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bindCommerce is an online service that lets you synchronize multiple platforms for eCommerce: VirtueMart (1, 2 and 3), the italian invoicing software Danea Easyfatt, eBay, Amazon, Spartoo, Google Translate, Icecat and more.

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Through a suitable interface, the user can view and edit all the data recorded on the database bindCommerce: products, categories, multiple associations between products and categories, attributes (eg size and color), enhancement of the attributes, price lists, price, suppliers, manufacturers, images, customers, orders.

The structure is natively multi-descriptive and multilingual, this means that for every product and every category you can manage different descriptions used in different contexts and in different languages.

There is a complete management HTML template and images, that allows you to create professional eBay listings.

All activities (including opening and closing listings on eBay) can be performed automatically scheduled when the products are sold out or become available again.

bindCommerce is certified "eBay Compatible Application".

The free plan allows you to manage 100 products and 20 orders per month.

The installation is carried out on your site via FTP from bindCommerce, which copies in components com_virtuemart a new folder that contains all the files required for communication.

The user interface is now only in Italian, but bindCommerce works with multiple languages and in all markets eBay. The support is handled also in English.

Just Love it

Posted on 08 October 2013
I am using Bind Commerce free to manage a virtuemart shop which I manage to synch with ebay and my management software (Danea).

What I really like is the automatic translations implemented in Bind Commerce using google translate, thus allowing me to have a multi language shop, optimising the SEO even for those languages.

Great Job!!!!

Really considering buying the commercial version...


Posted on 04 October 2013
Excellent product, easy to use and very intuitive, it allows a perfect interaction between virtuemart website and your invoicing software, making simple and automatic the management operations, loading and downloading of the product and many more. Wonderful interaction with eBay where even in this case, with a few clicks, everything becomes functional and automatics, and the developping of a 360# eCommerce it becomes very easy for the layman like myself who has found a very good solution. Fantastic the free version that lets you manage up to 100 products and 20 orders per month, but for more needings, the cost to sustain is really acceptable in front of the benefits drawn from them. Also interesting is the interaction with Amazon but I have not had the opportunity to test it personally 'cos this is not my bustiness so far, but in the future everything is possible. Exceptional also the human and technical side of the programmers who follow you step by step for every possible needings. Really Excellent!!!


Paolo Tateo & Fioravante D'Ambrosio
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Feb 26 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
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