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Reportico allows you to display database-driven tabular reports within your Joomla! web pages. Pass reportico a simple SQL statements ( or chains of SQL statements ) to generate report results. Embed reports within Joomla! articles or produced add links to reports. Access, modify and run all your reports using the Joomla! administrator report designer.

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When embedding reports in your site, Reportico allows you to control what report functions a visitor can access.

As well as HTML web reports, Reportico can generate data in PDF and CSV formats. Reportico supports groups, charts and complex custom expressions by including PHP code within report definitions.

Create a simple report with a single SQL statement and then get more complex with the addition of expressions, styling options and custom SQLs statements and custom PHP code which can manipulate and filter report data prior to report generation.

New in Reportico 4.2 :-
Quick edit buttons for easily entering your report definition.


It works as mentioned

Ease of use

Ones you familiar with the function you will amazed how easy to set it up and run reports


Peterdeed doing great Job, i had to set up label pdf label printing layout and i amazed with his generous support.


quet well documentation available to start and advanced features.

Value for money


I used this to: I use this to generate reports with 10,000+ records and its work perfect.

I setup additional tables using Crosstech's Content Builder CCK for a non-government organization, which needed a super easy way to track & update data and print out reports based on this data. Content Builder CCK did the trick for the web-based data management system, but then I really needed a PDF printout function for this management team. Most of these people are not very computer savvy, so simplicity was a foremost consideration. After doing some research on the Joomla! extensions directory I came across Reportico. I set it up first as the standalone product, but then installed the Joomla! component. These are essentially the same, only the Joomla! version allows you to access the Reportico tool through he tJoomla! component menu. Plus the Joomla! version has a sophisticated module. I didn't need the module, at least with this project. All I wanted (and prayed for) was a link so the users could simply click and print. What is so wonderful about this tool is once you have it setup, you can copy and modify the XML files and drop them into your project directory and presto, reports are instantaneously ready to be linked to a menu or button or whatever design you prefer. I had more than 50 reports to build because each report displayed slightly different data. The initial report took me about 3 hours to create (query, formatting, etc), so you can imagine my dismay over the idea of having to create 50 reports. Reportico cut that time down to ~5 minutes per report. All I had to is copy the original XML file, and then search and replace particular tables (could be fields or tables), and then create links for the front end users to simply click and print. The PDF reports are dynamic and execute perfectly every time. The management team I built this system for could not be more pleased with the ease and simplicity of this reporting system. I could not be more pleased with how much time I saved. Not to mention there is so much more you can do with this tool. I'm incorporating it for all my projects requiring reporting, especially for users who need a PDF printout (which is almost always the case). I give Reportico a 5-star!

I downloaded the free non-joomla script for try-out and was fascinated how easy it was to generate any kind of reports or statistics from a given database connection. So I purchased for a little of 5$ the Reortico Joomla extension including the associated Joomla module. Installation was smooth as silk. With this extension I was able to embed statistics in table form and graphs of another third part Joomla directory extension, what I used as a base for a survey database and display it in a nice formatted way. You will need a bit time to find out all its possibilities and Peter, the developer, was giving such great support. Believe me after searching and trying so many different database report tools, I must admit it is the best available for Joomla.


Peter Deed
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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