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Related Topics for Kunena is a plugin that shows names of other relevant topics below the first post and help visitors to see names of other topics with similar discussion that increases UI/UX of the forum and make searching of answers more comfortable.

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When a user looks for answers on the forum, they require to surf within different categories or use search mode and it takes time. Related Topics for Kunena reduces the search time by displaying a list of relevant topics that makes interface more user friendly. The plugin searches on topic indexes on the fly and displays relevant names.

You can configure plugin and set the following settings: Percentage of matches, number of relevant topics and feature to display additonal columns with the date of latest post and relevance percentage.

You can set up percentage of matches (it's important parameter to filter names!) and display additional columns with relevance and date of latest post. Also it's possible to limit searching for similar topics with current category where the topic is created.

Great plugin

Posted on 19 January 2018
Its working as it name, shows related topics for Kunena.
Ease of use
Very easy dosnt need to add in position its will be visible in topics just after enable it.
Very helpful support they respond very quickly.
Good documented.
I used this to: Used for shows related topics for Kunena.
Posts Pinger for Kunena

Posts Pinger for Kunena

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Pin First Post for Kunena

Pin First Post for Kunena

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Topics Auto Closer for Kunena

Topics Auto Closer for Kunena

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Related Topics for Kunena

Last updated:
Nov 29 2017
Date added:
Sep 12 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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