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JotCache is advanced solution for page caching in Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.x framework. JotCache consists from JotCache Plugin, JotCache Component and JotCache recache plugins.

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New combination of system plugin and management component covers tailored processing in JotCache for all types of extensions : static and dynamic modules as well as components with static content and dynamic forms. Extended marking of cached content allows fast checking of cache operation in frontend and backend (new feature for easy selecting of cached pages which needs cache reset).

JotCache Plugin is extended replacement of standart System-Cache plugin with following enhancements :

Features of ver.6

  • Cache management with faster opening on larger web sites – the cached files are presented with cached page titles and links, added more informations about cached page (browser type, language, non-routed query string), implemented items ordering, changed information about date/time of caching (incl. indication of expired or no more existing cache files)
  • Exclusion of selected pages and module template positions from page caching
  • Bots/crawlers and cookies exclusion
  • Selective use of browser cache for choosen page URI's
  • Multisite operation
  • Use of memcached (server) as cache storage
  • Extended URL caching rules (include/exclude general mode, using logical AND in rule expressions)
  • Cache Operation Modes (previous Browser Split) with possibility for each browser category (incl. phones, tablets) to select own operation mode :
    • exclude from caching
    • use common cache (for different browser categories)
    • use individual cache
  • Powerfull autoclean (garbage collection) activity
  • Possibility to set different page caches based on visitor browser type and device(phone,tablet).
  • Possibility to clear the cache only for selected pages.
  • Batch recaching of frontend pages based on :
    • information stored in database from previous page caching activity
    • site crawling started with site homepage to other linked pages up to given depth level Batch recaching can be also processed as cron job with selected setting possibilities
  • Manual recache of marked files by users with JotCache recache rights. In this working mode authorized user can start the recache of viewed page on frontend pages and see immediatelly the results.

Excellent!! Gud job

Posted on 16 February 2011

Easy to install, and pimp my web.

Thank you for an excellent jobs. I should gave you 6 stars.


I have posted this review to:

- Thank the author.

- Help someone else if they encountered the same problem.

Actually I'm relatively new to joomla. After installing joomla I have noticed joomla perfomance problems. Then I looked for a way to improve it. At the beginning I wasn't so optimistic. But when I have installed your plugin and component. Wow! It improved my site loading about 3-4 times.

The happiness didn't last so much because when I visited the articles, upon first loading everything was OK. But when I visited the same link for the second time, the images was not appeared.

So I have googled and I have found the solution in joomla forums. The problem was caused by the SEF(because I was enabled it too).

So if anyone has image broken problem after installing this plugin and enabling SEF, Just go to "Plugin manager" and change the "ystem - SEF" order by clicking the up-arrow until it becomes the first system plugin.

This worked for me and I'm so glad with the result.

Thank you again for this great job

This extensions have enough tuning for cache management (and especially for exluding components from caching). Thanks for this useful extensions.

First Class Extension

Posted on 20 November 2010

This is a first class extension and the best option for page caching that I have found

The developer has done a great job of providing a really viable solution. The ability to exclude certain module positions as non cached gives the best of both worlds - fast pages and dynamic modules. Added to this, you can also exclude specific components making this a very flexible extension

It's really a kind of excelent caching plugin I've been looking for. JotCache has improved performance of my site from 5 to 10 times just out of the box. Thank you very much!

Everything works fine until you press refresh button in your browser looking at an article - all thubnails vanish...

Owner's reply: I was looking on your web site and I found everything working inclusive thumbnials. Maybe you started initial with JotCache caching without clearing the old cached content. When you have more additional informations please do not hesitate and contact me via

Useful, but...

Posted on 23 October 2010

This is a very useful extension if you care about your visitors. Needs only few minutes to configure the template and the component, but it will bring some positive result for your site.

However, I could not use it on sites with utf8-bin. Chararters became alien alphabets.

Installed this yesterday and, after a couple of issues I managed to sort out with Vlado, it's working perfectly and the site is now incredibly quick to load.

Things to note for version 1.2:

-Module names can only contain a-z, A-Z or 0-9 (next release will have this fixed)

-Virtuemart must have all instances of "$mosConfig_live_site" replaced with "JURI :: base()" when used with sh404SEF and JotCache

-Plugin order is important, things like JCH Optimise (which strip out the HTML comment tag) should be placed in order AFTER JotCache or module exclusions will not work.

-Make sure to clear all site and browser caches and enable the debug cookie (mark) if things don't look right!

If you want or need full control over what on your site is cahced and what isn't, then this is what you are looking for. The site I used this on went from load times between 6.85 and 10+ seconds to between 2.72 and 5.33 seconds. This site is a virtuemart site with a ton of graphics and I couldn't cache it with the stock Joomla! caching system because it was caching my shopping cart and causing all kinds of problems. After working with Vlado (he did all the work) I can now cache everything but the cart and cart module position meaning that my site screams and the cart is always correct. Honestly, this should really be the standard for Joomla!'s caching system because it allows you cache everything except what you really can't or don't want to.

Awesome job Vlado!


Posted on 07 September 2010

The absolute best component and plugin dedicated to the cache site, it works perfectly and is very fast and reliable service. My site is now loading speed and certainly not from any problem.



A really great module, really. But there's one problem which makes it painful to use, when you have different login modules.

You can't exclude specific module with the instruction for JotCache, you can only disable all "left" and all "right" modules. Etc.

I have jFusion login module on "right" position, and on other pages on "left" position. I must exclude them, because caching makes people log off after cache expires (each 15 minutes!), and when we try to log-in, "Invalid Token" message appears. No wonder, as login (and register!) modules MUSN'T be cached.

Is there a way to exclude only 1 module on the "left" and 1 module on the "right"? I can't figure it out, but we need it urgently. You can check the problem on our site: (www)ddopl(com).

I'd be VERY grateful for easy solution! Otherwise, we can't use JotCache...

Owner's reply: I looked on your website. The easiest way is here to exclude both "left" and "right" positions from caching. Then all modules on these positions are not cached. When you like to cache all others moduls but exclude only Login module from catching then split your template on more positions on left as well as right side (on your web site - left1,left2,left3,right1,right2,right3) and assign Login module to left2 respectively right2 positions. For left2 and right2 use jot marking tags


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