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One Page Checkout For Virtuemart plugin is 100% Ajax, available with 5 colors, support responsive layout, Joomla 3.x and Virtuemart 3.0.x.x

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Shopping cart abandonment is a sad commentary in online retailing, with some companies reporting that more than 60% of checkouts end without a conversion. This is a reason why One page checkout is created.

Preventing even a relatively small percentage of these abandoned carts would significantly improve revenues and profits. If you are satisfied with the price and shipping costs, you should go to checking out process to complete it quickly. This final step is the most important part of online business because many companies lose a large clientele at this step. Making it faster for customers to purchase with your store is what you must do and One page checkout extension is what you Must have.


1. Responsive version
Its design can adapt to different screen resolutions or smart devices. Thanks to responsive layout, your customers can view it clearly and see it working well on their devices at any time.

2. An eye-catching interface
One Step Checkout is modern and elegant layouts, elegant colors, 8 preset color themes, unlimited to customize color

3. Create unique layout with new advanced visual editor
Use visual advance editor to build responsive layout without coding! Simply and elements with drag and drop function

4. Choose delivery time at checkout process
Everybody loves a little extra! So why don't satisfy your customers with more add-on options?

5. Ajax login
Fully supported checkout mode: register, guest, logged in. Ajax pop up for login/forgot password to enhance customer experience

6. SEO optimization
We built One page checkout extension with proper SEO and HTML5 best practices that will improve your site rankings

7. Increase sales
Our customers say that One Step Checkout increased their sales even up to 70%.

8. Translation ready
Translated automatically into popular languages and regions of buying frequency like: English, French, German, Poland, Portuguese

9. Block spam
Allow customers to have 8 pending orders. Customers are defined by IP address

10. CSS3 Animations
Using CSS3 to create checkout of layout with animation and interactivity and helping a checkout process run smoothly and attractively

11. Arrange fields
Loading fields that available for Bill to, Ship To and allowed customers to drag and drop, to order their positions without going to Virtuemart choose files and change every field.


  • Convenient with 6 steps on 1 page

  • Save time with auto-function (location, address, price, tax…)

  • Register right on checkout page

  • New account creation while checkout

  • Easily apply coupon code

  • Multiple style, layout, color

  • Multiple payment mode supported

  • Responsive design and work well on different browsers


Version 5.4.8 Updated: 2018, Dec 06

  • Added: Option hide checkbox Create an account for later use

  • Added: Hungarian (Hungary) language

  • Updated: Wrong version information on VM Manager

  • Fixed Bug: Redirect to blank page when change option on VM Payment Eurobank VPOS

  • Fixed Bug: Can not confirm order

  • Fixed Bug: Error editing shipping on VM Manager

  • Fixed Bug: Can not change country, update product, save coupon code

  • Fixed Bug: Break views on PHP 5.3

  • Fixed Bug: Do not save delivery date time

  • Fixed Bug: Do not redirect to payment gateway ( Payfast ) on Virtuemart 3.4.2

  • Fixed Bug: Javascript Cannot set property selectedIndex of null

  • Fixed Bug: Autofill causing issues on credit card expiration month

  • Fixed Bug: PHP 7.2 Too few arguments to function plgSystemOneStepCheckout::plgVmOnUpdateOrderShipment()...

  • Fixed Bug: Freezing when processing changes to the users Billing Info (NGINX server)

Version 5.4.7 Updated: 2018, Aug 20

  • Added: Options show / hide SKU, Discount column and Payment Cost row

  • Added: Options hide Tax column, show registration fields

  • Added: Options Show item Sale Price and Hide item Total Base Price

  • Updated: Small stylesheet css

  • Fixed Bug: Error loading icon endlessly spinning when select shipment or payment more than one time

  • Fixed Bug: Product Image show Grey line on Order Info element

  • Fixed Bug: Notice: Undefined property

  • Fixed Bug: Duplicate orders when click confirm order button many times

Version 5.4.6 Updated: 2018, Jul 07

  • Added: option turn on/off automatic city of GEO Location

  • Updated: Language file

  • Updated: GeoIP Database

  • Fixed bug css

  • Fixed Bug: Error Payment Authorize.Net Invalid Data Entered

  • Fixed Bug: Login popup can not focus

  • Fixed Bug: Can not redirect to Paypal

  • Fixed Bug: Login error when use redirect login

  • Fixed Bug: Duplicate content in shipment and payment

  • Fixed Bug: Can not save setting on VM Manager when cache turn on

Version 5.4.5 Updated: 2018, May 28

  • Added: Danish language

  • Added: Prevent override element config when update

  • Added: Add option reload page when update cart

  • Updated: Error message notify when register account

  • Fixed Bug: Javascript error options

  • Fixed Bug: Amazon login pay button not show

  • Fixed Bug: Not show price in order info element

  • Fixed Bug: Payfast payment not redirect

  • Fixed Bug: Show SKU on Order Info element

Version 5.4.4 Updated: 2018, Mar 12

  • Added: Italian Language

  • Updated: German language

  • Updated: ACL Component

  • Updated: Joomla Framework deprecated and unsafe

  • Fixed: https link for google font

  • Fixed: Delete content of HTML element

  • Fixed: Can not load popup on Setting

  • Fixed: Css error when cancel Paypal checkout

**VERSION 5.4.3 ** Updated: 2017, Oct 23

  • Compatible Joomla 3.8.x, Virtuemart 3.2.x+

  • Fixed bug: confirm order on Virtuemart lastest version

  • Fixed bug: enable or disable coupons

  • Fixed bug: holiday section on delivery layout

VERSION 5.4.0 Updated: 2017, May 30

  • GeoIP automatically inputs customer location as (country & city)

VERSION 5.3.0 Updated: 2017, Mar 22

  • Fix bug configure minimum purchase order value in admin

VERSION 5.2.0 - Updated: 2016, May 20

  • Compatible Joomla 3.5.x, Virtuemart 3.0.x+

  • Fix update billto + shipto

  • Fix bug select delivery time in Joomla 3.5.1 and VM 3.0.17

VERSION 5.1.1 - Updated: 2015, Dec 22

  • Fix error while updating data

  • Fixed Anti- Spam function

  • Improve the documentation in back-end's interface

  • Fixed some small bugs in delivery date and time

  • Some enhancements and fixes

  • Fixed small issue in VirtueMart Shipment Methods

VERSION 5.1.0 - Updated: 2015, Oct 06
Fix issue:

  • Fix issue named "your cart has been updated" on Virtuemart

  • Fix error which is not working on IE


  • Russian are now available and smothly

VERSION 5.0.0 - Updated: 2015, Sep 01

  • Using API of Joomla and Virtuemart to handle data

  • Using JQuery version 1.11.2 to handle tabs, pop up and other effects

  • Using JQuery - UI: drag and drop in one page backend interface, input of date, time...

  • Ajax help move an update data

  • Using CSS - CSS3 to build up layout and effects

  • Building the layout with HTML, HTML5

Adding more functions

  • Adding Anti- Spam function

  • Rendering back-end's interface

  • Support all standard VirtueMart Shipment Methods

  • Support all standard Virtuemart payment methods

  • Supports auto coupon by 3rd party such as AWO Coupons

  • 8 color picker available

  • Visual editor: Free for clients to drag and drop modules and change their positions to form the frontend's appearance.

  • Configuring general functions: Loading CSS, JS, JQuery - UI frontend

  • Customized Colors: Every module can be changed colors, background colors, text, font, integrated with the visual editor.

  • Sort Fields: Loading fields that available for Bill to, Ship To and allowed customers to drag and drop, to order their positions without going to Virtuemart choose files and change every field.

  • Modules supported: There are more modules in one page checkout like delivery date, banner, custom HTML

  • Multiple languages supported: Translated automatically into popular languages and regions of buying frequency like: English, French, German, Poland, Portuguese.

  • Loading Google Font

  • Used font icons instead of images

VERSION 4.5.0 - Updated on April 07, 2015
Fix bugs

  • Compatible with Joomla 3.3.4 & VM

  • Fix Jquery error, broken backend layout

  • Fix add to cart error on front-end

  • Error loading state when choose country

  • Internal server error when submitting an order

  • Fix registration when checkout

  • Fix JHtmlJquery::libs error

  • Fix disappeared registration form in 1 column layout

  • SQL error while updating data

  • Remove overrides plugin

VERSION 4.0.0 - Updated on 20th, December 2014

  • Integrated with delivery date and time in the one step checkout page

  • Change the style of 1 column style

  • Change the admin interface

  • Fix bug broken layout

  • Fix bug layout responsive

  • Integrated with AWO coupon

  • Integrated with ups shipping

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* *DEMO ** :


Очень удобный и функциональный модуль.
Ease of use
Всё понятно.
Помогли настроить под мой хостинг и совместную работу со сбером. Круто!
Value for money
Цена адекватная.
Had some issues with loading and paypal redirect but support solved them
Ease of use
Very easy to use just install drag and drop system!
Very helpful solved any bugs that i had
Not needed but very good documentation
Value for money
Yes is a must for Virtuemart
I used this to: Eshops
Once you know where the settings are, it is very easy to modify the One Page Check out.
Ease of use
As well as in the back, as in the front, the extension is very easy to use.
I needed some help, because I had problems with installing. Giang was patient and super-skilled and had the installation done in no time!
Documentation needs some updating, but when you ask specific questions, they are very happy to write it up there and then.
Value for money
We always want cheap and free stuff, but the extension and support is certainly worth the money.
I used this to: My bookshop.
good job
Ease of use
very easy
very helpful
professional as I've never see
not so bad
Value for money
not so expensive
I used this to: checkout for site on line
Сам плагин выглядит очень хорошо и стильно
Ease of use
Пользоваться плагином удобно. Все просто и понятно на интуитивно уровне
Поддержка плагина на высоте. Его постоянно обновляют и исправляют. Тех. поддержка отвечает быстро и полно. Проблем не встречал с этим
Value for money
Что касается этого пункта, то я ни разу не пожалел затраченных средств
I used this to: ? ??????????? ???? ?????? ??? ?????? ???????? ????????. ???????


Great working cart

Posted on 15 September 2017
Ease of use
Only point of attention is the Dutch translation. Otherwise, really good and easy to use cart.
Value for money
I used this to: Our blinds e-commerce business.
Ease of use
Value for money
I used this to: one of my websites


Posted on 18 May 2017
Ease of use
Value for money
this extension meet all my requirements.
Ease of use
easy to implement
great support
Value for money
best buy extension
I used this to: jooomla 3.7.0
Does exactly what it promises
Ease of use
The latest version of the extension makes the Layout configuration super easy with a Drag-n-Drop interface at the back-end
Excellent support.
Value for money
Definately worth the cost
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Cmsmart One Page Checkout for Virtuemart

Cmsmart Team
Last updated:
Dec 25 2018
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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