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JEEMA SMS is a professional SMS extension for Joomla.Send Text SMS,Send Unicode SMS,Send MMS,Send Flash Message,Handling DND Mobile numbers,Validate mobile number at the time of user registration,Birthday SMS,Recurring SMS,Send Bulk SMS,Schedule SMS,Personalized SMS,Credits based on Routing,Dynamic Mobile number prefix,Send Article Links as SMS,SMS reminders,Integration with Jomsocial,Community Builder,Acymaling,DT- Register,Virtuemart ,Hikashop etc,Receive SMS,SMS Keywords,Subscribe via keywords,Auto respond based on receive SMS,Actions based on Receive SMS,Sell SMS Packages to your members,PIN and Voucher Generation,Integration with popular payment gateways etc.

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“JEEMA SMS Supports more than 40 SMS providers and counting.If you are not aware please send your query to our live chat or email support[at] We will help you to identify.If your gateway is not in the list,we will integrate for free”


  • Send Text Messages
  • Send Unicode Messages (Ex. Languages other than English)
  • Send MMS Feature
  • Send Flash Message
  • Handling DND Enabled Mobile numbers
  • Validating Newly registered Members by sending Validation code to their Mobile number
  • Integration with Jomsocial,Community Builder,Acymaling,DT- Register,Virtuemart ,Hikashop etc
  • Send SMS Messages One by One
  • Send BULK SMS Messages (On Page Submit or via Cronjobs)
  • Send Batch Bulk SMS (Ex: 100 each)
  • Schedule SMS for send later
  • Confirmation page before sending SMS
  • Send Personalized Messages(Name,Date etc) from a CSV file
  • Send Birthday SMS, SMS reminders, Recurring SMS
  • Create SMS Groups and Contacts
  • Public groups with subscribe and unsubscribe
  • Send article Links to the SMS groups when new Joomla article published
  • Sending Messages to SMS groups based on frequency days
  • Pre-defined SMS Templates
  • Set Prefix and Suffix of the SMS for Advertisement purposes
  • Define multiple sender names for different Audience
  • Filter unwanted SMS based on keywords
  • Sent SMS History with Server Response
  • Configure any SMS HTTP API
  • Supports non HTTP API based Gateways via custom plugin (Ex. Cydne Web Services)
  • Dynamic APIs (Gateway Routing) based on the Mobile prefix
  • Mask password info in log file
  • Create Different SMS Accounts
  • Link SMS Accounts to Joomla Members
  • Set free credits for Newly registered members
  • Charge SMS Accounts based on routing.
  • Define ACL for the JEEMA SMS Menus
  • Set Auto-Credit for SMS accounts
  • Also send SMS content to Email
  • Custom CSS Templates for front-end
  • Plug-in to create SMS Accounts whenever a Joomla user registers
  • Language File (front-end and admin)


  • Receive SMS based on Keywords or without Keywords
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe to SMS Groups based on Receive SMS keywords
  • Auto reply option after receiving SMS
  • Forward the Received Messages to Mobile/Email Recipients
  • Deduct credits from SMS Accounts for Receiving SMS
  • Send Static/Dynamic messages by sending Keywords

JEEMA SMS uses callback URL for receiving SMS


There is an option to sell SMS credits,keywords,sender names,SMS Groups to the Registered users

  • Enter send sms credits and buy them
  • Create different SMS Packages
  • Configure multiple currencies and Exchange rates
  • Configure PayPal, Pesapal, Interswitch, Yopayments, Simplepay4u, Voguepay,Hubtel, Yopayments for Payment Gateways
  • Cash Payment Plugin
  • Generate Invoices
  • PIN and Voucher Generation for Credits purchase
  • Send Email/SMS Notifications to Admin and Buyers at the time of purchasing packages.
  • Transfer SMS credits between SMS Accounts

Contact our live chat or email support[at] to get the login details for our demo website.

JEEMA SMS comes with a rich set of free extensions that allow features like mobile number validation at registration, HTTP API URL for your members, SMS reminders like Birthday SMS, send SMS to members that are managed by other 3rd party components like Jomsocial, Community Builder, Virtuemart, DT Register etc..There is no hidden fee.


Posted on 05 May 2019
The functionality is 100%. I have used it for Single and Bulk SMS Messaging and it is very effective. Though, I have not used it for unicode
Ease of use
It is easy to use. Just install, configure and create the menu items and start using it.
The support is great via email or online chat. They respond to email within 48 hours and chat real time during the work hours.
The documentation is self explanatory. Though, available online on their support portal, one can actually use it to get the full functions
Value for money
The value is greater than the money paid. This is because of multi domain installation and the 12 downloadable opportunity
I used this to: I use it for Bulk SMS Portal. I am currently utilizing the Send function via my website and HTTP API function, using the Mobile Apps for android, ios and windows phone. It has been very effective and has really helped to increase delivery rate as multiple API are allowed.

Excellent extension

Posted on 14 November 2018
Good functionality
Ease of use
Very easy to use
Very good support
Value for money
Affordable price
I used this to: Validate for the user registration
Ease of use
Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!
Value for money
I used this to: 4 Months
Ease of use
Great support.
Needs lots of improvement.
Value for money
I used this to: Sending and receiving bulk SMS at Nigeria SMS Depot:
what you are told it does is what it does, works after the right setting or read the manual and you are rocking
Ease of use
very very user friendly, easy to understand
live chat is great, but if they are not there, send an email, they always reply, i am totally impressed by their response and quick resolve
all the documentation needed to make you the expert is available on their support site
Value for money
the best value for your money, worth every amount spent. return of investment is 200%
I used this to: i have been a long time user, and dont regret have this product, always waiting for the next version

Great SMS System

Posted on 02 August 2016
A good system to send SMS to one person, bulk, even on a scheduled future date. Meets most of what I will need in a SMS system.
Ease of use
Once you get a basic understanding of the systems capabilities and how the components work, it's simple to use.
The support is via chat or email. The chat works great for troubleshooting and getting questions answered not found in the forum or manual.
Documentation not always clear on setup or what a particular component does. But the chat support can be useful for clarification.
Value for money
After learning how to use the system, the value for the money is clear.
The system works great as stipulated.
Ease of use
Easy enough to understand - support was required in my case
The support was excellent, very patient and fast to reply. I really enjoyed getting supported by Subramanian.
Value for money
I am so happy.

a vey nice app

Posted on 01 January 2016
works perfectly well
Ease of use
very easy to use
Value for money
if you bought this app, you never wasted your money. you invested in a good product
I used this to: bulk sms business and is working very well. my users like it
Meets 90% of our requirements. Very supportive in ensuring i get 100% of my requirements. developer engages me in customization requirements
Ease of use
Documentation on every aspect and functionality of the system. They need to improve documentation on deployment of iPhone and Windows apps.
Awesome support. Chat system very responsive, skype support is awesome. malai is very responsive to every question and very helpful
Documentation is 98%. The main part lacking is a bit more comprehensive on how to deploy the Windows and iPhone apps. Takes quite sometime.
Value for money
You get value for money as compared to competition. I believe they are consistently adding functionaly. The mobile needs more features.
I used this to: Bulk SMS for my customers. Awesome app. I cant stop thinking of additional value add services to give my customers.
Nice functionality. It has more than I may ever use. But I guess my company will grow into most of its features
Ease of use
Well, its easier than most components out there.. The documentation is cool but I think there needs to be a "recently fixed issues" column.
Support was more than I expected.They were online and attended to me precisely. Chat disconnected first time but was able to reconnect again
Value for money
I think this is the best SMS component being sold as a whole unit out there. I got it for $75USD so I think its well priced.


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