best and easiest solution out there that I have seen. This WAF is able to block hacking attempts in a vulnerable joomla extension before it has been patched by the author. I tested it and it works!

my website

Posted on 13 November 2012
well, i have been using joomla last 2 years. 8 months ago my website was heavy damaged by bad people. i dont know who. but my site was almost down most of the month. around 5-6 months ago i started using incapsula with my joomla website. after using incapsula...i can see who is really bad people and who is really good people. i dont want to say incapsula is best or no.1 but its really good. my website get protected by this. so i am happy. but they should make payment via paypal. the CDN is good and my joomla website load faster then before. much improvement.


1.4.9b / 3.0.1b
Shay Zalman
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
c p

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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