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Directorix is a new directory component for Joomla!.
It allows users to add entries in the directory, with company name, address, phone etc.. Geolocation included !

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Languages :

  • English
  • Frencg

Features :

  • Enter the name of the entry (individual, business, group ...)
  • Create and select the category for your entry
  • Enter the contact name
  • Enter the phone number 1
  • Enter the phone number 2
  • Enter the fax number
  • Enter the e-mail
  • Enter the number of members
  • Geographic Availability
  • Address (the entry is automatically geolocated)
  • Zip Code (location-based entry is automatically)
  • City (location-based entry is automatically)
  • Country (location-based entry is automatically)
  • Description
  • Url
  • Image
  • Different views available
  • Compatible with Community Builder
  • Geolocation with GoogleMaps
  • etc ...

Different Views :

  • Search view (What Who Where? Type of contact?).
  • Map View. Geolocation of directory entries on a map GoogleMaps.
  • List view. Lists the entries and their geolocation on a map GoogleMaps.
  • Form View. Users can add or edit their directory entries via the frontend of the website. The fields are configurable from the administration.
  • View details of an entry. To access the whole sheet of contact (name, description, photos, geolocation, contact, web link, category, phone, fax, mail ...).
  • View entries from the user logged on. Users can manage their directory entries (change, delete, ...).

Various parameters :

You can completely configure the component, link it to a Community Builder community, allow visitors to add entries or, conversely, allow the addition to registered members only ...

  • 7 styles available for the professional component of which 5
  • Ability to automatically publish new entries in the directory
  • The administrator may or may not receive a mail when an entry is added or changed
  • Choice if visitors or only registered users can add entries in the directory
  • You can ask whether the name, mail and telephone of the person who adds the entry in the directory
  • You can specify whether a user can modify or delete its entries
  • You can choose the position (up, down or both) of the toolbar to the different views
  • You can show or hide some buttons on the toolbar (list, map, add etc. ..)
  • You can show or hide a map GoogleMaps for geo entries in the directory
  • Zoom levels on the maps GoogleMaps
  • The maximum weight to send images customizable
  • etc ...

Modules :

moddirectorixlist: You can view a list of entries directory. Several settings are possible:
- Show / Hide thumbnails
- Size of thumbnails
- Number of entries to display
- Viewing the latest entries
- Display random entries
- Display of older entries
- Ability to specify which categories of entries will be displayed

Plugins :

Community Builder Plugin to integrate Directorix in your community.

First time user

Posted on 17 October 2012

I spent some time looking for a way to enhance the display of contacts. We were looking for a way to display contacts globally that are companies that sell our products, I stumbled accross this component. Visited the site and read what I could find, the information was a little sketchy but it looked to do more or less what we wanted, significant enhancements over the base contact system so I plumped up and purchased it.

Install went without an error or issue (the CB plugin error is because you do not have CB installed in the first place)

Setup a category, then unfortunately found it did not support sub categories, something I made the mistake of assuming, still I figure I can work around that, setup a contact, map worked great in the admin side, found my location and pin pointed it on the map, thought this looks like it could work very well.

Setup a menu link to the front side, and was a little dissapointed to find nearly none of the pertinent information was displaying, and there was no map, and seems no way to get it to display.

I am confident with a little time I will figure out what is what, but to be perfectly honest, I do rather recent the fact that I have paid for something and there is absolutely no documentation or help within the system at all. I understand they want to charge for their support, but many many companies charge for support, but the package you purchase comes with at the very least a quick start guide, this did not, and that was a dissapointment.

The only way to get support is to use their contact form, and one has to assume since the bulk of their business is in support that this will fall on deaf ears for some time to come.

I would say, hopefully I will get this working, no I dont think it was a complete waste of money, but a little initial help would have been nice without the need to spend a fortune on support for somethign that could very easily be a simple configuration issue, and a quick start guide may well have solved that, which would in turn mean more people (I am sure I am not the only person in this situation) would then purchase the product.

Good looking product, shame about the serious lack of information with the purchase

Owner's reply: Hi,

SubCategories will come in the next version :).
If your Directorix map doesn't display, maybe you have a css conflict or js conflict on your website. Please contact our team and they will found the solution for your problem.
If you contact us by our contact form, you will receive an email quickly. Sometimes, we can't reply in the minute, but you will receive a response within 24 hours about ; this is our guarantee of quality.
Directorix is very easy to use and no documentation is necessary :). You only have to normally install the component and create menu links. If you have problem, probably it's you have a server problem or conflict. In this case, you must contact us by the contact form and we will see if you must have technical support or if we can help you for free by giving you the solution as soon as possible :).

Best regards,

The Informafix Team

Great extension!!!

Posted on 24 May 2012

This extension has everything I needed. Wish I would have found it earlier! The support is very friendly and quick - just great!!!

This is a great extension. It's easy to use and the support is fantastic!

We have used the extensin as contact book for our JomSocial page and use the account number to create link to the users JomSocial profile.

I am glad I bought this extension.

It looks pro out of the box.

Integrates google maps and compatible with CB (i.e tab in user profile).

Only point to improve : have the possibility to make users pay for their listings.



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Directorix Directory Manager

Last updated:
Mar 14 2016
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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