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Marketing Rocket is a complete Sales & Marketing Automation Software for business, combining a CRM, email marketing, landing page creation, e-commerce integration and simple in page purchasing. Manage multiple campaigns using this all in one tool.

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Marketing Rocket has been created by Skilled Team of Developers, Certified Marketing Consultants and Designers. We are now over 3 years and 300 feature updates since initial release. We're committed to great support as a solid part of this service, our ticketing support on our website offers quick response times, and our support staff go above and beyond should you have any questions or issues.

Marketing Rocket has a number of industry leading features:
1) Campaign Wizard: Create high converting marketing campaigns in just minutes using a simple wizard with predefined marketing strategies... or make your own.
2) Drag & Drop Landing Page Creator: Create high converting landing pages with no coding required, or use our pre-defined templates. Create forms using our drag and drop form builder, run A/B split tests on your landing pages, include common Marketing Content such as countdown timers, Google Fonts, and much much more.
3) Auto Responders: Send up to 100,000 FREE automated marketing emails per month, with enterprise grade deliver-ability via our Strategic Partnership with SparkPost (the same email provider responsible for over 25% of ALL emails sent online, providing Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, PayPal and many more with their mail delivery services.), we also support Sendgrid and Mandrill!
4) Unlimited Attendee Webinar Streams: Create unlimited attendee Webinar Streams using the power of Google Live, all from within Marketing Rocket.
5) Make Sales: Take payments on page using PayPal Pro, or simple PayPal Payments using PayPal Standard, with more payment options to come!
6) Lite CRM: Manage leads and tag them as they travel through campaigns, and assign them to new relevant campaigns and see all your leads submitted data and active campaigns in their status.
7) Report & Optimize: See just the statistics you need, in one convenient place. Monitor how your campaigns are performing.
8) Tooltips Galore to Learn on the Fly!: Learn as you go as our software contains hundreds of lines of tool-tips, making it easy for you to hover over any item label to discover its function and how to use it in depth.
9) ** Extensive Video Documentation** By guided through each area of the software which will guide you through the entire software from beginner to advanced!
10) Integrations though our API for the following: PayPlans, CBSubscriptions, OSMembership, Virtuemart, Hikashop, Shopify (and more being developed constantly, current users get COST PRICE integration developments!)
11) Language Translations: Persian (R-L conversion patch extra cost), French translation included, we can translate to your language for a nominal fee, or if you translate the files, we will add it for free!

A real, professional All-in-one Marketing Tool has now come to Joomla! We have a solid user base of Joomla enthusiasts and members from some of the most well respected marketing groups such as Digital Marketer's DM lab. We have spent every effort in making this a comprehensive tool that will save you time and money that would usually be wasted by using multiple expensive services, which often do not integrate properly. We are in the process of building new integration's with other services all the time, and are actively implementing feature requests on a continuous basis.

While this is a paid component, we run it as a community project, with funds going back into further development of the project, our users feedback and requests are actively used to improve and shape the direction of the project, our team use MR as much as our users and we want to see it grow and prosper! Save money by avoiding costly alternatives such as hubspot or infusionsoft which often cost more in a month than our solution does in a year!

***we are not affiliated with Digital Marketer, the Joomla Project, Mandrill or Sendgrid.

I used this to: geplant war eine Alternative zu Clickfunnel & Co.
Owner's reply: Over the past year we worked with you extensively to help resolve your issues, and even discussed adding features and making modifications for you. Any unresolved issues were due to strange server configurations in an unusual environment, or you never reported them. It is somewhat unfair that you would rate us 0 across the board when we offered you support, and a great product, and we consistently did our best to resolve issues that much of the time were due to server configurations not our software in question.

Thanks for your time using our software feel free to get in touch with me via email should you require further assistance.
There is so much in here - I've only scratched the surface. If you're serious about building sales funnels & landing pages you need this.
Ease of use
I used to struggle with A/B testing - not any more. The Landing Page builder is drag and drop. I love the campaign visualizer.
I had a problem with the cronjob - Admin Tools blocking access. The problem was resolved quickly and efficiently.
Video and written - easy to access on each page and via their website. The problems I mentioned above were quickly added to documentation.
Value for money
Good value if you can buy the multi-site license. Compared to alternatives it has many advantages.
I used this to: creating sales funnels according to the Digital Marketer methodology. I love that my clients get a single website that includes their landing pages that will continue to function without a monthly subscription fee. The people at MR are great to deal with.
The functionality of this extension is beyond what I expected.
You can use it to manage all campaigns, autoresponders and interlink them.
Ease of use
I didn't even need to read the documentation to get create a campaign, only when I wanted to do something a little different/unusual.
Amazing support. The response is quick and usually very comprehensive.
Better documentation than I have seen on a lot of extensions and is improving.
Value for money
Excellent as eliminates need for mailchimp (or similar), a CRM and more! And how you can weight leads is so indepth and flexible.
I used this to: All lead campaigns for products and services.
All autoresponder uses and newsletter subscription.
Managing Leads and monitoring their progress through my funnel.

I am sure there is more I can use it for but haven't had the time to delve deeper yet.

Certainly worth using!
This is a brilliant system and does everything that it says, I am so happy that I found Marketing Rocket
Ease of use
great functions
Nothing is a problem as when I get stuck, the support is fantastic and I get help so quickly, best support I have ever had with any program
fully supported by a website with documentation and a support team
Value for money
very good value
I used this to: marketing, directing social media advertising to my website, customers to sign up to newsletters and I know there is more that I am yet to discover

Great marketing tool!

Posted on 09 March 2016
Does everything i need! landing pages, emails, reporting, and much more!
Ease of use
The Landing creator was very simple to use, after watching the quick intro video I jumped right in and had my first page up in minutes.
I had a small question and support got back to me in just 2 minutes... they were extremely helpful and went above and beyond in their answer
Unlike others here, while i found the documentation to be brief, it was more than enough to explain the basics. Tool-tips made the rest easy.
Value for money
Looked at other software, & found it would cost me over $300 a month, without many of the features of Marketing Rocket.
I used this to: For our pool shop sales and marketing on our website. We don't even use Joomla for our site anymore but easily integrated it alongside our WordPress site!

A great extension!

Posted on 26 February 2016
Great. It has much more than I expected
Ease of use
Awesome interface, intuitive drag and drop design. I figured out how to use it withing 30 minutes.
I encountered several issues with the application and decided to ask for the promised refund, but Eden caught me in Skype and helped me out!
Not very good documentation, honestly, but please don't get stopped by that as their ticket support is awesome!
Value for money
170 USD for 6 months is not cheap. If you need 1-2 landing pages only you might not need this functionality such as leads management etc.
I used this to: Travel company site
Everything from building landing pages to collecting leads, lite CRM, autoresponders and emails is something every marketer would ever need
Ease of use
Dead simple to use, the introductory video was more than enough to get me started.I believe there would be a paid tutorials addon in future
Got solutions to all my queries within 12 hours, something which is hard to see for other joomla devs
Not so extensive as of now, hoping it will improve with time
Value for money
Definitely. Pricing could be a little lower though, but for the support they offer they are a class apart from almost any other extension
I used this to: Building landing pages, collecting leads, autoresponders, managing leads, marketing automation in a nutshell

Amazing product

Posted on 03 August 2015
Between the Wizard & the visual campaign lay-out, this product is a DREAM for creating and tracking complex marketing funnels.
Ease of use
Took me a few minutes to familiarise with language, but support was available to help. Once in, it's intuitive & all-in-one. A dream.
Responsive & friendly, they have the answers fast & don't make me feel that ANY of my questions have been as dumb as I'm sure they must be!
Everything I've needed I've been able to find quickly & easily.
Value for money
I can't believe they can offer this much functionality for such a low price. ASTOUNDING compared to all alternatives I considered.
I used this to: Digital marketing campaigns, automated email marketing, auto responders, creating my list, managing my list, turning my website from an information site to a revenue-generating site.

Marketing Rocket Review

Posted on 14 July 2015
It does everything I need right out of the box. Easy to use.
Ease of use
Yes very easy. Drag and drop landing page creator
Knowledge and prompt
Very good and getting better all the time but more than make up with it with their tick and support
Value for money
Yes very good value for money. Replaces so many other tools I used to use.
I used this to: Marketing my training services to generate leads and inquiries
Just super. I can build out a complete and complex marketing funnel in about an hour. No more need for aweber or Constant Contact.
Ease of use
If you've used any other marketing online system before, it'll be very familiar. Short learning curve if you haven't.
Immediate. Bugs squashed immediately, custom features delivered quickly.
Pretty good, improving daily. Any shortfalls are made up for by super fast -- like minutes -- response to questions.
Value for money
Exceptional. Replaces aweber, constant contact, and infusionsoft for a fraction of the price. Am buying developer license.
I used this to: Developing marketing funnels quickly. The campaign visualizer immediately lets me see any missteps on my part. You can tell this was built by a marketing expert -- send multiple streams of autoresponders, tag-driven lead management, designating favorite designs as templates!!

Marketing Rocket

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