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QuickDownload is a quick and safe way to share files with your users/friends/clients....

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And it works very simple. Just 3 steps.

  1. Add some files into administration area.
  2. Select the files you need to share and generate for that files a unique code which will allow access to download those files.
  3. Give the code, or the link with code included, to the persons you want to grant access.


Posted on 25 November 2015
Not complicated. So easy to use. Just doeas what it says it will - thank you!!
Ease of use
Just upload the file. Generate a code. Send by email and your'e done.
Support was second to none. Fast, and effective.
Didn't understand one bit but support soon put me right.
I used this to: Sharing files with visitors to my site and with friends. After trying many other download programs I found this to be just what I need. Simple to allow a file download by use of a code that I can generate easily.

Assimilated well

Posted on 28 May 2014
As a Joomla beginner , I tried this component on my first Joomla Project, it integrated well, the problem is on the backend I have to dispense the code for the users (registered) for them to be able to download the files. Two thumbs up for file security.
The scope of services of QuickDownload is incredibly good! It provides much more than other free download component.

I had a small problem with my server. The support was incredibly quickly and competently. I practically never experienced such a good service.

Thank you very much!

Awesome Ext!

Posted on 08 March 2014
Hesitated at first. But the extension REALLY surprise me. Simple, yet very well done. A few tips to make it even better will be 1. Be able to assign code to subcategories and 2. Will be a great option after creating the code and attached the file to be able to send an email to the person you what to share the file with. This last will be a definitely PLUS. Other than that users out there. Download the extension and tested your self you will not be disappointed.
I tested it on a Joomla 2.5 website and it was good. Thanks Ionut.

But the extension lacks an all important feature. The codes once generated and set for a particular file or files with total and daily views, cannot be regenerated with a new code for the same file download, assuming the codes are required by the administrator to reset and regenerate new ones over a set period of time.

Apart from that the extension is very good.

Great component

Posted on 13 April 2013
I've been looking for a simple yet safe component that would do just what QuickDownload does. The installation went well and the configuration as well.

Since I am using it on a french language site, I translated the strings shown to users so that they can understand. I can send you this simple translation if you need it. However, the french characters such as é à and so on were not displayed properly in the output.

Thank you for sharing this good component with all!
Owner's reply: Hello,

Thank you for your appreciation!
Regarding your issue with French characters this is most likely related with your files encoding, you should save your files as UTF-8 without BOM.
I needed the older version for Joomla 1.5 and Ionut was very quick to send it. This extension (old and new) saved me a lot of time and if there was 6 stars I would have selected it - because this deserves it! Thanks!

Simple but very efective.

Posted on 24 July 2012
I use this component to limit and protect downloads of mp3 files. Quick and easy installation and configuration. In my case, excelent support: they solved a problem very quickly by email. The support forum does not work very well. Highly Recommended.
Was uncertain what to expect, however this is a good idea that is well executed. Simple, effective, and does the job. Thumbs up for the great work from team Beetso! Thanks guys.
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Ionut Lupu
Last updated:
Nov 06 2015
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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