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A website Facebook Chat Support System is absolutely necessary when you have a product website. In Joomla many support extensions are available but what if you want your support system to work flawless to send you notifications wherever you are, is quick and there’s no delay in reply and response etc.To address all these needs we have introduced Facebook Chat extension for Joomla.

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This is a simple extension which integrates Facebook Chat functionality in your joomla website. Your customers needs to log in into their Facebook account, send you a message and then they can continue the conversation with you via Facebook website or the messenger app on your smartphone. Its really that simple and works flawless.

The installation is very easy. You need to just install the Facebook Chat plugin through Joomla Admin, enter your Facebook page url and the Facebook chatbox will be displayed on frontend.

Now Operate your Websites or Products support system through Facebook Chat plugin.

Just log in your Facebook account through Facebook Chat extension and start chatting via Facebook Chat messenger app.

Simple,Light and Easy to setup. Stable and works on latest Joomla Version.

Just one word for this plugin - Awesome . Increases customer interaction which helps increase website sales.
Ease of use
Very simple to set it up. You need to save some settings and you are up and running.
Support is only required if you find any difficulty while installing. Otherwise No.
Its provided on website but actually its not required
Value for money
Pretty useful on almost all websites
I used this to: My ecommerce website to answer customer queries.

Light and Easy

Posted on 16 August 2017
This is a great small plugin to integrate chat functionality in your website. You get chat notifications on your smartphone in your FB app.
Ease of use
Very simple to set it up
I didn't need the help of the support team any time as the plugin works without any fault
Not required.
Value for money
Pretty useful to increase website customer and owner activities
I used this to: My e-commerce website. My customers have started to contact me via facebook chat using this plugin which is of great help.

Superb Plugin

Posted on 11 August 2017
This small plugin is power packed and increases customer interactions to your websites via Facebook.
Ease of use
Easy to use and setup.
Support is quick and accurate
Documentation is simple and present on website
Value for money
Absolutely worth
I used this to: To generate sales leads for my joomla ecommerce website
Use-it to have message directy in my facebook page.
Ease of use
Enter your facebook page link, publish and save, that all. Less 1 minutes.
Value for money
I used this to: Support and and quick contact.
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Facebook Chat

JooMapbox Team
Last updated:
Feb 05 2019
Date added:
Jan 08 2017
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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