Core Enhancements, File Management

JSmallfib, a native 1.5 and 1.6 to 3.0 Joomla! plugin extension, allows a normal Joomla! article to include a simple but effective file browser/manager.

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Depending on access levels, users can read or upload files, create folders and more. The main repository can be set either within the Joomla! directory, or, for greater security, outside the web root.

This plugin is ideal if you require simple out-of-the-box file browsing/uploading/downloading functionality (to store and share documentation, for example, or to manage all your web files from the frontend), all within a normal article.

Actions such as file uploads/downloads, and file/folder renaming, removing can optionally be logged. Permissions for accessing files and folders are set with the 'command' within a normal article text.

It is possible to set different access levels for unregistered visitors or specific registered user groups, but also for specific registered users individually.

All this is done with the command in the article text. The same article can be made to generate different repositories depending on users or groups. Supports file archiving.

JSmallfib ships with Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish translations.


Easy to setup

Ease of use

Easy of use


When someone uploads a file, the email notification I get says the following:
Mail Delivery System



Worked for me mostly, disappointed that the users can rename file extensions to extensions not allowed for upload.seems like a vulnerability.

Ease of use

Set up easy. Makes use of


Site says it does not provide support - don't even see a forum.


Documentation looks good. User Manual has not been updated since addition of joomla 3.0 version

I used this to: Decided not to use. I am concerned about the ability to upload a file with one extension then rename it to another. Not sure if anyone can locate the file but not going to chance it.


Nicely planned feature list provides excellent power without going through hoops. Leverages Joomla groups & users to manage access.

Ease of use

Really like embedded in the article interface. Must read user manual to use however. Need Joomla group & user IDs for access management.


PDF user manual is essential reading for maximum power.

I used this to: Excellent for including download files in articles and allowing selected users or groups to upload files in the front end. One click downloads and simple uploads!


Does exactly what we needed. Shows site visitors a file and folder list and provides a convenient interface for file uploads

Ease of use

Very easy to setup and configure


No support available


Extensive documentation provided in PDF format

I used this to: providing schools support resources on two sites

Nice and easy

Posted on 09 April 2014

You'll have this extension up and running in minutes. The set-up seemed a little odd, but then again, I'm pretty new to Joomla. If you need to offer file sharing on your site look no further.

Just installed and tested jsmallfib on 2 websites. Easy to use, rights management offers extended possibilities, much more than I need. Great Open Source Free plugin.

If you're searching for a file browser, do not hesitate to test this one first.

The simple way to provide users a download zone and file manager area. Possibility to fine tune rights, for groups, single users.

Brings a great service for our small club. Documents are always available.

works with J!3.2.1

This plugin is perfect for providing files with a minimum of work.

A tip for use with a responsive template: put any text (eg. fluid)in the field "MAIN DISPLAY WIDTH" on the look and feel tab. Since this value is not possible, the width will be 100%

I was looking for a tool, displaying pdf-files in different folders. Jsmallfib is perfect for what.

Two things, which would make it even more perfect:

1.) possibility to skip displaying the file extension

2.) possibility to change the navigation items.

Thanks to the author

Great plugin

Posted on 15 October 2013

Congratulations for the great component, I was looking to display PDF file for individual users.


Enrico Sandoli
Date added:
Jun 12 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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