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CB "Public Mail" plugin enables visitors and unregistered users on your site to email the registered users directly from their CB profile page through a small contact form that can be styled and customized.

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The plugin is great if your CB profiles are companies, teachers, artists, musicians, shops, vendors, suppliers etc. or you simply want to let site visitors contact sites users/profiles without being registered.

The registered users' email address may be kept secret if wanted, and it is possible to save all emails sent by users in the database, thereby also registering the sending IP.
The admin can also choose to receive a copy of the emails as "BCC".
Also, a copy of a sent email can be sent to the submitter along with a "thank you" email, if wanted.

This CB plugin has support for CB Captcha and can be configured/styled a lot! It comes with 9 languages and 3 optional extra fields.

Public mail in CB

Posted on 27 August 2013
Makes it possible to use CB as contact link for public users as well as registered users which is exactly what I want. Now supports J 2.5 anf CB 1.9.
Does what it says, and has a nice bunch of features. Yes, this is the plugin you want!
I was looking for a component to enable public to contact users.. This does the job very well :)
Ive been pretty happy with CB since I installed it, but it did cause me one major problem.

Visitors could only email members through the normal User Profile email link.

As a subscription site, this was fairly useless as I could not tell how many of my members were being contacted by visitors, meaning I had no record of successful 'hits'.

This excellent plugin changed all that. Now vistors contact my members through my site, (Public Email sends to mail to the member)and I can just go to Myphpadmin and view all mails sent, who by, etc etc.

Plugin worked straight from the get go, no nonsense, does what it says.

Thanks developers.

This plugin is worth a small fee, but NO its free.

Top notch, and should be incorporated into CB.
Very usefull plugin for CB.

I translate to es-AR but I don´t know how to send the author the file. ¿Ideas?
Owner's reply: Thank you :-)
Translations are always welcome. Please contact me though the Community Builder website or the email in the XML installer file.
I think the concept is great. And the e-mailing it self works great. But the security behind having the public e-mail you, really dictates using Captcha. Which seems to work if it is in the middle section, and pushing all the tabs below the screen. But finding out it works to the right, tabbed with the status of the member, it did, but it seemed to break the captcha for the CB Wall that Nat created. So since it doesn't work in the tab section with the rest of my CB profile plugins, and seemed to break the Wall entry using Captcha, Average is about all I can give it. I did go to the website and look for a place to get assistance, but no forum option was available.

Overall, a really great idea, and wish I could use it, but still has a couple of bugs.
One of the big drawbacks of CB, and one that I cannot believe they have not addressed, is the ability to allow non-registered users to send emails to member profiles. The posts I could find on the CB forms suggested hacking the core to allow this, but anyone who has taken a look at the code (specifically, comprofiler.php) knows that it is not the easiest logic to follow. Plus, what happens with upgrades?

Along comes this little beauty! Does EXACTLY what it says on the tin, and does it well right out of the box. Within minutes of downloading it was functioning perfectly. I am developing a website for a school district, with the teachers and staff having profiles. Parents and students will not be registered users, but they need a contact form to get to the teachers and staff. This extension saved my behind on this job! Thanks!!

It's always nice to find extensions that solve the 'little' problems - ones that just work right. This is one.

One suggestion for the developer - I utilize the CB reCaptcha plugin, and I would love to be able to use it here as well. Keep up the fantastic work.
This is a great plugin! The author even give us the option to hide the user's email address and send a copy to submitter.

In addition, it can work with CB Capthca plugin to provide security.

However, I hope this plugin can allow user/visitor to send file attachments along with the text message. Of course there should be new parameter to limit the file size and file type.

BTW, I noticed that all those backend parameters of this plugin was not included in the language file. I want to make a complete Chinese translation but can't. There is also one line of English words above the frontend mail form which was not in the language file, it is "If you want to contact this person, you may use this email-form".

Please make a complete language file and then I can make a complete translation.

Thanks to the author.
AS the previous reviewer mentioned, additional captcha or security to verify submitters would be helpful.

The English file has a spelling error after you send a mail message. It's all over the code as well.

SENDT versus SENT. Sent. I have a corrected "english.php" file that goes in the language folder of the plug-in. I will see if I can't get it to the developers.

Outside that, this works as expected. Thanks!
Owner's reply: The spelling error has been fixed in version 1.2 and it now supports Captcha and has spam-security.

Great idea but...

Posted on 05 May 2007
Thanks for such a great idea. However, this plugin definitely has the potential to attract spammers, scammers and spam-robots to websites.

Maybe if you can implement Captcha to at least stop robots or put some sort of administrative approval for the messages (e.g. holding them in a quo for inspection since the messages are being submitted by annonymous users) this plugin can become an excellent tool for community websites, especially the sites which have a lot of let's say artists, musicians or other popular people as members.

Also, it will be useful to let the members to activate and de-activate the plugin from the front-end for the ones who don't want to be contacted.

Keep up the good work.

Owner's reply: The problems with spam has been fixed in version 1.2 as:
1. Form-resend is not possible any longer.
2. Emails are cloacked.
3. It now supports Captcha (CB Captcha 2.1).
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CB Public Mail

Thomas Kampp
Date added:
May 04 2007
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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